Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 11

Just One Night (The Devil)


       ? HARRY?

Her ocean eyes were now puffy ,her red hair was looking scattered and unkept

Her usual shining face was replaced with sadness and pain

She’s like a ghost

it’s not in my nature to care  so I looked away ignoring her present state


those bad memories kept coming I couldn’t control them anytime they come

And right now they were coming back

I was alone in my room ,it’s night and the stars were shinning

Just like that very night

I began breathing heavily as those memories were coming back ,,I was still starring outside

My head was spinning and I was hearing voices in my head

in that pain I managed to look out when I noticed someone coming

she was walking like a ghost ,that’s her new style

I starred at her from my window

my tensed body calmed down

she looked so lost in her thoughts

I wanted to go away but something held me back

what would make her walk about at this hour

She dipped her legs into the pool and kept using her palm to wipe her face

she’s crying

she removed her me clothes and entered the pool

I swallowed hard as I starred at her half naked body

her undergarments were light and I could see her well built body

I watched her sternly as she swim from one edge to another before coming out

it’s seems she was already freezing ,she wore her clothes fast and left

she turned back a few times and I moved away from the window so she won’t see me

I went back to my bed and lay down forgetting I almost had an attack

closing my eyes,the blurry imagine of the stranger I had sex with kept coming back

I couldn’t stop thinking about her

about that night

she was a virgin

how did she end up in my room and seduced me

okay she kinda sucks at seducing someone

What amused me the most was how focused she was

her body smells of alcohol and it’s obvious she’s tipsy

I do not have sex with strangers or half drunk giris but I couldn’t resist her

I pushed her on the bed and tore off her undies

I don’t do foreplay

they are for weaklings

the way my d** filled her makes me satisfied

she was pure and innocent, tempting and irresistible
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I woke up the following morning with a life threatening headache

my painful memories were coming back,I couldn’t allow it happen in front of a stranger so I ran to the bathroom

I turned on the shower and allow the water hit my body

I tried really hard to control myself and finally I did a little

I wore my shorts and went back

she was gone

it’s like I was dreaming but when i saw the blood stains on the bed

I knew it was no dream

I searched for her but she was gone

I would have made her my sex buddy if she was still there


My name is Harry Luka

I am the first son of the Luka family and heir

I could get anything in the world money can buy

yeah I’m that rich

but my life is messed up

Growing up as a rich kid and heir i had so many enemies and people who want me dead

my life was always at risk

i couldn’t move freely or even go anywhere

no friends and my parents were never there

Until that faithful night that carved me into this monster I am today


I sat down in the dining waiting for breakfast with Ace but didn’t get any

“where the hell is Venessa” I hissed angrily

  “VENESSA”I yelled angrily but no reply

is she still sleeping or what

I stormed angrily to her room and hit the door really hard

  “Venessa”I yelled

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