Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 13

JUST ONE NIGHT(the devil)


       🌼 Venessa🌼

I slammed my door shut and began removing my dress

Truth be told my heart was still beating fast

Even with the dim and coloured lights in the club I could still tell it was him

But why will I be scared of him

why did I even run away

why was my heart beating so fast on seeing him

why was he even starring at me

There were a lot of “WHY” going through my head at the moment

I turned on the shower,allowing the water hit my whole body

It actually helped in calming my nerves,I stepped out of the shower with a towel tied around my chest

I slipped my nighties on before laying on the bed and sleeping off

Still with Harry’s thought on my mind


The alarm rang and I tapped on it

I walked to the bathroom and did all my business

I have doctor appointment by  8am,I already told my boss I will be late for work today.

I slide into my Mimi gown and packed my hair in a bun

My phone rang and I picked it up ,it was Finn

Well I actually told him that I was pregnant,I mean if am going to take him as my father this isn’t something I should hide from him

Finn was super excited and couldn’t wait to the baby pictures after the scan

Cate already started her new job so she always leaves early

I locked up the apartment and hailed a cab to the Hospital

I made my way to the doctor’s office, nervous as hell

The doctor made me lay down on the bed before rubbing a gel like stuff on my belly

it felt really cold

She placed something on my stomach and we heard the baby’s heartbeat

I felt tears gathered in my eyes as I faced the screen

  “it’s like a peanut”I muttered with tears in my eyes and the doctor laughed

  “yeah .But that peanut is going to turn to a big one in few months time”she replied and I just smiled cleaning my eyes

  “Let me print them out for you”she said and I nodded

After the doctor’s appointment ,I hailed a cab back to the coffee shop

  “Hey Mrs Williams” I called smiling as I entered the coffee shop

  “how did the appointment go”she asked

  “perfect “I replied and she smiled at me

I drop my things before changing into my work outfit

The shop has a lot of customer going in and out which made me really busy

  “Hey bitch table five and four orders “Laura said handing me the note

Okay Laura is my co worker and she hates me like really much

which I have no idea why

I took table four order to them before going to get table five

The day went by pretty smooth and I head back home

Starring at the baby scan picture make me more confident

I would do anything to protect him or her and give them the best life


  “Morning Mrs Williams”I greeted cheerfully

I don’t know why but I feel really happy today

   “look who is in a good mood “Mrs Williams replied smiling

“well today we will be having a very important guest at the shop,they will be coming for a meeting so the shop will be closed till after their meeting”Mrs Williams said

  “Really”I said and she nodded

  “they said they dont want interruption that’s why they fully book the place”Mrs Williams added

  “they must be really rich and important”I muttered and she nodded

Today we had the whole place sparkling clean i guess she really wants us to Impress who so ever that is coming

Minutes later some expensive looking cars of about four parked at the entrance of the building and some men in black walked In surrounded by boyguards

The men sat down while the boyguards stood beside them

Laura added more makeup to her face made her boobs more revealing

this girl is something else

she catwalked to them smiling and suddenly her face dropped

she walked back to me and dropped the note in front of me walking away angrily

she looked so pissed

I guess they turned her down.I checked the note and took their orders to them

  “Here are your orders”I said in a polite and cheerful tone

  They both raised their heads and my eyes landed on one

At that moment my heart stopped beating

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