Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 10

JUST ONE NIGHT (the devil)


       🌼 VENESSA 🌼

“there are two red stripe on it”I said to Cate and her jaw dropped

That one means one thing

I didn’t know how but everything went blank


“Venessa you scared me”Cate muttered

I looked arround and saw the pregnancy kit

‘oh crap’

so I wasn’t dreaming

  “I’m actually pregnant FOR THE DEVIL”

  “I need to go “I said to Cate standing up

  “Alright but please Cate don’t do anything crazy please am always here for you and the baby”Cate said hugging me

At the mention of ‘baby’ it was as if my head was spinning

I can’t believe it

I hailed a cab back to the house lost in thought

On entering the sitting room ,,Ace and Harry were in some sought of argument and they were silent the moment I stepped in

At that point I actually cared less,,I could feel their stares on me but I didn’t look back

I dragged my feet to the kitchen, dropped the items before going to my room

I lay on the bed and cried my eyes out

I can’t take care of myself talk more of a baby

how am I going to survive being pregnant and working as a maid for a completely heartless man

I fell asleep and woke up when it was almost time for dinner

I starred at my reflection and was baffled on her my face looks pale with eye bags and puffy eyes

I splashed water on my face and trust me it didn’t help

I was like a ghost when cooking because I wasn’t myself

Many thoughts were going through my mind .
I dished out the food and stood there as usual

They took a spoonful into their mouth and spat it out Immediately

“Jezz  Vee what happened”Ace asked with a concerned look

  “what the heck did you cook ,,are you planning on killing me ,Is this what you are paid for”Harry yelled and stood up

I didn’t know why but tears were dropping from my eyes

Actually it wasn’t because Harry yelled at me

I’m crying due to the stress am in at the moment

“you wanna talk about it”Ace asked

  “No”I replied bluntly cleaning my tears

“I will prepare something else”I said and began clearing the table

  “No vee,I will order food for me Harry okay just go rest”he said and I nodded

it’s getting late and I couldn’t sleep

I walked out of the house and strolled arround the compound

it’s actually the first time I’m walking about in the compound

The night fresh air hit my face making my hair to fly

I needed to breath

I reached the pool ,sat at the edge and dipped my legs into it

How did I even end up here ,I thought

I remove my clothe leaving my under garment

I entered the cold water and swin from one edge to another

my body felt relaxed due to the cold water but it didn’t stop the tears

“I Venessa is happy a baby”

like a real human being inside me

I’m pregnant from a one night stand which I totally regret

I came out of the water minutes later because it was getting freezing

I looked up and saw a shadow but it vanished almost immediately

Fear gripped me as I ran into the apartment

                UNKNOWN POV

I starred at her from my window

she looked so lost in her thoughts

I wanted to go away but something help me back

what would make her walk about at this hour

She dipped her legs into the pool and kept using her palm to wipe her face

she’s crying

she removed her me clothes and entered the pool

I swallowed her as I starred at her half naked body

her undergarments were light and I could see her well built body

I watched her sternly as she swim from one edge to another before coming out

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