R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 15A


(She is an introvert… He is a player)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️


“Yerin! Yerin! Yerin” V called running after Yerin

She was about to enter the car when V pulled her back by her hand and she sniffed

“Yerin,he called in suprise seeing tears in her eyes

“Why are you crying? Is it because of what Mom said? V asked wiping her tears

“Am really sorry for my mother’s behavior to you,he said

” It’s nothing V, after all she is right, you need someone with the same status like you not a pauper” Yerin faked her tears more

” No don’t say that Yerin, you are the perfect girl a man could asked for”

” But your Mom did not want me, she prefers Solar_

“Shhhh!! V cut off her words putting his fingers on her lips

“Don’t be bothered about her words,she is just sprouting rubbish” V

” It’s still can’t change the fact that am not of your status Yerin cried and enter the car and the driver drive out immediately.

“F**k!! He cursed and punch the air

V walked back angrily to the dinning room and met his mother laughing with Solar and Eun ha

His dad is no more in the dinning.

” Mom why did you have to say that to the poor girl? V asked trying to conceal his anger

” Son what the hell are you saying? You were there when she was insulting me” Mrs Lee said in disbelief

“The hell that you should stop insulting that woman because she is my fiancee and the future Mrs Lee, V snapped and left angrily while Eun ha and Solar watch him in shock.

“what the f**k is wrong with my son? Mrs Lee asked in shock


“Thank you” Yerin said to the driver as she got out of the car

She breathe out heavily before walking into her house.

Getting to the living room, she met her mom lost in thought

She moved to her and tapped her arm

Mrs Jang flinched in fear but breathe out in relief as she saw Yerin

“Mom are you okay? Yerin asked angrily

” Am fine daughter, Mrs Lee replied forcing out smile

“You sure? She asked and Mrs Jang nodded

” Where did you go? Cos I couldn’t find you when I get home’ Mrs Jang asked

“To Mr Lee Mansion, she replied simply

” Ok, Mrs Jang muttered not bothering to ask why she had gone there

Yerin was about to leave for her room

“Daughter? Mrs Jang called

“Yes Mom

” I want you follow me to somewhere tomorrow morning, Mrs Jang said

“Ok Mom,no problem” Yerin smile

” Thanks daughter” Mrs Jang said and Yerin smile before walking away.

Mrs Jang sighed out as she watched her daughter leaving

“I just hope you will be able to take in what you are about to see tommorow morning” she muttered.



The next Morning, Yerin woke up early and dressed up.

She had breakfast with her mother before they left for the place.



HYPE GROUP OF COMPANIES is a company hold by the richest business man in Korea known as Park Min

Park Min is the first richest business man follow by Lee

The taxi stopped at the front of Hype company.

Yerin and her mother came out of the taxi holding hands.

“Wow” Yerin mouthed staring at the big building.

*Let’s go inside” Mrs Jang said and Yerin smile as they walked in.

Walking inside the workers begins to stare at them weirdly, some were even muttering to themselves which got Yerin wondering

“She resemble Mr Park” she heard one of the workers muttered

“Huh? Who is Mr Park? Yerin thought following her mother.

They got to the receptionist and met the secretary typing on the laptop.

“Good morning Miss, Mrs Jang greeted the secretary

” Good morning ma’am, the secretary replied smiling

“Is Mr Park in,inform him that Jang somi is here to meet him

“Ok, the secretary replied and made a call to the CEO

“You may go in ma’am, the secretary said as she ended the call

“Thanks, Mrs Jang smile and left with

They walked into the office and met Mr Park standing with smile on his face

“Somi you are here? Mr Park asked which go

” Is she the one? My daughter? Mr Park asked with emotions

“Yes she Is your daughter, Jang replied and Yerin eyes widened in shock

” Mom what the hell are you saying and why is he calling me his daughter? YERIN asked in confusion

” Yerin this man here is the monster that got me pregnant with you, he is your FATHER!!!


T. B. C

So Yerin got a rich dad ?
Mrs Lee ?

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians ♥️

Sweet Dreams ??


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