Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 8

Just One Night (The Devil)


       🌼 VENESSA 🌼

I waited patiently pacing about in the sittingroom

the sound of things breaking hasn’t stopped and Harry’s sister is yet to come

The doorbell rang and I rushed to the door immediately and saw Ace and Harry’s sister Isabella standing at the front porch

“where is he”Ace and Isabella asked the same time

  “his room”I replied and they rushed upstairs

few minutes later the noise died down and I was relieved knowing it was kinda my fault

Ace and Isabella came back with a worried look

“what happened” Ace asked

  “it was a mistake….I broke the portrait”I replied sadly

  “OMG you broke Lora’s portrait”Ace said in awe

“it was a mistake”I replied

So Lora is the name of the girl I saw in the portrait

who is she ,I wanted to ask but it’s none of my business

I bet she must really mean alot to him

where is she now?

I really have a lot of unanswered questions about him

“please Essa next time be careful”Isabella said and I nodded

“By the way where is the other pretty maid”Ace asked

  “he fired her”I replied remembering I saw a miss call from Cate

“woah”Isabella muttered

I could see the stares they both flashed at each other and it made me uncomfortable

  “let me go clean him room”I said and left them both

  “Be careful”Ace said and I nodded

  I carried my tools and went to his room,as usual he was asleep

He looked so peaceful while sleeping but this guy here is going through a lot

  I made sure i cleaned the room quietly and carefully

I can’t risk anything to happen again

The whole room was sparkling before I left

Trust me this time I didn’t go near him ,,I remembered the last time I got punished for helping

I went back downstairs and Ace told me Isabella left due to an emergency

  “Let’s play a game”Ace said and my eyes widened

  “really”I asked and he nodded

  “I’m not sure I can ,what if Harry See’s me”
I replied

“Don’t worry he won’t do anything”Ace said

I quickly sat down with Harry and he taught me how to play videogames

The were laughing at playing when a voice startled me

  “What are you doing”Harry said and I spranged up immediately

  “Sorry sir”I muttered and bow my head

  “is that what I hired you for ,to destroy my things and laugh like a mainac “Harry said starring down at me

  “hey bro chill I asked her to join me “Ace said putting his hands across my shoulders

  “Get out”Harry fired

I was about to run out when a hand pulled me back and kissed my cheeks

it was Ace

My cheeks turned red and I dare not look at Harry’s face before running out

  Gosh why would Ace do such a thing in Harry’s presence

Why will he even do it

Dose he wants to get me fired .


It was evening already and I was preparing dinner

Ace said he wasn’t hungry so I served only Harry and stood there as usual watching him eat

Something began vibrating in my pocket and I was scared to pick it

  “Give me the phone”Harry said and a I quickly did

He starred at the caller and I saw the ID it was  “Finn”

when that was how I saved it

He dropped the phone on the dining and a message popped in

“I miss you Vee Hope you ain’t stressing much”

I used the side of my eye to stare at the phone as Harry red the message

Omg Finn how put me in deep trouble why will he even text that

Mr Finn and I are really close ever since i accepted to be his daughter,,he even asked me to come back so we could work in the cafe but I declined

I wanted to save his number as Mr Finn but he told me ‘ Mr Finn’ makes him feel old

  “So I hired you and this is what you do right”

  “You sell your body cheaply instead of working” Harry said standing up

  And walked to me ,I felt my stomach tightened and nausea hit me immediately

I wanted to puke badly ,,Harry was giving me no space to run

I couldn’t hold it anymore ,so I puked on him

Hey guys I’m not that fat or tall ,,so just prepare a coffin for me

I’m obviously dead

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