R@ped By A Billionaire

Raped By A Billionaire Episode 1


(She is an introvert,….. He is a player)

A Korea Romance Story


Jang Yerin an introvert from a poor background, she is a maid in Lee’s Mansion

Mr Lee is a popular business man in Korea,

Getting old he decided to handover his company to his son V who was in Australia

Lee Victory also known as V the son of Mr Lee, not too Arrogant and not too rude,

He is a Nymphomaniac and how he became a Nymphomaniac is still Unknown

What happened when his urge came just the first day he returned and he needs to quench it

Who will be the unlucky woman



Mr and Mrs Lee wait outside their Mansion with some maids as they awaited for the arrival of their son V.

After spending 7 years at London,he is finally coming back to Korea

Few minutes later Five different cars drove into the compound.

The cars stopped at their front and the bodyguards came out first.

Two bodyguards ran to the car which was unopen and opened it

V came out of the car majestically with a smile on her face

My son’ Mrs Lee called running to her son

“Mom, V called with smile engulfing her into hug

“You have grown more handsome son”

“Enough of the motherly love, let me also greet my son as well, Mr Lee rolled his eyes and they laughed

“Dad, V called hugging him

” Welcome back son,Mr Lee patted his back

They disengage from the hug, V eyes landed on the maids in line

“Welcome Young master” they bowed

“Thanks,he replied simply

Let’s go inside son,I prepared your favorite”

” Ok Mom.


Yerin came out of her bathroom dripping wet, she had just taken her bath.

She is on Night duty at the mansion


In Lee’s Mansion, there are two duties morning and night,so this week she is on Night duty.

She creamed her body and wore her undies before wearing a floral gown

Few minutes later she was done,

She picked her small bag putting all the necessities inside.

Taking the last glance at the room, she walked out of her room..

Getting downstairs she met her mom watching movies

“Am leaving Mom” she announced and her Mom rem

“Daughter are you sure you will be okay? I don’t feel good about you going to work today

“Stop being paranoid Mom, I’ll be okay”it’s not the first time am going there,

“Ok come back safely” her mom said pecking her cheek

” I will, goodnight Mom” she said walking out

” Goodnight daughter,her Mom waved

” I just hope she will be fine” she mumbled.



The taxi stopped at the Lee’s Mansion, Yerin came out of the car after paying the driver.

She knocked the gate and the gateman opened the gate after seeing her from the camera.

Good evening sir” she greeted the gateman

” Welcome Yerin, the gateman replied

“Is the boss son back? Yerin asked nervously

” Yes he is back, the gateman replied

“Really? He nodded

” I just hope he is a nice person not an arrogant person, Yerin mumbled

” I don’t know but I heard, he is very nice” the gateman replied

” I hope it’s true. She muttered and walked away.

Yerin walked into the living room and met Mr and Mrs Lee ready for dinner

“Good evening Mr and Mrs Lee

” Oh Yerin, you are here” Mr Lee said with a smile

” Yes sir,

“Yerin Could you please get V for me, tell him to come downstairs for dinner” Mrs Lee said with a smile

” Ok I’ll do that” she bowed before climbing the stairs

Thankfully she knew his room

V kept groaning painfully as felt horny

Yes his urge is back and he is desperate in need of his drugs to quench it but he couldn’t find it

His eyes were blurry as he search for his drugs

He heard a knock on his door, thinking it was his Mom, maybe she could possibly help him find his drugs

He rushed to open the door only to find someone he had never seen before

“Good evening master, your parents asked you to come downstairs for dinner

V couldn’t hear what she said cos his eyes were on her curves,her big b**bs precisely.

Staring at this made him more hornier and he felt the urge to pull her in

Yerin noticed his

“Sir can you hear me??

V couldn’t control himself anymore and he did what was on his mind

He pulled her into his room and locked the door behind.

Yerin flinched at the sight of dark room

“Sir what are you doing?

V ignored her shaking voice and did the unexpected

He torn her top revealing her big boobs which was inside the br*

Seeing this increase his huge.

Yerin gasped in shock

“Help !! Help me!! Yerin shouted at the brick of tears

V fondle her boobs through her boobs ignoring her cries

In a blink,he threw her to the bed and came on top of her

“Sir please! She begged in tears trying to free herself.

T. B. C

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