R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 11A


(She is an introvert… He is a player)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️


V entered the blaring club using a face cap, he doesn’t want people to see his face or else everywhere will go wild.

He walked to the VIP section and sat down on the empty seat.

He whistle at the waiter and the waiter walked to him

“Your order sir?

” Get me the strongest vodka here” he ordered

” Ok sir,the waiter bowed and left

Few moments later the waiter brought his order,

He poured the vodka into the glass cup and sipped a little

“Do you need a company?or probably a night stand? He heard a feminine voice at his front

V looked up and saw a slut yeah a slut ,it seems like she is a stripper at the club cos of the lingeries she was wearing

“A night, V replied

” This was what he needs to block his thoughts away from Yerin”.

” Then meet me at this room in an hour, she said giving him a room number which was in paper before swaying her butt away.

V check the room number and smirked

Meanwhile outside the club Yerin was just arriving with her friends Hana and Sun ho

“Seriously you look more mature and beautiful plus irresistible today, sun ho said staring at Yerin lovingly

“Thanks buddy, Yerin winked and sun ho blushed

Hana watch them with jealous and anger piling up in her

She has always loved sun ho since childhood but he loves Yerin instead, which had always made her jealous but tonight she was going to put an end to everything

She planned on getting Yerin drunk and make her sleep with the guy she hired to snapped their intimate moment together

If she shows the pictures to sun ho or probably send it to him using a different number,he would stopped loving her and would only see her as a slut, Hana thought and smile..

“Hana ! She felt a tap on her shoulder and she flinched

She saw them starring at her with concern

“Hana are you okay? Yerin asked with concern

“Yes I am, let’s go inside” she smiled dragging them.
The three walked in fully to the club, they took their seats at the bar stand.

“Your order, the waiter asked

” Give us the strongest liquor you have”

” Hana, you know Yerin can’t take a strong alcohol

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it after all am sleeping over tonight

“Ok,sun ho said and face the waiter

” The strongest liquor it is,he said and the waiter left.

Few moments later, the waiter dropped three cups filled with alcohol at their front

They took it at once and drank it in one gulp

More! Yerin ordered and the waiter poured them another one, they drank it at once

“More! They ordered and that was how they kept ordering till they were drunk except for Hana unknown to them Hana had bribed the waiter

Instead of the alcohol, she was been poured water.

Yerin and sun ho were dead drunk

“I’ll be back” I need to use the restroom” sun ho said staggering as he felt the urge to use the restroom

“Ok, Hana replied and he left.

Seeing he has left, Hana face Yerin

“Yerin, she tapped her arm and Yerin hummed

” Let me take you to a room where you can rest”

“Hmmm, Yerin replied as Yes

Hana walked Yerin to the room and lay her on the bed.

She took off all her clothes Leaving her in pants and bra.

She picked her phone and message the guys she hired the room number.

She look at Yerin and smirked

Let’s see if sun ho will still like you after this, she thought smiling mischievously.

Giving Yerin one last glance, she left the room.

Few minutes later the door opened revealing a tall figure.

The man staggered towards the bed and smile seeing the woman laying on the bed

“So this is the b**ch ! He thought

He removed all this clothes Leaving him Stark naked

He came on top of Yerin,due to the darkness he couldn’t see the woman’s face but he was sure of the room number he entered.

Feeling a heavy weight on her body, Yerin tried to open her eyes but it was too blurry.

The man’s hand crawled on her body and she became alert

“Who are you? Get… Off… Me!! She said drunkily

” Stay still woman” he ordered huskily and torn her pant and bra at once

“No! No! Yerin struggle but she couldn’t cos she had no strength

“Will she be r@ped for the second time? She thought as tears found it way out of her eyes and just like the man plunged into her

“Ahhhhhh! She scream silently as the man begins to bang her

Tears rushed out of her eyes,

The man stared at the woman he was f**kin and felt some connections

He felt like it wasn’t his first time with her,

Seeing her glitter eyes, he decided to slow his pace,

His pace becomes slow and passionate, that almost made Yerin moaned unexpectedly

He suck on her b**bs she moaned in pleasure

“Who is he? And why am I feeling pleasure rather than pain?” Yerin thought

Hana where is Yerin?. Sun ho asked staggering to his seat

“She left, Hana replied simply

” Really? I thought she wanted to sleep over” sun ho said sadly

” Her mom called so she had to leave,

“Ok, then,I guess it’s you and I then”

“Cheers, sun ho said

” Cheers, Hana replied clicking the glass together

A message came on Hana phone and she opened it
A smile crept up on her face as she sees that it was from the guy he had hired.

“The job has been done”the guy sent with pictures attached.

“Poor Yerin, she thought with a mischievous smile and decided not to check the picture now probably tomorrow morning.



The Ray of light penetrate the curtain as it reflected on V’s face,

He groaned loudly as he opened his eyes trying to adjust to see the sunlight

He felt a weight on him and he knew that it was the slut he f**k

Pushing her away from his body, his eyes widened in shock seeing the woman

This wasn’t the bitch he f**k, it was another woman entirely

The woman in his thought,

It was her…


T. B. C

E shock u??

What did you think Yerin’s reaction will be?


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