R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 10


(She is an introvert… He is a player)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️


Hmm, what was that? Mrs Lee asked

“I think it was V who made that sound” Yerin replied and Everyone faced him

“I felt a mosquito bites on my thigh” he laugh nervously and they continue eating though they didn’t believe his words

V face Yerin with a pleading look as he felt her caressing his pants and Yerin decided to pity him but not without patting his d**k causing him to gasp

Everyone faced him again but he acted like he choked on something as he begins to beat his chest, drinking water along..


They were all done eating and they settled down in the living room.

Mr Lee decided to say what they were here for

“Yerin, Mr Lee called

” Yes Mr Lee, Yerin reply

“I have something to tell you” Mr Lee said and everywhere became silent

“Actually have been looking for a life partner for V and I think you are the most suitable woman for him, Mr Lee replied

” Me? Yerin asked with a fake suprise and Mr Lee nodded

” But why? Am not of your status, Yerin added

“Thank God you know” Mrs Lee chirped in and Mr Lee glared at her in return before facing Yerin with a smile

“I picked you because you are responsible and you have proven to me that you are not like the other girls who can do anything for money” Mr Lee replied

” But_

“No but Yerin, just tell me you will think about it, Mr Lee said with hope

“Ok sir, I’ll give it a thought, she replied and Mr Lee smile.

” Thanks daughter,he said and she nodded.

Few minutes later, the Lee’s left but Yerin was able to get V’s number though she had to seduce him before he could give in his number..



Solar’s ROOM ♥️

Solar smile widely as she stared at V’s picture on her phone,

Ever since she saw him,he has been on her mind, she dreamt about him every time she sleep,

She needs no soothsayer to tell her that she was in love with him,no she is madly in love with V

“Whose picture is that? A feminine voice said behind her and she flinched in fear

Turning back, she saw her younger sister Eun ha who had a grin on her face

Though it’s only two years apart.

“You scared me, Solar snapped rolling her eyes

“Minhanae noona (am sorry sister) ,Eun ha pouted

“Whatever! Solar muttered

” Noona,whose picture are you starring at? Is it a guy? Eun ha asked and Solar blushed

” Why do you care? Solar asked trying to

” You are blushing? So am right? Eun teased

” Who is he? Your new boyfriend, she added

“I wish he is my boyfriend”but he thinks of me like a friend though he flirt with me alot she muttered sadly

” Don’t worry sis,he will be yours, if you are meant to be”


” But you haven’t told me his name yet? Eun ha said

” Why did you want to know? Solar asked

“Of course I should know who my future brother in law is

“Anyway he is someone you know, I mean everyone knows” Solar said proudly

“I know him?.Eun ha asked and Solar nodded

“Who is he?

” Lee victory, popular known as V,

“Vic… Vic… Victory? Eun ha stuttered in shock

“Am lucky right?. Solar asked with a smile

” Yeah you are, Eun ha replied forcing out a smile

Solar notice her mood and decided to ask

” Eun ha are you okay? Solar asked in concern

” Yes I am, I have to go, Eun ha left without waiting for reply

“Hmmm what is wrong with her? Solar wondered

Eun ha entered her room and closed the door loudly

She Punch the wall angrily and scattered her hair

Knowing that her sister is a friend to V angered her the more

The truth is that Eun ha had always loved V since they were in college, she had tried confessing her love to him once but she was afraid of being rejected by him, the time she got the confidence to confess to him,he had already left for London and now he is back thinking she could still make him fall for her only for her to find out that her sister is hitting on him, not only that V is also falling for Solar”

” I can’t let that happen, I’ll have to destroy their relationship,

“Am sorry sis, you can never be with the man I love so much”… Eun ha mumbled emotionless.




V kept groaning as he felt more hornier, since they left Yerin’s house, he hasn’t gotten himself.

He had already used his drugs which lessen his urge a bit

he kept thinking about Yerin especially how she grabbed her d**k, thinking about this gave him hard on

“Maybe a shower could help” he thought and was about to remove his clothes when he heard a beep on his phone

A message came to his phone,he picked his phone to check the message

He opened the message and his eyes widened in shock

It was a picture sent by Yerin.

She was wearing a transparent nighties which shows flat tummy, and her nipples were perking out.

He blinked his eyes repeatedly before picking his phone to confirm the message again if it was true or he was hallucinating but hell no! He wasn’t hallucinating it was true.

“F**k!! He cursed loudly as his eyes lingered on her covered wall and nipples.

Shower won’t help anymore,he needs to f**k

“Maybe I can find a b**ch at the club” he thought and picked his car keys before walking out of his room immediately..


Yerin smile in satisfaction as she sent the picture to V

She knew doing this will make him to think of her Everytime

And thinking about her will make him fall madly in love with her and that she will be able to put her plans into action.

A message came to her phone, she checked the message and it was from her best friend Hana.

She has two friends, Hana and sun ho, they have been friends since childhood.

“Let’s go clubbing tonight, and you must not declined or else I’ll come to your house and drag your b**t to the club myself” she read and laugh

Her Crazy friend with her threat” though she is not declining cos it seems like she needs to vibe out, maybe it will help her clear her head.

She heard a knock on her door,

“Come in” she said

The door open revealing her mom and Yerin stands up

” Daughter? Mrs Jang called in suprise as she saw her daughter dressed in transparent nighties

“Yes Mom,

” Your dress, Mrs Jang pointed at her wears

“Oh, it’s a night wear which I just got” it pretty right? Yerin asked with a smile

” It’s revealing”her Mom exclaimed

” I know and I love it like that, and mom am going out with Hana by 8pm and I might not be able to come back tonight cos am sleeping over at her place

“Ok, but please stay safe

” I will, I need to dress up cos it’s almost time

“Ok dear, Mrs Jang said and pecked her forehead before going outside.

Yerin sighed sadly

She hate this type of life but she has no choice..

T. B. C

Are you thinking what am thinking?

Next chapter RATED ???

Till then see ya.

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