Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 29-30

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 29**
By authoress Vivian ๐ŸŽ€

Luna stood still looking at Daniel who still kept on hugging the woman ( Mrs Erica )

Just then ,he broke the hug than faced Luna
He looked at her for a while before speaking
” Mom ,,let’s go ,,come on” he said grabbed her hands , walked her towards his car and drove away

Luna stood still stunned
” Did I just get ignored ,,like ,did he just ignore me.??.she asked herself then walked away shaking her head

” Stay here ,,,do not leave the hospital again mom,,it’s dangerous out there for you plsss ,,don’t.make.me worried anymore” Daniel said as he hugged her again

Skyle stood still in his room ,,,, looking outside
He was close to the window
He heaved deeply as his thoughts flashed back to Luna’s words
” Dad wouldn’t tell.me anything”

He held his head feeling so tired of thinking
Just then ,, again he smiled remembering the fact that his engagement had been cancelled

Holding his chest in relief ,he smiled knowing he still has a chance with Luna

And more importantly,,,his birthday is around the corner

” Sir ,, breakfast is ready ” a young maid said after knocking on his door

” Where the hell have you been girl ,,,you left me all alone here ,,,that’s not fair yunno “” Nicole said forming a sad face

” No call ,no text ,I miss you ” she said again

* Stop it okay ,,don’t be such a drama queen Nicole” Luna said giggling

” I seriously miss you yunno ” Nicole said again trying to hugged Luna buy instead Luna moved away

* Yeah right !! I get you !! So what’s up ?? Anything?? She asked Nicole who immediately remembered Daniel

” Not much girly ,,,,but some strange cute guy keeps on appearing almost everywhere I am ,, seriously,it’s just kinda weird “” Nicole said

” Really,,, shouldn’t you be happy,,,you love cute guys don’t you ?? So why you complaining about one coming your way ” Luna asked laughing

” Yeah right !! Cute my ass,,yunno this one is different,,he’s rude ,, arrogant ,, annoying ,,, really annoying” Nicole replied remembering her moments with Daniel

” I understand girl ,,have been there too ” Luna said also remembering Daniel

Together both giggled

” But one thing for sure ,,,,he makes me feel strange”” Nicole said

” Really ,,,bestie it’s love already,,go for it if he’s handsome”” Luna said teasing her

” Yeah right !! Love my ass !! Do I really look like someone who’s in love?? Nicole asked with one hand on her waist

” I don’t know ,,, maybe you will later Nicole,,,watch “” Luna said

” Got two guys in school,,, I really like one ,,but he seems so odd, annoying,,,rude ,,, arrogant and damn stupid but I think I like him ,,,, I did ,not untill he rejected me countless times “” Luna said

While Nicole listened

” But yunno ,, there’s this other one ,,,way more cuter ,,,he’s kinda calm ,,,,caring at least ,,funny ,,jovial ,,and actually cool ,,the more I get closer to him ,,the more I just feel strange,,,,I mean ,I laugh with him all the time ,but I still feel kinda strange around him , I just don’t know”” Luna said to Nicole who just looked at her

” Yunno girl ,, really,you’re one confused person,,but yunno what ??

” What ??

” Just take you time ,, listen to your heart and go for who it’s chooses okay ?? Nicole said while Luna nodded

” Also tell that to yourself” Luna said standing up to continue attending to the customers

” Yeah right ,,am so not in love ” Nicole said
Both laughed then continued working

Skyle kept on watching over Luna ,,while Daniel didn’t stop visiting the restaurant where Luna and Nicole worked
He also visited Mrs Erica in the hospital

Somehow he had gotten more attached to Nicole and he never wanted to admit it or accept it
He just kept on fighting with his heart

And as normal ,, getting prepared for his engagement

Meanwhile skyle and Luna had gotten more close
Not wanting to fall for anyone easily again,,she also didn’t want to admit or accept her feelings for skyle

” Hey ,,,,,” skyle greeted Luna as he came closer to her

” Hey ,,” Luna said shyly looking down

Come with me ,,will you ?? Skyle asked Luna who for a while looked at him then followed him

Luna couldn’t stop looking,,,she had never seen anything so beautiful all her life

The sitting room was way bigger than her house

Skyle cleared his throat calmly looking at her
He smiled as he watched her stunned looking at his house

” Let’s go ” he said finally making her come out of her wild thoughts

Luna followed behind him still looking around

Almost everything was made with glass ,,,,the center table ,,the bathroom ,,,the ceiling just had this amazing views ,,

Everything looked so perfect

Skyle took her to a room ,,,,way more beautiful than all the rest

Luna opened her eyes in shock

” This is way beyond beautiful” she blurted out without realizing so

Just then , pressing a button,, the ceiling began to open up

” God ,,,,” Luna said with her mouth wild open

” It’s beautiful right ?? I come here anytime am lonely and I think of my mom ” skyle said looking at the skyle

” Really,,your mom ,,is she gone ?? Luna asked slowly

Skyle nodded
” Maybe she is ,,,,,I really don’t know,,just woke up and didn’t find her again”” skyle said still looking up at the sky

” Am….so sorry okay ?? Luna said
She walked closer to him hugging him from behind

” And your dad ?? Luna asked

” Well ,,he’s always the busy type ,,,,but my nanny ,,took care of me while growing up ” skyle said

Luna unlock from the hug and also Looked at the sky
” Guess you’re really lonely”” she said while skyle didn’t reply her

“My birthday,,it’s tomorrow,,,would you mind being there ?? Skyle asked while Luna looked at him confused

” Really?? Is he really asking me to be there ??.she asked herself silently

” I’ll think about it ” Luna said shyly without looking at him

” Emmmm,, am late ,,dad would be worried,,I have to leave ” Luna said trying to avoid any other akward situation

” I’ll take you home ”

” No,,no ,,it’s fine ,,I can go all by myself, thanks anyways” she replied running out of the room while her heart raced fast

Finally getting out the mansion,Luna stood still breathing heavily,,her heartbeat still racing up

Standing for a while ,she headed back home

At the airport*****

A young pretty , stylish lady walked with two guard behind her carrying her luggage

She looked around ,,,,as she also had a dark eyeglass on

She kept on a wide and bright smile walking stylishly in the airport

” I miss this place so much “” she said watching as little kids walked ,,ran and played beside their parents in the airport

Just then ,,a young little boy bumped into her falling on the floor immediately

” He looked up ,to see her and her two hefty scary bodyguards beside her”

” Am sorry ” the little boy said looking scared

She bent down to his size and smiled at him
” What’s your name cutie ” she asked

” Marlo” he replied her smiling too ,, seeing that she’s nice

” Marlo ,huhh?? Cute name

” Am angel “”

Angel smiled at Marlo and lifted him up
” Make sure to be careful next time okay ” angel said helping him up

” Thank you miss ,,,you look so pretty”” Marlo said then ran off to meet his mom

Angel smiled looking at him as he ran

She really loves kids a lot

” Come on ,,let’s go ” angel said to her two bodyguards putting on her glasses

To be continued
Nicole ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Skyle and Luna ,๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

Angel ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹





( academy for billionaires)

Episode 30 **
By authoress Vivian

Do not copy or repost โœ–๏ธโœ–๏ธโœ–๏ธ without permission

” I got it ,,I got it ,I got it ,,” Kira said to both Cindy and Betty who looked at her confused

” What are you talking about girl ,,come on spill the beans out “” Betty said smiling

” Yeah girl spill it out ” Cindy replied

She took her phone again as another message popped in immediately

๐Ÿ’ฌAnd she’s super poor ๐Ÿ’ฌ

Kira smiled as she read the message
” Gotcha ” she said aloud

” Girl explain better ,,,,” Cindy said standing akimbo
” Yeah ,,what the hell are you talking about Kira ” Betty also said with one hand on her waist standing stylishly

Kira opened her phone again,, showing both girls everything her private investigator had found out about Luna

” Oh gosh ,,,,,she’s such a lunatic,,,she really his it well “” Betty said

” A poor bi*ch in our School?? How the hell did she get in ?? Cindy asked surprised

” It doesn’t matter girl ,,,what matters is we finally got her “” Kira said

” Yeah ,,,and lets give her the worst disgrace and pain ever ” Cindy said

” Follow me girl ,,,I know what to do “” kira said as they all left

” Oh God ,,,this is just amazing,, I really miss this place” angel said walking around with two guards behind her

She walked towards a cafeteria which wasn’t too classy

Angle smiled ,,as she walked in

” I miss everything” she whispered to herself

” One bowl of noodles pls ” angel said sitting down while her two bodyguards stood behind her shock

Finally one of them spoke up
” Ma’am you aren’t supposed to be eating in some place like this ,,,it doesn’t fit your status,,,,,your father ……..” He couldn’t complete his statement when angel raised one of her fingers up

” Shhhhhh,,,stop talking””
” What’s wrong with eating a bowl of noodles,,,,can’t I be free like other ladies ,,do I have to keep on following mom and dad’s instructions always ,,,?? You better keep your mouth shut or else ,,” angel threatened knowing fully well her parents had assigned them to watch her

” Yes ma’am” both whispered in fear ,, bending their head in respect

” Better,,,,,””
” I can’t even choose whom I wanna be with anymore”” angel said to herself silently as she munched on her noodles feeling a bit angry

Just then she took her phone ,, dialling a number

” I can’t believe am gonna see her again,,oh God ,I ran miss her so much “” angel said feeling so excited

๐Ÿ’ฌHey bestie,am back wanna meet up ?? Angel sent smiling

๐Ÿ’ฌOmg girl ,, really,,,when ?? I can’t wait to see you ,,,yeah for sure girl ,,,when ??

๐Ÿ’ฌToday ,,7pm ” angel sent ,,, finally she dropped her phone smiling

Lunch period~~~
Luna stood up immediately heading towards the cafeteria to get her lunch

As she walked,,,,,she kept on smiling,,,,,, walking slowly

While skyle sat down ,,,,,,,
Just then he stood up leaving the class

Daniel also followed but as he was about leaving he spotted something

He walked towards skyle seat as his eyes caught skyle’s necklace

In a hurry ,,he took it immediately
He walked out of class ,, heading towards the restroom

Daniel stood still ,,staring at the necklace for some.moments

Finally,,,he opened it
His heart beat became faster as he saw her picture too on it

He tightened his fist so hard ,,as the necklace was still in his hands

” Damn “” Daniel shouted as he threw the necklace on the wall so hard making it break

He walked towards it ,, picking it up immediately as he dropped it into his pocket

He walked out of the restroom ,,,,, walking slowly

After lunch period,,,all students came back into class

Daniel couldn’t help it as he kept on staring at skyle
” Why him “” Daniel asked himself looking at skyle

His fist became harder again immediately,,,,,he really felt so angry

**Tomorrow ,,it’s gonna be a perfect time “” Kira wrote down in a paper as she passed it to Cindy ,,who also passed it to Betty

All three girls giggled looking at each other with grins on their faces


Luna walked out of the school so quiet without uttering a word to anyone

Just then ,,kira walked faster towards her hitting her like it was a mistake

” Hey watch it ,will you ?? Luna said bodly as she Looked at Kira with an angry face

” So , what are you gonna do about it “” Kira said placing one hand on her waist

Breathing in ,,,Luna closed her eyes trying to keep calm

She tried walking away but instead Kira stood in front of her ,,, blocking her

” What the hell do you want from me ,,,,,just leave me alone ” Luna shouted while Kira laughed so hard

” Watch it poor girl ,,,you don’t know what gonna come hitting you the next minutes” Kira said smirking

Luna’s heartbeat increased so fast as she heard Kira

” Wh–aa- t,,what do you mean “” Luna stammered trying to keep cool

” Nothing love ,, nothing,,just watch your back okay “” kira said and finally she walked towards her limo which awaited her

Luna stood still for some moment
” Yeah right ,,,,,am not gonna fall for that “” Luna said bodly walking away immediately

Angel sat down still waiting,,,,
She felt so excited

Just then ,,,,,,,her bestie walked in

” Oh my goodness,,,angel ,,,,,” she screamed hugging her so tight
” I really miss you girl””

” I miss you too Kira ,,,,gosh ,,you’ve grown so beautiful ” angel said to Kira who smiled

” Forget me girl ,,you look way more pretty” Kira said as they both hugged so tight again

To be continued***

Kira and angel bestie???๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿคฃ
Daniel ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 


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