Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 27-28

( Academy for billionaires but she’s poor)

Episode 27.**

By authoress Vivian

Sadly after leaving ,,, Nicole couldn’t help but cry on her way
.” Dad I can’t to be with you again daddy ,,,I just can’t wait “” Nicole said sniffing

While Daniel walked home ,,,,,still thinking of possible way to hide skyle’s mom from him

Not having a mother really made him selfish to give away the woman who calls him her son
He loves her way too much

“Hey watch where ya heading to will you ?? Nicole shouted as Daniel hit her unaware

He turned to look at her ,,,,,,he frowned more then kept on walking

” That’s it,,,I can’t take this anymore,,” Nicole said walking towards him

She pulled his hands making him turn to face her
” Can’t you ever apologize,,, can’t you ever feel grateful,,you know what?? You’re so horrible,,,,the worst have seen so far all my life ,,,,you’re so rude ,, arrogant,,,, ungrateful,,, immature,, irritating,,, I hate you to the core “” Nicole finally said pouring out everything

Whike Daniel looked at her in suprise,,
” What did you just say ?? He asked her

” Should I repeat myself,,,,yes you’re so horrible,, you’re so…….” Nicole couldn’t finish her statement when Daniel grab her hands turned her then pinned her to the wall with him at the front

” Try and repeat it again”” he said bringing his face way close to her’s

Nicole swallowed hard
” What do you think you’re doing “” she asked in a low tone

Daniel brought his lips closer to her ,,,,,,his hot breathe made her shiver

She closed her again ,,,,,his colong was perfect,,,he had this powerful smell which made her shiver ,,,,,,,his face were so perfect,,his pinks lips even looks better as he lean closer to her

Daniel placed one hand his his pants ,,,still so close to her

Suddenly she opened her eyes ,,, seeing that he was more closer to her ,she closed it again

Daniel smiled while he looked at her as she made a fool of herself

“.am I really horrible?? He asked without leaving that position

Nicole couldn’t say a word ,,,

Daniel still smiled seeing that he had she wasn’t responding,,,,,,

Just then as he was about leaving her ,,,his eyes fell on her tiny lips

They were a bit open as her white teeth showed a little
Her wet lips made it look more perfect,,,, seeing as she swallowed hard and kept on moving her lips made him look at it the more

Just the he realized she’s cute when frightened

He placed his hands on her face which made Nicole shiver a bit

She just felt weak in front of him,,,of course no other guy made her feel this way ,,,,they were even scared of her

But him ,,he’s different”” Nicole thought

Daniel unable to resist brought his lips more closer to hers

Their lips were about touching each other,,,when Nicole moved a bit

” Let go of me !!! Nicole finally said as she moved away from him
Without looking at him ,,she ran away from him with many thoughts running through her mind

Daniel got home a bit late ,,he headed straight to his room ,,,,,

He slept on his bed immediately rubbing his hair roughly

First he thought about skyle ,,then his mom

“Could he really be her son ?? No ??? Maybe? Daniel said

He stood up from his bed ,,,just the he remembered Nicole again

” What a crazy girl “” Daniel said as he laughed

Just then ,,,he heard a knock on his door

” Come in !! He said sitting down back on his bed

The maid bowed her head
* Sir ,,your grandfather has requested your presence!!

Hearing this ,,he stood up from his bed

” Go !! I’ll see him “” he replied the maid he walked out his room with her head still facing the floor

Daniel walked slowly till he got to his grandfather’s room

” Grandpa,,,,,,am here “” Daniel said sitting down on one sofa

” Are you okay “” magno asked his grandpa looking at him

Throughout he had been thinking of how to break the news to Daniel

His engagement would be in 2 weeks time

All these years ,,he had really succeeded in hiding his true identity to the world ,,,,,,even to his grandson

Just then he brought out a picture of a lady
He walked towards Daniel

” Isn’t she pretty”” magno asked looking at Daniel

Daniel looked at her ,,,, yellow hair,,,,fair skin and most especially really pretty

” Angel ,,, that’s her name “” magno said

He moved closer to Daniel
” Who’s she grandpa”” Daniel asked confused

” She’s the only daughter of the most wealthy billionaire in France”” magno said to Daniel touching him

Daniel became really confused

” I want you to get married to her”” magno finally revealed to Daniel who opened his eyes in shock

He had really planned everything,,and there’s no way Daniel would refuse him

” What grandpa,,,,how would I get married to a lady I barely even know ” Daniel said

” Am sorry ,,,,,we really need her father’s help ,,our company is having a really big problem,,,,we need them to stand back up ,,,pls Daniel,,do you want your I and your dad’s sweat crashing in just a day ?? Magno said faking tears

Daniel looked at him
The thoughts of his father’s company crashing made his almost cry

As much as he wouldn’t want to agree he had to do so ,,,first for his dad ,and secondly for his grandfather

” I understand grandpa,,,I’ll do as you wish “”

Magno smiled ,, looking at Daniel,,,
* Thank you so much ,,,,,your father would really be so proud of you “”

Daniel stood up with so much headache,,,
” How would I get married to a lady i haven’t even seen or met “” Daniel asked himself as he walked out of his grandfather’s room slowly heading towards his room

Magno ,,sat down on his bed watching Daniel leave

After Daniel left ,,,he smiled widely to himself
” I can’t let you end up like your father,,,,,,with a low life classless lady all for the sake of love ”
” Never ,,I must see to it that you end up with a lady with class ,,,,,your marriage with her will go a long way in increasing my wealth” magno said heading towards his cupboard to take a cigarette

He lit it up immediately,,,,,,as his smokes filled the air

” If only Desmond wasn’t so stubborn and stupid,,,he would still be alive by now ,,,,,, instead he chose to die with her ,,,,,that’s what he gets from me for disgracing this family with a common maid ” magno said again puffing out more cigarette from his mouth and nose

” I wouldn’t have ended his life ,if he hadn’t disobeyed him ,,after so many warnings,,he still chose her ,,,,my only regrets was not killing her first before he ran away with her ”

He brought out a bottle of alcohol sipping it ,,,,while his thoughts drifted to the night his son ran away Daniel’s mother ( Roseline)

To be continued******





( academy for billionaires)

Episode 28
By authoress Vivian πŸŽ€

Daniel walked slowly into his room ,, feeling so tired and uneasy he laid on his bed immediately

His hands on his hair as he rubbed it roughly
” Damn it ?? Daniel said hitting his table so hard

Just then ,his thoughts became filled with memories of his parents

” Dad ,,I really don’t wanna let you down,I think someone else is in my heart,,, but I can’t help but to so what’s right for this family,,to make you proud and Happy ” Daniel said
He laid down back on his bed still thinking

Nicole kept pacing around the counter
” What the hell is he doing to me ?? She asked herself confused

” I’ll like a coffee pls “” a customer said waving at Nicole who still stood lost in her thoughts

” Young lady ,are you listening?? The voice came again for this time , using the menu to cover his face

Nicole in a hurry prepared a cup of coffee and walked towards the waiting customer

Daniel smiled as he could hear her footsteps closer

” You again!! Nicole shouted while Daniel smiled waving his hands

” Hi pretty!! He winked teasing her

” Don’t you dare call me pretty!! Nicole said standing akimbo

In a hurry ,she dropped the coffee walking away without looking at him

” Why is he always everywhere?? Nicole asked herself as she walked away while Daniel looked at her amused

” She’s kinda cute “” he said still smiling at her while she frowned her face looking at him

He took a sip of his coffee which Changed his mood again
He held his head as his thoughts drifted back to what his grandpa had said

Nicole kept on looking towards his direction

” What a mean guy !! I wish I could just smack his head so hard !! Arrrggh so annoying” she kept on cursing even though she didn’t really mean it deep down

” Where the hell is Luna ?? I really wish she would be here with me ” Nicole said still looking at Daniel

Allison opened her eyes with a slight headache
She groaned a bit ,, finally opening her eyes completely

” Mom I miss you ,,dad wouldn’t tell me what happened to you” these memories came back to her

” Ohhhh no”” Luna screamed using her hands to cover her mouth to prevent herself from screaming louder

” Oh God ,,,calm down Luna ,,, he’ll just think you’re crazy ,,he won’t think much about it ,,,,he wouldn’t take it seriously,,would he ?? She asked herself pacing round the room forgetting her fever

“Ohhhh what am I gonna do ?? Luna asked herself falling on her bad again

~~~next morning~~~
~saturday ~
Luna hurriedly wore her cloth ,,,,took her bag leaving the house

* See you later dad !! I love you !! She shouted on her way out

Luna walked as still she couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday

” I really hope he doesn’t remember anything” Luna said feeling a slight headache

Just then ,,,a woman In a white dress ,,, holding a teddy bear so tight walked past her

Luna looked at her
” Why does she looks so familiar?? Luna asked herself trying so hard to recall,,but she couldn’t recognize where

” Son,,,my son ,,,where is my son ?? Give me back my son ?? She kept on shouting as she walked unaware of where she was going

🌬️She’s crazy ,,,, she’s not normal
🌬️She’s mad
🌬️Move away from her

Different people whispered to each other while they watch her

Luna looked at her for a while ,just then ,she walked towards her

” It’s okay ma’am,,you son is safe ” Luna said holding her hand

She looked at Luna ,then smiled

” Oh dear ,,do you know where he is ,,will you take me to my son pls”” she said in pleading tone

Daniel’s phone kept on ringing repeatedly for so long

He took it groaning ,then he picked up the call

” She’s missing,,we can’t find her sir ,,,,she just escaped from the hospital” a nurse shouted on the phone

” What ??? You fools “” Daniel screamed out loud leaving the house to quick with his car

He threw his phone into the car as he drove with speed

” Ohh God ,,,where the hell would she be ?? Daniel asked himself feeling so scared of loosing her

He almost had tears in his eyes
” If anything happens to her ,,am gonna tear down that hospital”” Daniel shouted hitting the staring wheels so hard

” I know where he is ma’am,,,calm down,,,he’s fine ,but right now you need to go back to the hospital””
” Do you know the way back ?? I’ll take you there ” Luna said smiling at her

” I need to see my son dear ,,,,I miss him ” she said almost in tears

Luna smiled again as she cleaned her eyes

” You’ll see him again,,,,” she said trying to calm her down

She was about hugging her ,,,when Daniel ran towards them

” Are you okay ?? He asked touching the woman with worry
” Son ,,where have you been “” she asked

Just then Daniel pulled her into a tight hug as he finally let out a tear

” You made me so worried,,,,,don’t leave again,,,plsss” he said still in tears also hugging her

” I missed you ,and I wanted to see you son ,,am sorry ,,,don’t cry okay ” she said patting his back

Meanwhile,Luna stood still looking at both of them

To be continued

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