Marry Me Mr Popular

Marry Me Mr Popular Episode 5

?Marry me Mr Popular ??

(She wants him??)

Subtitle: A blackmail marriage between two billonaires ??

Written by:Authoress #princess

Rated ???


Episode 5

Tyler walked inside the mansion and dropped his suitcase on the couch before climbing up the stairs but suddenly stopped and turned to see melissa’s door slightly open.

He peeped to see melissa typing on her laptop until it displayed lan’s face.
“Hmph, he thinks he can fool me, he is just like a small ant under me”Melissa rolled her eyes and stood up walking into the bathroom.

“Is this really a girl?”Tyler used his hand to hit his head with a sigh.
He walked back to his room and removed his suit placing it gently on his couch before removing his shoes and socks.

Tyler grabbed the remote on the table but his eyes caught something, a covered plate, what?…he dropped the remote and opened the plates to see many types of dishes.
Okay, who could have done this?

Could it be the maids or melissa?.
Whatever, who cares…he would ask after he is done eating.


Melissa walked to the bar counter and sat on one of the high stool next to it.
She grabbed a red wine and uncarped it before pouring it into the glass cup.

She brought it closer to her lips and took a sip, it has been days she had red wine though the one she is drinking now isn’t that alcoholic.

Melissa stood up from the stool, in the process, the glass cup she dropped on top of the counter fell down and broke. Some pieces entered dip into melissa’s leg but she didn’t look like she cared.
By the ways, she had suffer more than that.

A maid ran in and helped clean the mess, melissa just ignored the stings on her foot and ran to the stairs climbing it slowly till she reached her room then she entered and closed the door.

She laid down on the bed and used the blanket as a comforter.

Tyler raised an eyebrow when he saw blood trails, like what the f**k!
“Don’t tell me that melissa killed someone in my own house”Tyler said and ordered a maid to clean it as he followed the trails that led to melissa’s room.

Tyler opened the door and was ready to burst out a lot of words and yell at her for murdering someone in his mansion but his words got stucked in his throat when he saw her sleeping.

After killing someone, she is sleeping peacefully while probably the person might be in hell crying.
He raised an eyebrow when he saw the bed where melissa was laying, it was soaked…with blood!!.
It was coming out from where she kept her toes while sleeping.

“Don’t tell me she hurt herself”Tyler said as he grabbed her left leg, indeed, the bottle pieces were still stucked inside her toes.
Didn’t she feel the pain while she was walking to her room?

Tyler stood up and walked to the smallest wardrobe next to her bed and got a small first aid box.
He made the cotton wool wet by pouring a little amount of spirit then he removed the pieces one by one while she whinced in pain.

After that, he cleaned the wounds and bandaged it.
“Just take that as a thank you for preparing for me dinner”Tyler said and walked away.


~Saturday 09:39 AM~

It was saturday so tyler wasn’t going to work, he wore casuals and decided to meet his little friends…ofcourse, the friends he mean is the children at the orphanage.

After dressing up, white shirt and black trouser with red sweater, he looked so damn hot in casuals.
“Can i come with you?”Melissa asked and tyler scoffed before nodding negatively.

“But i will be bored at home and i need someone to keep me company”Melissa pouted.

“Okay but your not going to wear your gangster wear and follow me..take this”Tyler gave her a box which she collected without saying a word.

“Put it on, am waiting here”Tyler added and she walked away with the box.


“This is the first time i am wearing these kind of clothes”Melissa laughed, for the first time she felt free.

It was a sea blue gown that stopped at her knee, it wasn’t tight, it was just flay. She looked really gorgeous in it but ofcourse Mr arrogant didn’t want anyone to know that he finds are gorgeous so he kept quiet.

“So, how do i look?”Melissa asked and Tyler put on an *I don’t care the way you look* face.
“You look ugly”Tyler said and melissa glared at him before walking out of the mansion while tyler followed behind her.



Immediately tyler and melissa entered, a lot of kids rushed to tyler and hugged him which made melissa quite suprised.
Normally people who are rich doesn’t associate with little kids from the orphanage then why is tyler different.

?Tyler, you visited us.

?We missed you tyler!!

?Did you bring us sweets, i want chocolate ones

Tyler laughed as 3 guards came in distributing sweets and chocolates to the kids..
“Tyler, how are you?”A plumpy old woman said as tyler hugged her.
“Am fine aunty ruby”Tyler smiled.

“Tyler, is that your girlfriend?”aunt ruby asked and tyler nodded negatively.
“She is my wife, Melissa”Tyler said and aunt ruby pulled melissa into a hug.

?Tyler, she is your wife?

?Why didn’t you tell us when your getting married?

?She is beautiful


“Something came up, am sorry, hope uncle tyler is forgiven”Tyler said and they nodded.



“You’ve been quiet, are you touched?”Tyler asked and melissa nodded.
To tell the truth, she felt like the bad one there.

“Whatever, let’s go and buy cotton candy”Melissa said and dragged tyler to a candy vendor.
Tyler adjusted his nose mask properly when she felt the man looking at his face..

“What did you want to buy miss?”He asked knowing fully well that tyler isn’t buying.
“Cotton candy”Melissa said and he gave her two sticks in which tyler paid.

“Hey guys!”Lan called and stood in front of them.
“What a coincidence, i actually bumped into you guys here, let’s go together then”Lan added and laughed.

“There is no coincidence you animal!, you can pretend for all i care”Melissa thought inwardly.

New more characters are coming in chapter 6
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