Marry Me Mr Popular

Marry Me Mr Popular Episode 4

?Marry me Mr Popular ??

(She wants him??)

Subtitle: A blackmail marriage between two billonaires ??

Written by:Authoress #princess

Rated ???


Episode 4

As they were eating, tyler stared at his breakfast.
“I shouldn’t trust her too much, what if she is pretending”Tyler thought inwardly as he gritted his teeth, he needed to find the other copies as soon as possible no matter what because if someone else get a hold of those copies then….

Is over!
Just over!

Tyler suddenly lost his appetite and stood up grabbing his suitcase, without giving melissa a glance, he walked away.
Immediately he left, melissa looked at tyler’s side of the table and saw that he have eaten half of his breakfast atleast.

Melissa ate her food finish and walked to the room, she opened the large wardrobe with a small single key she brought out from her hair
She unlocked the wardrobe and brought out her laptop, she typed the unlock pin *CYCLAMEN*

That was her uncle’s name, he was the only one that despite all the maltreatment that she got from her dad,he didn’t leave her but sometimes gave her food and clothes secretly.

He is also dead too.
Melissa shook her head, waving her thoughts off as she clicked on a file and it displayed all the secrets gotten from all the business man she took money from.

“I don’t need you anymore”Melissa said like she was talking to the written up files as she clicked delete, well, except from tyler’s own.
What if she deleted it now and tyler later divorced her….everything is over then.

She switched off her laptop and hid it inside the wardrobe before locking it and placing the key inside her hair.

Her phone suddenly beebed from inside her pocket and she grabbed it, it was a message.

✉mattew is back, he said he did get you back no matter what✉

✉Ignore him✉

✉If he do anything stupid…tell us, we would take care of it✉


~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Tyler dropped the file inside his wardrobe and closed it before bringing the rest of the files and inprinting his signatures in the papers.

Tyler didn’t bother looking up knowing fully well that is lan, that’s his normal behaviour before entering in.

“Now what?”Tyler asked as lan sat on a chair.
“Just wanted you to gist me about your wedding, remember i didn’t go and by the ways, you have never showed me her photos”Lan said and tyler rolled his eyes.

“Look at the wedding photos, my uncle took some photos secretly and sent it to me, am about to delete them though”Tyler shrugged as he gave lan the phone.
Lan rolled his eyes when he saw only 3 pictures on his phone and that was the wedding pictures.

“Wow, she is so damn gorgeous, why don’t you give her to me huh”Lan said and tyler glared at him “no”

“Claiming your territory now huh?”Lan asked with a raised eyebrow.
“She is at my mansion, it will even be better if you take her, i don’t care”Tyler said and lan nodded.
“That’s why i love you”Lan said winking at him before walking away.

“Going to kidnap a gangster, i think you want your face to be unrecognized”Tyler said at his retreating figure.



Lan was let in because he was bryan’s friend, he walked into the sitting room to see it empty..
And everywhere was so damn quiet.

Is someone really at home?
He don’t get it at all.

He sat on the couch but stood up immediately he heard sounds of heels getting in contact with the glass stairs.

“You must be…lan”Melissa said immediately she was in front of him
“Yes and you are melissa right?”Lan said and melissa nodded.

“Go back if you want to do anything that you will regret later”Melissa said and lan smirked, acting exactly like how tyler described.

“Let’s just do a quickie…30 minutes”Lan said, ofcourse she is just like other b*tches, she will accept without thinking twice but this one is an extraordinary beauty.

“So lan your trying to tell me that your a 30 minutes man”Melissa said and lan felt a huge imaginary stone being hit on his head.
“Nope, if you wants us to do it longer than that then i can do it for more than 7 hours”Lan said proudly….well, that’s a lie.

“Let me guess, tyler sent you here to kidnap me”Melissa said with a scoff before bursting into laughter.

“How did you know that?”Lan asked and melissa grabbed her phone and it displayed tyler’s office….he was surting some files.

“Wait, you hacked into tyler’s cameras”Lan asked with a wow.
“Smart”Melissa said
“That’s awesome”Lan said.
“Thank you but let us continue from where we stopped, you wanted to kidnap me then come at me”Melissa said and lan nodded his head negatively.

“No…never, why would i ever think of that”Lan lied
“Okay, let me just act like i believe you”Melissa said.

“Can you teach me some trick”Lan asked forming puppy eyes.
“No, learning the basic hacking is useless without learning martial skills”Melissa said and turned in a way that her back was facing him.

“Teach me then”Lan said with a smile but before he could blink, melissa turned very quick as she used her right leg and kick him making him to fly hitting his back at the wall very hard.

“Ouch”Lan groaned as he fell to the ground in pain.
“That hurts, are you made of steels”Lan asked rubbing his back..

“You said you wanted to learn martial skills, i just made you taste the taste of it…for now let us teach you hacking”Melissa said…she likes the sound of having a disciple.



Tyler’s assistant betty packed his things and put it inside the car.
“Sir, i would take my leave”Betty said and he nodded before she walked away.

Tyler turned to see lan, he had a little injury at his lips, like he was punched…that’s all.

That wasn’t what tyler was expecting, he was expecting a very huge injury because melissa is a gangster and if you try to kidnap a gangster then your finished.

“Why are you walking weirdly?”Tyler asked immediately he noticed lan’s movement.
He was walking like someone who has hunched back.

“Your wife hits hard, are you sure this your handsomeness will last a month or she will she change it into something else”Lan asked and tyler scoffed.

If Melissa and him is to fight, there is no way melissa will pass him, just because he hardly fights doesn’t mean he can’t.

“Okay, let’s take you to the hospital”Tyler said and lan entered the car while tyler’s driver drove off.


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