Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 12

Just One Night (The Devil)


       🌼 Venessa🌼

I woke up dragging my feet to the bathroom

my body temperature was really high and i entered the bathroom and puke my guts out

I heard Harry calling me but I couldn’t answer

The door burst open and Harry yelled my name

“Sir”I replied from the bathroom and heard footsteps coming

  He starred at me from head to toe before walking out of the room

  “Venessa”Ace called walking to me

He helped me to the bed and starred at me

  “who is responsible”he asked and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket

  “I…I.. don’t understand”I shuttered

  “c’mon Vee ,I’m your friend remember ,you can talk to me “Ace said stoking my hair

“Fine ,I’m pregnant” I replied

  “and the father” he asked and I kept mute

“Vee it’s okay if you don’t wanna talk about it,but you see that child , that’s the greatest gift you could ever have “Ace added

  “I’m here for you if you need anything and will stand by you no matter the decision you take”He said and I smiled

“Thank you so much  Ace”

  “But I actually need a favor”I replied and he nodded


it was dark already and I had my things packed up

I sneaked out of the apartment with the help of Ace and hailed a cab to Cate’s apartment

  “Hey girl I’m happy you made the right decision ” Cate said and hugged me tightly

I dragged my things and got settled in with Cate

That night we were so happy

we talked and laughed for long before retiring to bed

And Cate couldn’t stop talking about Ace

Despite all this I couldn’t help but think about Harry

I wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out I ran away with a word

But seriously I don’t want that guy to hurt me and my child

His ruthless

It’s been a month and everything have been going amazing fine

I got a job at the coffee shop few meters from Cate’s apartment and Ace also got Cate a new Job in a company

yeah I also have no idea what’s going on between the both of them

Today we were going on a little outing to go celebrate her new job

“Is going to a club really necessary ” I asked cate as we got dressed

“well I guess, it’s been a while since we loosen up”Cate replied

I wore a black lace gown and curled up my hair

I was getting more fat and my first doctor’s appointment is in a few days

I have been nervous all this while

The door bell rang and I rushed to go open the door

“Hey Ace “I called exictedly and hugged him

  “you look beautiful”he said and I blushed

“thanks. you don’t look bad either”I added and he smiled

I have been meaning to ask Ace about Harry so today I summoned the courage to do so

  “How is Harry “I asked

  “well not great for sure ,,he has fired more than ten maids in a month “Ace replied

  “ohhhh,that’s bad”I said


  ” hey”Cate muttered coming downstairs beautifully dressed

  I could see Ace starring at her ,okay what’s going going on between these two that I don’t know

I cleared my throat and we left the apartment

The drive to the club wasn’t long

We made our way in and the loud music also blocked my ears

the last experience I had in a club didn’t turn  out well so I just stay cool

  “Let’s dance” Ace yelled and Cate dragged me to the dance floor

we all danced happily for hours and Ace with Cate were no where to be found

I always knew there was something going on between them

I was beginning to get bored as my eyes roamed about the place ,,I couldn’t drink because of my child

my eyes caught a familiar figure starring at me and I stood up

I hide behind people till I was out of the club

I hailed a cab to the apartment before texting Cate

To be continued


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