Marry Me Mr Popular

Marry Me Mr Popular Episode 3

?Marry me Mr Popular ??

(She wants him??)

Subtitle: A blackmail marriage between two billonaires ??

Written by:Authoress #princess

Rated ???


Episode 3


Immediately melissa sat on her chair, she noticed a photo frame on her table, a photo of an old man, he was holding a gun and smoking cigarettes…ofcourse it was her dad.

A criminal and 100% worst than her.
She could remember those years her dad was alive, he did starve her for 2 days and at the end he would say “am making you stronger to take over the hacking world”.

She was still a little child then more like 13 or 12 years old, not only that he did send men to torture me with belts.
Sometimes, anytime she remembered all she went through under the roof of this old man, she did ask herself how she survived all these.

She could even remember the days that if she escaped to play, he would come to her favourite park and create a fuss which always lead to bloodshed.
She never had a friend when she was little not even one.

*Her dad would lock her in a dark cell which is very dirty and soon she became used to eating in the cell.

At the end she found out that he wasn’t her dad by that time she was already 18, he was torturing her because her mum cheated on him and it resulted to melissa .There were still more he did to her that resulted to permanent inner wounds which can never ever heal.

He was later captured by the police and killed, that made way for her freedom.

After that she masked her emotions, like the saying goes.
“How you train up a child determines the way he/she would go”
Melissa became fearless and wicked but not like her father, her father kills but she has never killed before.

Melissa clenched her fist remembering all these incidents, She grabbed the photo frame and threw it on the wall making it smash into pieces.



“And she threatend you to leak out the secret or else you marry her”Lan, his brother said admist laughter.

“Is not funny, i felt like strangling her with my hands till she beg for death”Tyler said and lan smirked.

“Is she a hottie?, does she have big br**ts and curves, how long is her leg?…

Tyler rolled his eyes and tuned him off as lan continued blabbing,
“Okay…okay, lan, keep quiet, she is very hot i accept but she is just not my type”Tyler cut him off.

“Okay,since she isn’t your type, why not introduce me to her so me and her can…you know?”Lan said and tyler glared at him.

“Though i hate her but i will never give you permission to have an affair with my future wife who got the title by blackmailing me”Tyler scoffed at his last words.

“Don’t just go around, mingling with any girl you see, one day you might have STD’S”Tyler knocked his head.

“Never, that disease is never in my diary….and by the ways, what are you going to do, isn’t next 3 days the wedding”Lan asked and tyler noddded.

“She’ve gotten what she wants but it isn’t just going to end there”Tyler thought.



A lot of rich and noble dignitries were invited into this special event, all were seen laughing holding a glass of wine and chatting happily.

Above it all, the design were out of the world. Everyone was eager for the wedding to start because they couldn’t wait to see how the woman that captured arrogant tyler drake’s heart look like.
Rumours had it that he hates women and can travel to the moon to have nothing to do with them.

Tyler walked in, he was dressed in a black suit and black trouser, he was looking very hot but he was very angry but people didn’t know, they just continued to admire him in their minds, they dare not say it out.

He stood in front of the hall and glared at his watch, what is taking that gangster long, he needed to just get this wedding done and get out of there.


~Is this the bride?~

~she is really gorgeous, Mr drake (tyler) has a good eye indeed~

~They are such a lovely couple~

~A perfect match~

“Lovely couple?, perfect match?”Melissa thought inwardly almost scoffing, tyler had the same expression.

“Let us…..
“Be done with this damn wedding and let me get out of here!”Bryan said to the priest who nodded.
“Can you hold hands and say your vows to eachother”The priest said with shaky breath.

“I don’t have any vow to say to him/her”The both of themsaid simultaneously in a way that the people couldn’t hear it.

The priest looked at his book.
“May you kiss your bride”The priest said and before tyler could open his mouth to object.
Melissa grabbed his tie and dragged him closer to her then she sealed her lips with his.

Tyler’s eyes widened in shock as he stood there frozen, feeling the way her lips moved slowly.
Melissa pulled out and licked her lips slowly.
“Like what the f*ck just happened?”Tyler asked in thoughts.




Melissa wowed as she looked around the sitting room, the most richest C.E.O in korea tyler drake so why wouldn’t his sitting room be made of gold and diamonds.
Bryan ignored her and climbed upstairs probably to his room.

Hers is of glass, glass mansion though she is very rich but not that popular.
She gave her box to a maid to drop in the guest room before sitting on the couch.

“This has always been my dream??”Melissa thought and stood up walking to the 7th guestroom where her things were packed.

She removed her wedding dress and put on a nightgown since the wedding closed by exact 08:00pm.
She laid on the impossibly soft bed and sighed in content then she closed her eyes and slept off.



Melissa woke up at exactly 06:30 pm and walked straight to the kitchen, she thought of preparing something for herself but remembering she now have a husband…

She made coffee and some extra side dishes then she placed it on the table.

“Am so sorry my lady, you shouldn’t be working” a dark skinned girl said.
“Don’t worry, i would do this myself”Melissa said and sat on the chair before she started eating.

Tyler walked in already dressed up for work, he ignored her and turned to walk away.
“At least eat before you go”Melissa said sipping her cup of coffee.
Tyler stood for a while before walking to the dinning then he sat down.

Tyler looked around the table, it can’t be catherine that cooked this,
” could it be…her?”Tyler thought
For the first time someone cooked his favourite that too without knowing.

Who still hates melissa
Don’t hate her yet, let’s dig in more to her past first.

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