My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Season 2 Episode 4


My daughter’s nanny ?♥️

Season 2, episode 4

Anny’s POV

“Babe?!” Miguel called

“Can I see you?” He asked

“Sure. Jenny please wait here okay?”

“Yes ma’am”


“Babe?” He called


“Why will you pick her without interviewing her?”

“Cause she seems like a trustworthy person okay? She looks innocent than the other ladies out there”

“But…” He tried saying but I placed my index finger ok his lip

“Please trust me okay?”

“Okay ma’am, I trust you” he said and I chuckled

“Good boy” I said and patted his head and he laughed and kissed me.

We both went to the living room where the interview was conducted and Jenny was standing there. She will for sure make a perfect nanny for Abby.

“Congratulations Jenny, you’re hired”

“Oh my goodness, thank you ma’am” she said jumping excitedly.

See what I’m saying? She’s happy to be a nanny. This is what I want, someone who will be happy to take care of my baby.

“I guess you’re right about her” Miguel whispered to my ear and held my hand.

“So Jenny, when do you think you can start?” Miguel asked her

“Anytime you want me to” she said

“How about today?”

“Today is fine, I’ll just go and get my stuff”

“Good, then when you get back, we’ll discuss about your payment” Miguel said

“Okay sir, ma’am, I’m leaving now, let me hurry up so I can get back quick” she said and ran out

“I hope we made the right choice” Miguel said.

“Of course babe, you worry too much” I said

“Alright, let’s go enroll Abby in school before Jenny gets here, so that tomorrow will be all about you”

“Okay babe” I said

“Let me go get her” I said

“Abby! Abby!” I yelled as I got into her room

Where could she be? I thought we left her here before going downstairs for the interview


“Yes” she replied

The sound was coming from under the bed, what’s she doing there?

“Abby, please come out” I pleaded and she came out

“What is it baby?”

“I saw the nanny you and Dad picked out for me”

“Oh Jenny? What’s wrong with her? Tell me, if you don’t like her, we’ll replace her immediately”

“It’s not her, it’s you”


“Yes, you were excited when picking her, it was as if you didn’t care about me”

“Baby, stop saying that okay? Of course I care alot about you”

“But you won’t have time for me anymore”

“My love, I’ll always have time for you okay?”

“How? You’ll be working, then I’ll have to stay home with just Jenny”

“Baby, I’ll have time for you, remember you’ll be enrolled in school today, so you will be coming home by 4pm, and that’s the same time I’ll come home from work”

“Then why employ Jenny?”

“Well, when I’m preparing for work, you’ll need someone to prepare you for school right? Come on baby, you won’t even notice that I’m working, I promise”


“I promise, now let’s go, so you can be enrolled”

“I love you” she said and hugged me

“Aww, I love you more baby”


Miguel’s POV

What could be taking them so long?

I don’t like the fact that Anny just picked that lady without even knowing her, but I trust her, she’ll never make a decision that will hurt Abby.

I better go check on them, I mean what could be keeping them?

I went upstairs and headed straight for Abby’s room, then j slightly opened the door and saw them hugging.

Aww, they look so sweet.

Anny noticed my presence and beckoned me to join the hug and I did. It was nice, I know I lost my wife but it’s like I feel more for Anny than my wife.

My wife barely had time for us, she’s always working. I was also working but I create time for Abby, but she’s always busy, she was the reason Isabella got close to us. She’ll always tell her to come check up on us, check if we have eaten, but Anny is different, she always want to protect Abby, make sure she’s okay. Honestly, I really love Abby and will make sure I keep Anny so that she can be happy.

“Let’s go now” I said, unlocking from the hug


Isabella’s POV

(Knock on the door)

Who could that be? It’s too early for someone to be knocking or is Lucy expecting anyone?

No, I doubt that, she’s already went to work. Well, sitting here and asking myself questions won’t tell me who’s at the door.

I got up and walked to the door and when I opened it, I saw him.

“Xavier, what are you doing here?” I asked

“Do you mean come in?” He said smiling, that smile melted my heart

“Sorry, my bad, come in”

“Good” he said and patted my head

“You said you will come in the afternoon, why here so early? If you’re looking for Lucy she isn’t here” I said all at once

“You talk alot Isa, come sit” he said tapping the seat and I sat close to him

“I came here for you and not for Lucy”


“Yes, you see, I went to my company today and it was boring, so so boring, and I remembered, I have Isa, the talkative Isa, why not pay her a visit” he said laughing

“Is that supposed to be a compliment?” I asked

“Take it as anything you like. Then, I also remembered that I promised to make here fun for my darling Isa” he said and placed his hands on my shoulder


“Your hand is heavy” I said and he laughed

“Is it? ” He asked and scattered my hair and I forcefully removed his hands

“C’mon Isa, don’t be a kill joy, I only want to make your day less bored. Okay fine, no more playing around, let’s go look for a perfect spot to open a restaurant for Lucy” he said

“Xavy, don’t be like that, I was only joking” I said

“My name is Xavier, not Xavy” he said

“I know, just like you love calling me Isa, I prefer calling you Xavy, don’t be like that okay? I’m sorry”

Did I just apologize to someone? What’s wrong with me?

“Isabella, let’s go” he shouted

Is he seriously angry with me right now? I was only joking. Why do I feel hurt anyways, I barely know him, we just met yesterday.

“Just leave, I’m not going anywhere with you, if you’re angry with me”

“Oh really?” He said and came close to me, and pinned me to the wall

“You’re stubborn” he said and arranged my hair, walked to the room and brought out a pair of sandals for me.

I was still standing there, why didn’t I move?

Then to my greatest shock, he bent down and put my sandals on.

“You look perfect, let’s go” he said

“I’m not going anywhere wi…” Before I could complete my statement, he carried me in his arms, got outside, dropped me in the car and locked the house door

He then got into the car and said to me;

“You don’t really have a choice you know”

“I’m not taking to you anymore” I blurted out like a baby

“Wow, really?” He said and began tickling me, I laughed real hard

“Stop it, you’ll make me pee” I managed to say and he stopped

“You make it really hard for someone to stay mad at you” I said and hit his head with my hand

“Ouch” he screamed

“I’m sorry” I said and he pecked my cheek.

He pecked me, oh my goodness, I think I’m about to faint

“Let’s go”

TBC!! Isa is in love??

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