Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 4

JUST ONE NIGHT (The devil)


I stood there and watch him eat his food slowly

I took my time and starred at him

Why dose he remind me of someone

He turned at me and I quickly faced another direction

How did God took his time and create someone like this

“Take the dishes away and come clean up this place” he said and I only nodded

He gave me a deadly glare

“Yes sir” I added quickly and he looked away

I carried the dishes and quickly ran downstairs

I came back with the tools for cleaning and
began cleaning

Okay this room doesn’t look dirty why am I cleaning it again

I heard the shower running and I quickly mopped the floor

I didn’t take my time to mop the place properly because I was scared to see him again

He came out with water dripping from his body and a towel tied around his waist

I swallowed the huge lump in my throat and went to pick up my things to leave as he entered
the closet

I don’t know how it happened but the next thing I knew was my butt hit the floor really hard and I
winked in pain

Thank God he didn’t see me

I grabbed my tools and ran out of the room

I am never going to that room again

I lay on my bed and starred at the celling ,I have be trying to remember the face of the guy I had a one night stand with but couldn’t

But on the other way round I was thankful I didn’t know him

I mean if I did,I wonder how I was going to face him,he would probably think am a slut

And since I relocated there is every possibility I will never see him again

Thinking about everything happening in my life ,I closed my eyes and drifted to dream Land


I woke up due to the vibration from my phone

is was Finn yeah his like a father to me now

we talked for a while before I began the chores for the day

I was done and went back to the room to shower when Ella and Nina walked in chatting

“I just pray am selected”Ella said smiling

“me too”Nina replied

“who wouldn’t be happy working with him alone ”

“jezz I could kill for that”Ella added

“with me and him alone am sure he won’t be able to resist “Nina said

“ohh girl,,you suck on bed ..I would give him the perfect styles and position In seventy minutes”Ella replied

and they both laughed

What selection are they talking about and why is it that I have never heard anything

I guess that’s cos I don’t have anyone or a friend.

I was evening and we were all called out for an announcement

I could see the excitment on some of the girls face and some have worried expression like they were scared

I just stood among them lost

“like you all know ,the first son Harry Luka will be going back to his apartment and two maids among you will go there ” the head maid said

some girls standing in fear while the bitchy once were giggling exictedly

Am among the once standing in fear

that guy is very scary

I am never going to cope ,,I will get fired inside
“Catherine step out”the head of maid said

I starred at the girls called Catherine and she looks like she’s going to pass out anytime soon.

I mean who wouldn’t

“Venessa”the head maid said and my heart sank instantly

“you two have impressed me so far with your hard work that’s why am choosing you girls ”

“go get packing ,,,you leave by morning”she said and left

I starred at the girl called Catherine and she was still in shock just like me .

“Bitch”Ella said and I ignored her

“you such a whore I wonder what you did to be choosen” Nina added glaring at me

This girls were the least of my problems right now

I packed up my things before saying a prayer and slept off .

We drove in a separate car to the apartment ,,the house was big but not up to the Luka Mansion

I felt the nervousness in Catherine and squeezed her hands

we were taken to a very big room with only two beds

We both settled in before going out to clean up the whole place

I was done with mine and waiting for Catherine when the door burst open

“what happened “I asked starring at her brused face covered in tears

“I mistakenly spilled coffee on him”she said in tears

“OMG” I muttered in shock

“this guy is heartless”

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