Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 9



       🌼 VENESSA 🌼

My eyes were really heavy and they closed gently

Everywhere became black


I woke up and felt really cold

my head was spinning as I raised my body off the floor

I looked arround and noticed I was still on the floor close to the dining

Jeez I can’t believe Harry left me here after passing out

He didn’t care about me

I walked to my room and entered the bathroom to clean up

my face looks a bit pale

I walked out of the bathroom and changed into another outfit

I went back to the dining in search of my phone and I found it there

“Hey Finn”i called smiling

i had to call Finn back on video call

“Vee what’s wrong ,you look sick”he said starring at me

  “just a bit stressed I’m fine “I replied faking a smile

  “ohh vee I told you to come back “he said

  “Naa I’m good “I replied

“so how’s the cafe going”I added and he  began telling me all that has been going on



“Good morning sir”I greeted with a bow

“Morning Ace”i said smiling at him

For the first time  I heard Harry scoffed

“morning beautiful”Ace replied in a playful manner

I served their breakfast and stood there ,truth be told I was really hungry ,my stomach grumble loudly making me feel embarrassed

  “join us vee”Ace said

  “ohh no I not really hungry”I replied and my stomach grumbled loudly again

Ace left out a soft laugh and my cheeks heated up

  So embarrassing

I looked at Harry and he didn’t pay me any attention

so I sat down close to Ace and served myself

I ate hungrily and that was when it hit me

‘i was on the same dining with Harry and Ace ‘

I slowed down and ate quietly and dare not to look at anyone face

I was enjoying the meal but deed down I wanna sit on the floor with my legs wide open and eat to my satisfaction

But yeah I dare not

After the meal,I cleared the dishes and washed them before heading to my room

It’s been a month working with Harry and it has been really stressful and this time I made sure I avoided him always

I did all he say with caution and made sure I never upset him

Thankfully Ace has been a really good companion

I got my first pay and truth be told it’s really huge

Right now I was getting ready to go for groceries shopping

I starred at my self in the mirror and saw how much weight I have been putting on

something is really up with me

I took the money Harry gave me and hailed a cab to the store

After shopping for almost an hour ,,I texted Cate I was on my way

Well the truth is I planned on going to see Cate so I lied out we being out of stock when we have more than enough.

In no time I was standing in front of her porch with a grocery bag

“omg Venessa “she Yelled exictedly and jumped on me

  “come in”she said and dragged me in

  “you put up a lot of weight recently”she said starring at me

“yeah I noticed too”I replied back

  “your apartment is really beautiful”I said and she blushed

  “How is the Devil”she asked and I knew exactly who she’s talking about

  “And my prince charming”she added knowing  the expression on my face when she mentioned Harry

  “Ace is fine”I replied back

  “did he ask of me”she asked and I nodded

“,omg he did”she half yelled exictedly

This girl is something else

  “so I made some scrambled eggs ,bacon,pasta “

“girl I made a lot of stuffs”Cate said

  I ran with her to the kitchen at the mention of food

After sniffing the food I felt like throwing up and she led me to her bathroom

“what’s wrong with you vee”she asked worridely

“Maybe and just coming up with a fever or something”I replied

“or your pregnant”Cate said

“what no way,I can’t be “I replied nervously

Truth be told I have been having same thought too but am just really scared to admit it and I haven’t seen my period

  “well I have a pregnancy test kit,let’s confirm”she replied

  at the mention of that ,my heart began pounding heavily

what if I’m actually pregnant,,I just have to find out first

I just hope it’s a fever

After peeing on it ,I waited patiently for five minutes before coming out

“there are two red stripe on it”I said to Cate and her jaw dropped

That one means one thing

I didn’t know how but everything went blank

To be continued.


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