Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 3

Just One Night (The Devil)



We arrived at a massive building and the gate slide open

We drove in and came down with our bags ,we were ten in number we walked into the building and lined up in a straight line

A middle-aged lady who I think is the head of maids came and addressed us

She led us to our different rooms and we settle in

The room she kept me has two other ladies in it I heard them chatting and went to them

“Hi am Venessa”I said smiling they both threw me a deadly glare before returning to what they were talking about

Oops this is why I don’t have friends.


it’s been a week since I have been working well and I couldn’t help but be thankful to Mr Finn

his a life saver indeed

I checked the list and checked where I was cleaning for the day it was Mrs Luka bedroom

,I have never been upstairs before all works were downstairs and the most funny thing is I have never seen any member of the Luka family
since I came I heard Mr Luka has two sons and two daughters

I wore my uniform properly and carried working items

I followed the directions because there were a lot of rooms I reached Mrs Luka bedroom and knocked on the door before entering

I didn’t see anyone around

I took my time and have a proper view of the room the room was really big ,with the Massive Queen sized bed

the whole place was furnished nicely

Will I ever have such a room of mine

I began working and in no time I was done ,, I went downstairs and saw all the maids walking to the sitting room
“what’s happening”I asked one of the girls

“we are having an urgent meeting”she said

I quickly dropped my things and followed her

“Good to have you all here”a woman said she was dressed in a classy outfit and her made up was okay she spoke with boldness and Authority

I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that she’s Mrs Luka

“my son is coming back today and for those that has been here you know the grand rules ,on no account should you talk back at him

You serve his food in the morning , afternoon and evening and trust me you better avoid upsetting him for your own good

she said a few more things before leaving and the other girls began murmuring

since i had no one to talk to i just went straight up to my room and continued with my remaining chores

my mind still went back to Mrs Luka the way she talked about her own son why is everyone scared of him well I just prayed I don’t cross paths with him

“Ella where are you going” Nina asked

“I’m going to serve Harry”she replied smiling

okay Ella and Nina are my roommate who don’t talk to me ,,I was laying on my bed when I heard them talking

“really”Nina asked exictedly and they both giggled She added more makeup to her face and dragged her dress down to expose her boobs

I rolled my eyes an faced the novel I was reading it was written by Authoress Jenny Tittled Mafia Bride and I was really enjoying it

Few minutes later Ella ran in crying

I guess it didn’t go well

“he called me an ugly slut”Ella said crying while Nina patted her okay this guy is very rude ,, calling a lady an ugly slut was way off .

I woke up and head straight to my work for the day I was about to finish when the head of maids called me

“please take this to Harry I need to see Mrs Luka”she said and left before I could even say a word

I walked upstairs with the tray in my hand nervously

Gosh I can’t believe this is happening I knocked on the door and a husky voice asked me to come in

“Good morning sir”I greeted and bow my head

He didn’t reply and I tried as much to avoid his gaze I dropped his food and turned to leave

“did I ask you to leave “he said and I frozed on the spot

I turned around gently and my eyes met his ,,he was the most handsome human I have seen so far and his face kept reminding of some face I have seen before I couldn’t just place it we both starred at each other in the eyes before

I removed my eyes my lips were shaking and my legs were like jelly with the way he starred at me

,the way he looked my me

I felt like the ground should open and swallow me
being scared right now is an understatement


To be continued.

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