My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Season 2 Episode 1

My daughter’s nanny ?♥️


(My forever love?)

Anny’s POV

It’s gonna be a good night.

Sir Miguel held me by my waist and cuddled me. Should I really give him a chance to prove his love? Yes, I do feel something for him but what if his love isn’t actually true and pure? There’s no harm in trying though. He moved my head and laid it on his chest, I could hear his heartbeat again.

“Anny, are you asleep yet?” He asked. Has his voice been this sweet? Oh my goodness, I’m falling deeply for him.

“No sir, I mean.. Miguel” I said and he chuckled

“I love the way you say my name, it’s sweet. You have the voice of an angel”

“Thank you”

“Anny, I’m serious though, please give me a chance to prove my love for you” he said and I swear I didn’t know what to answer. I just kept quiet.

“Please dear, I promise I’ll treat you like a queen that you are, I’ll love you no matter what” he said and held my hands. I still kept quiet, but I held his hands firmly.

“Why are you quiet dear?” He asked

“Uhm, it’s nothing. Its just that, I’m just your daughter’s nanny and..”

“Shussh” he cut in and placed his index finger on my lip

“I knew that before I told you I loved you, I knew that before kissing you, okay. And you are more than a nanny to Abby and to me, okay?

Listen, if not for you, Abby wouldn’t have spoke, if not for you, I wouldn’t have found out that Isabella killed my wife. So listen to me okay? You’re more than a nanny”

“I am?” I asked almost tearing up

“Yes, you are. So what do you say? Will you give me a chance?”

“Well, I guess, if Abby is okay with it”

“Don’t you want your own happiness? Don’t love me because of Abby, love me because you love me” he said


“No but Anny. Do you love me?” He asked. How I’m I supposed to answer him?


“Just say the truth Anny, if you don’t love me then I’ll back out”

“I do, Miguel”

“You do? Then say it”

“Say what?”

“Say that you love me”

“I love you Miguel” I said shyly. Thank goodness the lights are switched off

“I love you more Anny. So will you be my girlfriend?” He asked. Is he for real?

“Are you being serious?” I asked

“I’m more than serious Anny, just say yes and I’ll make sure I prove my love for you.

“Fine, yes”


“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend”

“Thank you. I promise you, you won’t regret making this decision”

“I hope so..cau..” before I could finish my statement, he locked his lips on mine. This is the second time he’s kissing me.

This time around, I kissed him back. The kiss was getting intense and I wanted to stop but he didn’t let me.

“Please don’t stop Anny”

“What about Abby?” I asked

“She’s okay. Stop worrying too much, we will tell her about it tomorrow, okay?”


“So, where were we?” He said and continue kissing me. He used his hands to touch my body. What’s he doing?

He got untop of me and tore my dress.

“Sir, what are you doing?”

“Please Anny, just let me do this”

“But… I know you are a virgin, I promise to be gentle” he said. He knows? How did he know?

He kissed my neck. He kissed almost every part of my body. He held my bre*st firmly and took his mouth to my n**ple. He sucked my breast like his life depended on it.

He hasn’t done this for long huh? He licked my body up to my abdomen and wanted taking of my panties, but I held his hands.

“Didn’t I promise to me gentle or don’t you trust me?” He asked and I left his hand. He gently took the pant off and widened my legs.

“You scent nice” he said as he used his tongue to lick my v area. Oh my goodness, it was like I was in heaven. I’m happy it’s Sir Miguel though. I’m not scared of getting pregnant for him cause I know he’ll take responsibility for his actions. I was already moaning, so I used my hands to cover my mouth to avoid waking Abby from her sleep. He inserted his finger into my v area and I winced in pain

“Ahh!! Miguel!!”

“I’m so so sorry, I’ll b more gently”

“Please just stop, it hurts” I said.

“Be calm okay?” He said and pushed his fingers deeper and started fingering me. I enjoyed it but I was still hurt though. I guess it’s because it’s my first time.

After some minutes, he stopped. He stood up from the bed and took off his trouser and his boxers and then got untop of me again.

He inserted his d*ck in my v area and trust me I could feel it was huge.

“Take it off please” I begged but he didn’t listen to me. He started thrusting in and out. I could feel something coming out of my v area. I used my hand to touch it and it was blood. My virginity was gone, yet, I had no regrets.

He continued until he reached climax and he cummed in me.

“Get some rest okay? We are leaving Miami tomorrow”
?????????????????????NEXT MORNING?

“Wake up babe” I heard someone said. I opened my eyes and saw Miguel staring at my face.

“You look pretty even when you sleep. Good morning my love” he said and kissed me

“Good morning” I said and stretched.

“Seems someone is tired. How’d you sleep?” He asked

“Like a baby” I said and smiled

“Oh I see, you should sleep like a baby, cause you’re my baby” he said and I couldn’t stop myself from blushing, and I covered my face with my hands and he chuckled

“Get used to it, baby. Sorry about last night though” he said

“It’s okay. I still enjoyed it” I said blushing

“You did?” He asked and smiled. Oh this killer smile

I didn’t reply and he could tell I was shy

“Well, you better get up and go take your bathe before Abby comes here.” He said and I looked at my body and found out that I was naked

“Or do you want me to carry you? Don’t even answer” he said and carried me like a baby

“Are you shy?” He asked smiling

“Of course not”

“Oh really? Then get down and walk to the bathroom yourself” he said and wanted to drop me down but I held him tightly

“Told you, you’re are shy. I wasn’t even going to drop you” he said and took me to the bathroom. He laid me in the bath tub and bathed me. I feel like a little princess ?

After, bathing me, he gave me a towel which I tied around my body.

“Should I still carry you?” He asked

“No need, don’t bother” I said and he laughed. What’s so funny

“Because you are no longer naked huh?” He said and pulled the towel off.

“Go dress, and I’ll call Abby. You can put on my shirt” he said and left the room.

I’m so lucky.

“Aww, nanny, I’ve missed you” Abby said

“It was only one night Abby” Miguel said

“I know dad, but it felt like a year”

“So? What’s going on?” Abby asked

“Well, baby, me and Abby here are dating”

“What! And you didn’t bother telling me Nanny”

“She wanted to but I stopped her, so don’t get mad at her” Miguel said

“Mad? I’m can’t get mad at this good news. So you two are girlfriend and boyfriend?” She asked excitedly

“Well, yes” I said

“Ahh!! This is good news, I’m so happy” Abby said jumping up

She ran to me and hugged me

“Trust me, we would make one big happy family” Abby said

“I hope so baby” Miguel said and stared at me

“So everyone go pack your things, we are leaving Miami today” Miguel Said

Isabella’s POV

Manilla is too boring. I don’t even know anyone here or have a job here. I need to start a new life and forget about Miguel for now. I have to make sure I good, so Miguel will come back begging but for now, I need to focus on how to get my life back here.

“Hey miss, watch out!” A lady said to me


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