My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Season 2 Episode 5

My daughter’s nanny ?♥️

Season 2, episode 5


❤️ Isabella’s POV ❤️

“Let’s go” he said, then stared at me and laughed

“Why are you laughing?” I asked him

“Are you blushing?” He asked and burst into laughter.

“No I’m not” I said trying to hide the fact that i am.

“You are. Haven’t you been pecked by a guy before? You are blushing over a mere peck, what if I kiss you?” He asked staring into my eyes this time

“Kiss me?” I asked

“Your wish is my command my lady” he said

Wtf!! I asked a question and he’s taking it as a reply

“I didn’t say you should kis…” Before I could complete my statement he locked his lips on mine. He kissed me.

I didn’t know if I should kiss him back or unlock from the kiss. If I kiss him, he will think I’m cheap. What if he has a girlfriend? I don’t want to be with people’s boyfriend anymore, it isn’t right.

I pushed his face away

“What happened?” He asked

“I think it’s wrong”

“Wrong?” He asked

“Yes, what if your girlfriend sees us?” I asked him

“Girlfriend ??” He said and laughed

“Who said I had a girlfriend?”

“Well, you look like someone who has one. Besides you’re too handsome not to have one”

“So you think I’m handsome?” He said smiling

“Not me, people said you’re handsome”

“People? Do you even know anyone here Isa?” He said laughing

“Okay fine, you’re handsome. I said so, have you seen you? If I were you, I would be crushing on my self. You’re too cute to be single” I said

“Then why not date me and make this cute guy have a girlfriend of his own”

“Wait, what!? Date you? Hell no”

“No?” He asked

“So I’m not worth dating?”

“Not that, I still doubt the fact that you’re single. I don’t want to fight over people’s boyfriend again” I said

“Again?” He asked

Gosh! What made me mention that. Well, I just have to tell him the truth, everything. He needs to know me well before thinking of making me his girlfriend or even just friend.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” He asked

“Xavier?” I called out

“Xavier? You’re sounding so serious. What’s wrong?” He asked

“Well I said again because I’ve been fighting over a man, just one man, before coming to Manilla”

“What’s wrong with fighting over a man you love?” He asked adjusting his seat

“Everything, everything is wrong. He’s married” I said

“What!? That’s just messed up”

“I knew him before he got married, I was in love with him before he got married to her” I said crying

“I’ve been in love with him, but life just have to be unfair, and he chose my girlfriend over me, he chose my bestfriend- someone who didn’t even give him attention”

“I’m sorry about that Isa, but that’s not enough reason for you to cry” he said

“It is, because of that^_^, my heart was filled with bitterness;), jealousy and anger and I killed my best friend. I killed her with my own hands.”

“You ki..lled someone?”

“Yes, but honestly speaking I didn’t want to. I know right now you must hate me” I said and he didn’t reply..

“Xavier?” I called..
“Xavier?” I called again but he didn’t reply

“Thank you for being a good friend for just a day to me, you really showed me what true love felt like. Goodbye” I said and got down from the car.

I knew it will end like this. I just want him to know the truth. Honestly speaking, I’ll face whatever consequences that come. I just want to be free from this guilt.

I can’t bear to see Xavier anymore, the pain, the hurt. I finally see someone who loves me for me, and it has to end because of my past.

I just need to leave Miami, yes I’ll leave here tomorrow. I don’t want anymore shame.

❤️Anny’s POV ❤️

Abby has been enrolled in school. She passed her test excellently. She’s very brilliant.

She seems pretty excited about her new school, we want her to resume next week but she insisted that she’ll resume tomorrow so that i can go look for a perfect spot for my fashion company.

Miguel and I are waiting for Jenny.

“Do you think she’ll come?” Miguel asked me

“Of course, maybe something is keeping her”

“Well, she’s taking longer than expected. I mean we’ve gone to enroll Abby in school and we’re back and still waiting for her”

“Babe, calm down okay? She’ll be here” I said and just then we heard a knock at the door.

“Come in” I yelled and Jenny walked in crying

“What happened?” I asked standing up

“I’m sorry ma’am, sir, i know I’m late but my house is far from here and there’s traffic”

“Is that why you’re crying?” I asked her

“Yes ma’am, I really need this job, i don’t want to get fired on my first day” she said and I felt pity on her

“It’s okay, you’re not getting fired. Bring your stuff inside” I said and she did it immediately.

She is okay with whatever we tell her. Even her payment, she didn’t complain about it. She’s the perfect person for Abby.

I showed her to her room and then went downstairs to meet Miguel.

“Babe, honestly speaking, I don’t trust this girl” Miguel said..


“She’s acting too good.”

“Is that why you don’t trust her? Some people are like that dear. Like she said, she really needs the job. Stop worrying okay?” I said and kissed his lips

“Okay dear, if you’re so sure about it. Let’s go and look at the building” he said

“Okay babe. Let me go inform Abby first and also her new nanny”

“Alright sweetheart, I’ll be waiting for you in the car”

❤️Abby’s POV ❤️

“What are you doing here?” I asked the new nanny

She was in dad’s room and she was holding dad’s picture

“Sorry baby, I was only looking around the whole house so I can get familiar with it” she said. I can sense that she’s lying

“Only Anny has the right to call me baby. And if you wanted to look around, why start with my parents room?” I asked her

“Your parents room? Are they married? Sir Miguel and ma’am Anny?” She asked

“It’s not your business and why are you too curious? Please leave here immediately” I said to her and she left

Honestly speaking, I don’t trust her a bit. She’s too good to be true.

I don’t know why they employed her, besides I don’t need a nanny.

❤️ Miguel’s POV ❤️

I took Abby to the building and she was shocked

“It’s huge” she said

“I know, I want you to be comfortable, if you like it, then I’ll pay for it immediately”

“Like? I love it. Thanks babe, you’re the best” i said and kissed him

“I know I’m the Best. Everything you need is already available, once I pay for the building, every other thing will be put in place” he said

“Thanks babe”

“If there’s nothing else, let’s go. I’ll drop you home, then I’ll go to work”

“Alright babe”

❤️Anny’s POV ❤️

Why is everywhere quiet? Where’s Jenny and Abby? I walked past Jenny’s room and I heard her crying

Then I opened the door, and she was actually crying

“What’s wrong dear?” I asked her

“It’s Abby”

“Abby? What happened? Is she alright?” I asked

“She’s fine. She’s just being mean to me.” She said

“Is that why you’re crying? That’s Abby’s nature. With time she’ll get used to you and trust me, she’s a nice girl”

“Everyone here seems to hate me, you’re the only one who likes me. I just asked her if you and sir Miguel are married, the she shouted at me and insulted me”

“She did? Don’t worry I’ll talk to her okay? Stop crying, I don’t like it”

“I’ll stop. Thank you ma’am”

“You’re welcome” I said and left the room. Why’s Abby being so harsh towards her? She’s a nice girl who has gone through a lot.

I got to Abby’s room and she hugged me on seeing me

“How was it?” She asked

“It was fine. The building is nice” I said

“But you don’t seem happy”

“Abby can I talk to you?”


“Why are you being rude to Jenny ? You even insulted her” I said and Abby’s face changed immediately

“Wait, is that what she told you? And you believed her?” She asked

“Baby, I know you. Remember I was once your nanny”

“So you believed her?”

“Then tell me what happened”

“What’s the point?”


“Fine, I saw her in dad’s room, holding his picture”

“Is that why you insulted her? Baby, don’t forget I was also in that situation, you even slapped me for going there. So you shouldn’t have reacted” I said

“Yours was different, you were saying the truth, but i could tell she’s lying” she said

“But baby, she’s just new here, maybe she was just scared”

“You’re siding her? Please leave my room” she said

“Baby, you know I can never side her. I just want you to be less rude, it will made you more happy. All I want is your happiness okay? Don’t be like that”

“Fine, if you want my happiness, then tell her to stay off my business” she said

“Fine, I will. Now smile” I said to her and she smiled

I don’t really know why they don’t like her, but I’ll make them see that she’s a nice person

❤️ Evening ❤️

❤️ Xavier’s POV ❤️

How could she kill someone? And to think that it’s because of a man. That’s just bad.

I’m glad she told me the truth. I know the truth but it’s hard for me to let her go, I need to talk to her, yes, that’s what I’ll do.


❤️ Lucy’s POV ❤️

“Isabella dinner is ready” I yelled standing at her door

“I’m not hungry”

“Isabella, you’ve been crying since I came back, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just want to be alone”

“Well, fine. I could come into your room cause I have the spare key but since you want to be alone, I’ll let you be”


“Xavier, thank goodness you’re here”

“Why, what happened?”

“It’s Isabella, she’s been crying since I got back and she locked herself in the room, I have the spare key but I don’t want to go there. You know I hate seeing people sad”

“Give me the key, I’ll go talk to her”

“Thank you, please do”.


❤️ Isabella’s POV ❤️

The door flung open. I don’t want to see anyone

“Ma’am, I said I want to be alone” I said and stood up only to see Xavier

“Xavier?” I called out

He came towards me and hugged me

“I should have listened to you” he whispered to my ear. Then walk to the door and shut it

“Tell me exactly what happened” he said

“And please stop crying okay? I don’t want to see you hurt, I’m here for you okay?” He said and held my hand, he used his other hand to wipe off my tears.

“It was a mistake, honestly. I went to her house that day, I was only telling her that she stole what I wanted. She knew I was in love with him, but she still dated him and agreed to get married to him. I was hurt, I felt betrayed. We were arguing and she called me a prostitute, a b**ch and i was so pissed off. I went into her kitchen and took a knife. I only wanted to threaten her, nothing more, then she started dragging the knife with me, saying she’ll kill me” I said tears streaming down my cheeks

“We were both struggling with the knife, and then it stabbed her. I was confused, I didn’t know what to do. I called 911 and then I heard her daughter scream and I ran away. I guess she only saw when I stabbed her. I knew I’ll be dad if her husband came back so I distant myself from them. When I came back to their lives, I heard the little girl lost her voice. I was happy cause I knew she couldn’t expose me. Then she had a Nanny, Anny” I said


“Yes the Anny who turned you down. The guy I love, is now in love with Anny. She made the little girl regain her voice and they both exposed me. I hated her but when I met her mom, I really wanted to change. And I also met you, but then, I felt guilty” I said and he hugged me

“It’s okay, I’m here for you”


Now , I’m back. I’ll be posting regularly.

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