R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 14


(She is an introvert… He is a player)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️


“Jesus!!! V scream out in pain scaring everyone

” V are you okay? They all asked at once with concern,it was then Yerin realized what she had done, she removed her hand from his d**k immediately

“Am fine” v replied trying hard not to cry

“Then why did you screamed? Mrs Lee asked

“Nothing” V replied and continue eating his food

” Am sorry” Yerin mouthed as her eyes met with V’s

Eun ha look at them with suspicious

“Like I was saying Solar,I would really love to have someone like you as my daughter in law unlike someone who is a gold digger just like her mother

Yerin couldn’t take the insult anymore, she banged the table angrily spilling soup on Mrs Lee

” What the hell?! Mrs Lee asked angrily and Yerin stands up

“You can insult me but don’t you ever involve my mother,cos I don’t know what I might do next, she said furiously with her eyes helding fire scaring everyone

“I may not be rich but I got my self respect,i don’t depends on other money to fend for myself, and to coupled it you called my mother a gold digger

“Then what about you? Huh? You don’t a company talkless of having a job, you are just a full house wife who depends on her husband hard earned money at least my mom has a small shop where she sells and you, you got nothing to call work and you still have the gut to call someone a gold digger” you are the real gold digger here” so check yourself before saying rubbish about other people, Yerin snapped angrily before facing Mr Lee

” Mr Lee thanks for the lunch,I really enjoyed it and about your proposal,I agree to get married to V,

“I’ll take my leave now” Yerin bowed and left angrily.

” What the hell just happened now? Mrs Lee asked in shock

V stands up from his seat and ran after Yerin

V”! V”! Solar called


(NB: Dr Brayden is the doctor that treated Yerin while Dr Chris is the therapist)

“Brayden what have you done? Your carelessness has almost made us wiped the poor girl memories, Chris said angrily

” It wasn’t my fault, the mixed up was from the lab, Brayden replied sadly

“What are you going to do now? Cos you have to tell Yerin that her womb is perfectly okay

“I really don’t know,I can’t just possibly tell her that the result given to her wasn’t her’s but for another patient” Brayden replied

” You just have to, Chris said and Brayden sighed heavily

T. B. C

Yerin womb isn’t damaged?

Thumbs up for you Yerin 👍✌️


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