Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 5



       ? VENESSA ?

  “I mistakenly spilled coffee on him”she said in tears

  “OMG” I muttered in shock

“this guy is heartless”

“it’s okay” I said and patted her back

I cleaned her face and let her lay down

Maybe I will have to be very careful also around him

I walked to the kitchen and began making dinner

In no time I was done with it and set it up in the dining

“Good evening sir”I greeted and bow my head lightly

He walked straight to the dining and sat down,I stood there as he ate quietly when he was done I cleared the dishes


I felt a light headache when I woke up ,after drinking a glass of water the pain reduced

“Cate”I called when I saw her cleaning up the sitting room

   “you look pale”she starring at me

   “just little headache”I replied

  “sorry”she muttered and I nodded

we were done cleaning the whole place and setting up breakfast but still no sign of Harry

  I walked to his room door and and knocked gently

  “Get out”he yelled and I ran away from the door almost immediately in fear

I heard shuttering sounds glasses getting broken

I wonder what is going on

  “That’s how he is”Cate said while I starred at her

  “what do you mean”I asked

“He gets angry ,he destroy things,his heartless and a psychopath”cate added

  “omg ..why is he like that”I asked

  “Rumors has it that he went missing for some days a long time ago and ever since then he hasn’t been the same”Cate explained

  “wow”I muttered in shock

  “I had no idea” I added

  We heard the doorbell and I rushed to the door and saw a lady

She looked exactly like Harry but younger

  “Hi”the lady said and walked in

  “Excuse me…

“I’m his sister “she said cutting me off

  “were is he”she asked nervously

  “in his room “I replied back as I studied the expression on her face

I think there is more to Harry than I ever imagined

I watched his sister ran up to his room with her heels making noise

About thirty minutes later the shuttering died down and I heard someone coming downstairs stairs

  “your bleeding”I said starring at her hand

   I quickly brought of the first aid kit

  “let me”I said and she streched out her hands

I cleaned up the blood applied some balm and wrapped up the cut

  “Isabella”she said smiling

   “Venessa” I replied back.

  “You can go clean up his room quietly ”
she dipped her hands into her bag and brought out her card

  “here,call me if anything comes up”she said and I nodded

  “Bye Venessa “she said and kissed my both cheeks

She’s Soo nice but she looks very disturbed

I put the card in a safe place before carrying my items to go clean up his room

Since she said quietly I couldn’t knock

I opened the door gently and peeped

He was sleeping

I opened the door fully and walked in nervously

The whole place was a complete mess so I tried really hard not to step on broken glasses

There were some drop of blood on the floor and am sure it’s Isabella

I picked up the glasses and began cleaning up the whole room

it took me almost an hour to be done when my eyes caught something

Harry’s hand also had a cut and the blood were on the duvet

Finally I went and brought back the first aid and cleaned up his wounds also

He didn’t flinch ,,he must be a deep sleeper I guess

I removed the duvet and brought out another one

I sprayed them on him and arranged it properly,,my eyes went to his face

The way his hair fell to his face ,,he face brought and image to my head but it wasn’t clear

Why dose he reminds me of someone

I packed up all my things and was about leaving when i saw a drawing

The face wasn’t completed but the hair was there

it was long thick and red just like mine

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