Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 2




I woke up and looked arround

I was the only one on the bed and the room was empty

The pain I felt in my head and in between my legs was no joke

Despite all that ,I jumped out of the bed and went to wear my clothes

I was feeling really sore that I couldn’t walk well

I grabbed my things and went straight to the room I was supposed to collect my money from

“Good morning sir”I said to the man who offered me the job

“what are you doing here”he fired angrily

“I’m here for my money sir”I replied nervously

“what money …you were supposed to meet a client in room six and he waited for you all night”he said angrily

“what I thought it was room 9″I replied in shock

“check the note” he said

I quickly grabbed the note from my purse and starred at it

I couldn’t believe my eyes

“I went to room nine”I replied

“folks love free food “the man replied with a grin and walked out on me

so I just gave my virginity to a total stranger for nothing

I felt my whole world crumbled that instant

tears threatened to fall from my eyes but I held them back and walked out of the building

I hailed a cab to my apartment and coming out of the cab

I met the few things I have on the floor

I couldn’t hold the tears anymore as I walked up to the porch of my apartment

why am I so unlucky “I thought as tears roll down my eyes

I grabbed my things and began walking around ,I had no idea where I was going to and who to run to

my whole life is messed up .

it was getting dark and I still had no where to sleep for the night

I dragged my things and went to a small cafe by the road side

i needed a drink at least because I couldn’t afford a meal

I stayed at the cafe and sipped my coffee slowly till the whole cafe was empty and they were beginning to close

“I have been watching you since you came in here young lady”a middle age man said walking up to me

“am so sorry sir ,,I will be on my way “I replied standing up

“need a place to sleep for the night “he asked and I nodded

“can I sleep here please”I asked

“ohh no what kind of human will I be”he replied smiling

“come I will take you to my place”he ordered

I wanted to reject his offer but on a second thought “what’s the worst that could happen”

I already gave my virginity to a total stranger

I thank him and we drove to his apartment

Mr Finn had a lot of talks and I got to know more about him

He had a daughter of my age but lost her to cancer a year ago and his wife is late

I felt really bad for him as he spoke about his family

I told him about myself and how I ended on the street well apart from having sex with a total stranger

He gave his daughter room to sleep in for the night and I thanked him

Unbelievable I slept and had a terrible dream that woke me up

but I couldn’t remember the dream

it was morning already,I got up took my bath and got ready to leave

“good morning Mr Finn” I greeted

“morning Venessa ,,hope you sleep well”he asked and I nodded

“do you have any plans”he asked starring at my bags

“no ” I replied

“well I know someone who owns an agency that is hiring ladies to work as maids and there is still spot for one but the problem is that it’s in NY” he said

“I would really love to go sir but the…

“Don’t worry I will sought it all out if you want”

.”yes i do ” I replied exictedly

“well I thought you might say yes”he replied with a Chuckle

“your flight leaves in two hours”he said shocking me

I thanked Mr Finn throughout the ride to the airport

He gave me all I needed ,the address of the agency and some money to take care of my self before leaving

I kept thanking him and collected his contact so we could keep in touch

NY here I come

The flight wasn’t long and in no time we arrived ,,I hailed a cab and drove straight to the agency

I hurried into the building and saw some girls lined of

“Venessa right”a man asked and I nodded

“Good ,you have been hired along side other girls to work for THE LUKA FAMILY

okay that was so fast ,,just like a dream everything thing was rounded up and we were on our way to the LUKA house

The name kept ringing in my head making me more nervous and scared

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