Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 6

Just One Night (The Devil)


       ? VENESSA ?

  I sprang up from my feet when I heard someone walked downstairs

“Good evening sir”I greeted bowing my head

  “Who did this”he asked showing me his hands

“I….I…did sir”I replied and a sounding slap landed on my face that sent me to the floor

I stood up and held my cheeks as tears threatened to fall from my eyes

  “How dare you”he half yelled making me flinch

   “Did i tell you I need your pity,,Who gave you the orders”he added

  “I…I…am sorry sir”I said

  “Follow me “he ordered and I did

I followed him outside as he dragged a chair out

He wind hit my face like it was about to rain heavily

  “Sit”he ordered and I did

I sat down and he began using rope to tie me down to the chair

He was about to tie my hands when our eyes met

He starred into my eyes for a while awkwardly before he tied me up and left


The wind blew my hair and It covered my face

I couldn’t remove it

in no time the rain started falling and I was still there

I was shivering under the rain as it keeps hitting me

what type of punishment is this

what did I even do to deserve this

I only help him clean the blood stains and cover up his wounds

imagine where my nice girl attitude has landed me

The rain increased and my body was getting numb

I couldn’t feel my feet anymore,,the cold was already freezing my blood

I couldn’t yell or move and everything went blank.

I opened my eyes to see Catherine starring at me

  ” thank God you are okay”she said and hugged me

   “How did I get here”I asked

  “He brought you in and asked me to change your clothes”Cate replied

  “What ? you mean Harry brought me here himself”I asked and she nodded

  “This is one crazy shit”I said and she chuckled

  “I rubbed my eyes countless times to be sure am not dreaming,I heard your conversation with him earlier”

   “That guy is heartless,,I mean who punish someone for helping them”Cate said

     “yeah he is”I replied sadly

Cate helped me to the bathroom and after a hot shower and some drugs I felt much better

  Cate and I were done cleaning the sitting room when the doorbell rang

  “I will go check it”Cate said and left

I starred at the guy in front of me with his language speechless

He was the complete mimi version of Harry

  “Good day sir”I finally said while he smiled

  “ohh c’mon ,call me Ace and you are “he replied still smiling

  “Venessa”I replied back

  “Where the hell is my brother”,he asked starring at me

  “in his room”i replied back

  “okay Essa am so hungry right now and I heard you are a good cook ,,will be down in thirty minutes” Ace said in a jovial tone

  “let me help you with the suit case “I offered and he declined

  “Naa it’s nothing” he replied and walked upstairs

“Cate”I called and she jolted from her thoughts

Cate has been smiling to herself alone and starring at Ace since he walked in

  “His Soo cute and sweet”she said smiling
I rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen

“stop dreaming”,I half yelled and heard her chuckle

I guess not all the Luka are strict and grumpy looking like Harry

In no time I was done cooking ,I dished it out and heard footsteps coming downstairs

  Ace was the only one talking while Harry kept a straight face

I haven’t seen him since he left me under the heavy rain

“omg this taste so delicious”Ace said with a mouth full

  “you are indeed a great cook not only that your beautiful” Ace added and I blushed

“Thanks Ace”I replied

“the food is too salty and some part are not well cooked”Harry said which made Ace and I stare at him

  “am so sorry sir I can make you another one”I replied and bow my head

  “you better do” he replied strictly

  “are you kidding me H.H”Ace said and I didn’t know when I chuckled and quickly covered my mouth

  “Don’t call me that”Harry said angrily

I could see the embarrassment on his face

  “I need more”Ace said and I took the bowl to him

  “Don’t worry I know his a dick head but will come around soon”ace whispered in my ears

“Get out”Harry yelled angrily and I did

To be continued.


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