Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 14



       🌼 Venessa🌼

“Here are your orders”I said in a polite and cheerful tone

  They both raised their heads and my eyes landed on one

At that moment my heart stopped beating

He looked shocked at first but his reaction changed to his usual cold glare

seconds passed and we were still looking at each other in the eyes

I quickly snapped out of what ever i was thinking and removed my eyes from his

  “Do …do you need anything else “i asked starring at none of them in particular

“No”he other guy said in a polite tone while harry just kept mute

i walked away feeling his gaze on my back

i glumed down a full cup of water to relax my nerves

Gosh why do i feel this way

About an hour or two later they left before i even knew it

i walked over to their table and saw some bundle of notes

this was more than what they ordered for ,the money was placed on the side of the guys table

that means it wasnt Harry who dropped the money

i cleared the table before going to open the cafe properly

Laura was in a pretty bad mood and kept yelling at me althrough

i guess she isnt over whatever they said to her.

I closed for the day and made my way home,since the cafe wasnt far from the apartment i decided to walk

i walked as the fresh evening breeze kept hitting my body making me a bit cold

My head was filled with Harry

Maybe  he is  still pissed because i ran away without a word

But i did the right thing for myself and my baby.


its been almost three month and my life have been moving perfeclty fine

apart from the morning sickness,regular eating and irritation due to the pregnancy

i never saw Harry again which am happy about

I was about entering the shopping mall when i bumped into someone

“Isabella omg”i muttered happily

“venessa”she half yelled hugging me tightly

  “you look amazing”she added smiling

  “you look good too”i replied back

  “How have you been vee,you left without a word”she said sadly

“am so sorry your brother wasnt making things easy “i replied back honestly

  “i understand vee but your the only person he has stayed with for long without firing”Isabella said

  “Please Vee dont think am selfish but i want you back at the house,i will increase your pay and make sure Harry never touch you”she said sounding desprate

  “sorry Isabella,I have a job now and “

   “please vee just think about it”she added patting my back and left.

Its been a week since i came across Isabella and i told Cate everything that happened

  somehow Cate was on Isabella side including Ace side which left me speechless

why would they even wish me to go back to that house

i waved all the thoughts aside i walked on the quiet street at the early hours of the morning

i saw some men which their trucks qnd working tools outside the cafe

i made my way into the cafe and met mrs williams

  she looked so moody

  “Mrs Williams”I called twice before she jolted out of her thoughts

  “whats wrong”i asked concerned

  “sit venessa”she said and i did

   “i’m selling the cafe”she blurted out and my heart sank

  she knew how much i loved working in the cafe

  “i’m sorry but i have to,,i am moving away Venessa ,far away” she added sadly

  “But i can still work for the new owner right”i asked still hoping

“The owner is renovating the whole place,it wont be a cafe anymore”she added and i felt tears gathered in my eyes

why the hell am i crying ‘i thought

“Dont worry Vee,you will find a new job “mrs will said wiping my tears before hugging me

I walked  on the lonely street in deel thoughts

i cant believe i am no more going to the cafe again

its really sad

i need to start searching for another job asap

the thought of Isabella offer came to my mind and i waved it off immediately

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