R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 12


(She is an introvert…. He is a player)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️




Solar sighed up tenth times as she awaited for V’s call.

He hadn’t call her this morning like he used to everyday.

“Is he okay? Solar thought with concern

” Maybe I should call him,” she muttered and dialed his number

He picked up at the third ring

“Good morning Solar, V greeted cheerfully

” Good morning V, how was your night?

“Good and yours, V replied

“Nice, she muttered with a smile

“So where are you? Solar asked bitting her lower lips

” Home with my parents’ V replied

” Why? Are you not going to work? Solar asked

“It’s weekend Solar” V replied

” Oops it’s escape my mind, she said and they both laugh.

if you don’t mind can I come over to your house and probably say Hi to your parents?” She asked nervously

“Why not! You are welcome” V said happily

” Really?? Solar squealed

“Yup, then I’ll send my address, V replied

” Ok, will be expecting” she said and hung up.

“OMG!! Solar screamed happily as she ended the call, someone barged in

“Unni are you okay? Eun ha asked

“Am so happy Eun ha”

” What happened? Eun ha asked confusedly

“I’ll be visiting V’s parents today at their Mansion” she squealed happily and Eun ha stood still getting furious

” Really? That’s a good thing” she replied with a fake smile

” I should get dressed now, Solar said happily

” Hmm unni? Eun ha called and Solar hummed

” Can I tag along? I really want to see V and his parents as well”


” Please unni, she pouted cutely

” Ok, get ready we will be leaving in thirty minutes

” Kumawo unni (thanks sis) she pecked her cheek before running out..

Eun ha get outside and frowned

“Let’s see if your visitation goes well” she smirked mischievously


Lee’s Mansion ?

“Make sure the meals are delicious and well prepared cos she is very important” Mrs Lee ordered her cook

V had just informed her about solar coming and she was so happy about it

She couldn’t believe that the former president daughter will be visiting their Mansion today”.

” It’s really her lucky day”.


Yerin smile at her reflection at the mirror, truly she is looking beautiful and sexy.

She wore a strapless black gown which exposed her back

The gown stopped at her knee, she wore a long brown leather coat on it, she paired it with a black heels and gold earrings.

“Am sure V won’t resist me” she thought with a smile

Today she planned on visiting Lee’s Mansion, she has already informed Mr Lee and he said he will send a driver to pick her.

Taking the last glance at the mirror, she walked out of her room.

Her mother has left for work already so she couldn’t inform her.

The driver Mr Lee assigned to pick her up was already waiting for her

“Good morning Miss Yerin, Mr Lee asked me to pick you up” the driver said opening the car door

” Good morning, Yerin smile and enter the car.



” Welcome” Mrs Lee pulled Solar into hug as they walked to them

V was also present with Mr Lee

“Thanks Mrs Lee, Solar said with a smile as they disengage

“Call me Mom, you are like a daughter to me” Mrs Lee said pulling her cheek

“Ok Mom, Solar smile.

Eun ha felt jealous seeing them, she feels like killing her sister right now

“Hi Mrs Lee, Eun ha greeted

It was then Mrs Lee notice her and she gasped

” Kang Eun ha?” she said suprise

*Hello Mrs Lee, she replied pulling Mia into hug

Mrs Lee keeps beaming, she can’t believe she is hugging the two daughters of the former president.

Solar faced V and smiled

“V, she said and hugged him which he reciprocated

Eun ha jealousy risen to the core and she felt the urge to smack her sister’s face but she controlled herself.

“Good to see you again” V smile disengaging from the hug

” Yeah, she smiled

“Hello Mr Lee, she bowed

” Yeah,he replied simply not interested in greeting her and Solar almost frowned

His mind was on Yerin who was coming to the mansion

“When will she be here? He muttered

” Let’s go in everyone, the lunch is ready” Mrs Lee said holding both Solar and Eun ha hands.

” Ok, V replied and just as they turn back to go in,a car drive in which stopped them.

Everyone waited to see who was inside, the car door open and Yerin came out majestically like a queen

“Baby, Yerin shouted running to V

” Baby?? Eun ha and Solar muttered at once

Mr and Mrs Lee were Suprised as well

V’s mouth went agape as he took in her sight, beautiful is an understatement to how she was looking, she looks extraordinary beautiful,her walking steps is enough to make a man trip

He didn’t know when she got to his front,it was her perfume that brought him back from his dazed Land


” Baby, Yerin replied with a smile and hugged him

” Baby,I miss you” Yerin pouted as she disengage from the hug

” Huh??

Yerin face Solar and Eun ha and look at them with confusion

“Who are you two? She asked holding V’s hand while they stared at her with anger

Yerin saw this and smile understanding what the look means

” Since you are dumb to say your name, Maybe I should introduce myself first, Yerin smile

, Hi am Yerin, V fiancee” Yerin added pecking V’s cheek.

” The f**k!!

T. B. C

Yerin ??

Three witches in your area ?



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