Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 1

JUST ONE NIGHT (The devil)
For 18+ only…..



I came out of the bathroom with water dripping down my body

I dried my body and hair with a small towel

Starring at myself in the mirror I could see how nervous I am for tonight

I wore my underwear and and began working on my hair

I was what the call red hair girl,,,yeah my hair is red colour , thick and long completely natural

I brushed my hair down before using the slick press iron on them

I wore my gown and Jezz i feel like am almost naked but I have to do this

I need to do this

I silde into my heels before doing a little makeup on my face

I was done and looking foolishly at the mirror

I dragged my dress down to cover a little part of my thigh but it didn’t

I really look like a slut right now ,I picked up my purse and went out of my apartment through the back door

Yeah through the back door because I have been owing rent of almost two years now and if the apartment owner gets hold of me

she’s throwing me out straight

I hailed a cab to the strip club downtown and in no time I was there

The loud music almost got me deaf ,the half naked ladies dancing with the poles

some ladies were twerking on guys with already erected dick

A lady walked passed me with her exposed boobs dangling and a tray of drinks in her hand

I quickly reached for a drink and glumped it down

At the moment my legs were heavy ,,I wanted to turn back and run

Just to run and never return but I couldn’t

I ignored all the calls and signals I got from random guys and went to the Mimi bar

I was here for a purpose

“100 USD if you could suck my dick right now”a drunk guy said to me

“sorry not interested ” I yelled so he could hear me due to the loud music

“playing hard to get huh”he said smiling foolishly

“I will pay double “he added proudly while I only rolled my eyes

“she taken”a guy said and sat close to me making the guy leave

Without a Hi or Hello he handed me a note and left

The note contains the name of the person I will be meeting tonight and who to meet for my money when done

it is now or never I thought

I ordered for few more shots even though they burn my throat

I began feeling tipsy and stopped

I dragged my half drunk self to the bathroom ,,well not without meeting lot of people having sex

I entered the bathroom did a light touch of makeup and starred at the note

Is this room nine or six …I think this drink has messed me up big time

I think it’s nine I concluded

I made my way to room nine and did a light knock on the door before entering


my name is Venessa ,,my parents were poor and died few years ago living me with nothing

Now I have to survive,,I didn’t get a quality education so I couldn’t get a good job

a man made me an offer some days back with I accepted because I had to option again ,,I had rent to pay and feed myself above all am tired of starving everyday

one night with a random stranger ,,yeah I was ready to become a slut for a night ,give my virginity to a random stranger just for money

I walked in and saw a Demi God ,,was it the drink or my eyes are deceiving me

he was beyond handsome but very scary looking

“Who are you”he asked making my heart skip a beat ,,Jezz this guy is scary

This wasn’t going to stop me ,I need the money

I removed my clothes seductively revealing my pants and bra

he didn’t say a word but watched me ,,I did all the horrible seducing moves I learnt from a YouTube video

I feel so stupid now

He grabbed my hands and pushed me on the bed he tore off my pants revealing my V . ,, without any foreplay he unzipped his pants revealing his huge cock and I almost fainted out of nervousness and fear

he forced himself into me as tears escaped through my eyes

it was so painful

he didn’t care and he wasn’t gentle ,,the pain was becoming unbearable for me and I was beginning to go weak

He pounded in and out of me for minutes before emptying himself in me and I passed out

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