Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 7

JUST ONE NIGHT (the devil)


       🌼 VENESSA 🌼

I carried my tools and knocked on the door of Harry’s bedroom

“come in”he said in a husky voice

  “Good morning sir am here to clean “I said gently

  He first starred at me awkwardly before nodding his head and focusing on his computer

I began cleaning like there was no one in the room,,I saw the painting and it was completed

the lady looked beautiful ,she has a red hair like mine

am sure she means alot to him

I turned arround to see Harry starring at me with no expression on his face

I quickly moved from that direction to another

I don’t know why but am so nervous ,I can’t wait to be done cleaning.

I did a few before leaving the room to the kitchen to prepare breakfast

With the help of Cate we were done in no time and set up the dining

Today it’s only Harry we are making breakfast  for Ace left and that he will be back tomorrow

Cate went to serve Harry while I did the dishes

I was almost done when I heard a loud scream and ran out

Cate held her cheeks on the floor crying her eyes out

I could she anger all over Harry’s face ,,his looks were deadly

“Get out of this apartment and I never want to see your face”He yelled angrily making me flinch

Harry left while I ran to Cate and hugged her tightly ,,she cried on my body as I patted her

  “what happened”I asked and I help cate pack up her things

  “I was so nervous around him,I put much sugar in his tea”she replied sadly

  “this is all my fault I shouldn’t have let you serve him knowing the way you are arround him”I said almost in tears

I never imagined Cate leaving me this early , she’s the only friend I ever had

I can’t imagine I will be the only one in this house

the thought is already freaking me out

I exchanged contact with Cate and bade her,,we promised each other to always be In touch

As I entered the room ,tears roll down from my eyes and I wiped them off

And Harry situation is something else,his anger is top notch and I know I will be the next person to leave

My phone started ringing and it was Finn

I picked it up and we started talking,,we talked for sometime and he really helped to lighten up my mood

The day went by and I didn’t see Harry so his lunch and dinner went to waste

Well the waste “was my stomach”.

I woke up early because I knew I had a lot of work to do

I did everything till it was Harry’s room left ,,I don’t know why I have this off feeling anytime I want to entre his room

I can’t just place it

I entered while he focused on his laptop,I heard he always works from home

I didn’t know how it happened but the next thing i knew was the mopping stick left my hand and landed on the pretty lady portrait and it shattered on the floor

My jaw dropped instantly

I turned to Harry as he stood up from the chair he sat

His bright shining eyes were replaced with a cold and dark once

“What did you just do”He yelled angrily while my body tensed up

  “I….I…. mistake”I shuttered as hot tears rolled down my cheeks

He grabbed my neck tightly and my legs were not touching the floor ,I gapsed for air and struggle to break free

Our eyes met and we starred into each other eyes,he let go of me instantly

  “Get out”He yelled and I ran out

I heard things shuttering and loud noise from his room

I ran and and searched for the card his sister gave me and called her immediately

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