Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 25-26

(academy for billionaires but she’s poor)

Episode 25

By authoress Vivian

” Skyle ” Daniel called as he finally recognize him
His fist tightened again all of a sudden.

” You were just nine years old then ,,,I really could remember” she said holding Daniel’s hands smiling at him

He smiled back looking at her

” Do you remember our little secret”” she asked
Daniel looked at her surprised
Finally he nodded lying
” How could I forget it “”

Just then ,she held her head in pain ,,,,,,, screaming a bit as Daniel ran out to get a nurse

20 minutes later
” She’s fine ,,,,,she shouldn’t try to recover her memories back so fast ,, it’s gonna hurt a lot ,,for now ,she needs rest ,she needs to sleep” a nurse said while Daniel nodded looking at her

He went over ,, holding her hands
” If you find out your son is still alive and healthy,will you leave me ?? He asked himself slowly almost in a whisper,,,he felt like he would cry at the moment

He really felt tired of his continuous tears
He’s loved by his grandfather but still he needs the love of a mother

Daniel walked away from the hospital cursing the day he ever met skyle or ever got to speak or even got close to him


” Right here ?? Skyle asked Luna who nodded weakly

Just then ,he placed his hands on her forehead

You’re burning up ,,,,are you alright?? Skyle asked Luna who didn’t give him any reply

She just rested her head in his car ,,with her eyes half closed

” Am fine ,,,I just wanna leave “” Luna replied him feeling so weak

” I’ll help you ,,just stay right there “” skyle said

” No thanks,,,you’ve done enough for me already,,,am really thankful” Luna replied
She opened the door ,,,,as she tried hard to lift herself up

Finally with all her strength left ,,she stood up ,took her bag and jacket

About walking away ,,,she stumped on the floor , finally losing consciousness

” Luna “” skyle shouted running towards her
” He tapped her continuously but still she didn’t move ”
” Luna pls ,,,,,get the hell up plsss””
” You’re really burning up ,,,” skyle said

Just then ,he lifted her up in a hurry but gently heading towards her house

Knocking so hard on the door repeatedly,,,,soon ,Mr Richard came out

” Luna ,,,,oh goodness,,,,what Happened to my daughter” he asked feeling scared

” I don’t know sir ,,,,she’s burning up ,,,” hurriedly both took her inside as skyle placed her on the couch

” She’s needs to get treated ,,,,,,she’s needs an hospital now ” skyle said looking at her dad

Mr Richard looked at him ,,,just then his mood changed

” Don’t worry ,,,,I’ll just get some herbs for her ,,she’s be fine after that ” he replied skyle in a sad tone knowing he wouldn’t be able to afford any hospital bills

” What ?? Skyle whispered to himself

He looked around the house ,,just then , everything began making sense to him

” How then did she get into Diamond high ,,,,, ” skyle asked himself

Not wanting to show off he agreed with him

” I’ll go get some herbs ,,,watch over her “” Mr Richard said
He looked at skyle again as he felt he had seen that face somewhere

While walking towards the door ,he still couldn’t stop looking at skyle ,,his face seems so familiar but he couldn’t point out where he had seen a face like that before

Skyle sat beside Luna , watched over her ,,,,
He placed his hand on her face ,,,,,,then her forehead
” You’re really burning up Luna ,,,,,,stay strong plss ” he said to himself

Luna closed her eyes ,,,,,,still unconscious

Just then she moved a bit ,,,,which alerted skyle
He touched her forehead again,then his forehead too

” You’re still burning up ,,,,,”” he placed her on the couch probably then also covered her

” How did you manage to cope ,,,,it’s must have really been hard for you hiding your real identity”” skyle said

He touched her face again,,,,,with one of his finger smiling

” Pls don’t be sick ,,,,,pls “” skyle said

He took his hands away ,,, trying to leave but instead,she held his hand back

” Pls stay ,,,,,,,,stay with me ,,,don’t go plsss” Luna said still unconscious without being aware of what she said

” I miss you mom ,,,,,,dad wouldn’t tell me what happened to you ,,,,no one will ,,,dad wouldn’t tell me why he changed my name but he only told me you had told him to do so ,,,he wouldn’t explain anything to me ,,,,but he says you love me so much ,,,,I wanna find out what happened to you mom ,,,,but dad stops me from doing so ” Luna said still holding unto skyle’s hands

Skyle stood beside her listening to everything she said

He held her hands so tight as he sat down beside her
He rubbed her hair with a sad face also remembering his mom too


Nicole ran as fast as she can down to where her dad was being held

You’re late ,,our visiting hours is almost closed ,,you have just one hour left to talk to him ”

” Thank you so much ,,I’ll make it real quick” Nicole replied

” Alright follow me ”

She walked behind him

” Dad ,,,” Nicole called sharply as she hugged her dad

” My little angel ” he replied

” You still call me little,,,am all grown up now dad ”

” I didn’t watch you grow up ,,,you’re still my little angel ” her dad replied

” Don’t worry dear ,,,it’s just a little while left I’ll be home in no time ,,,and I’ll make it up to you ,,for all those years that I missed with you ,,I promise” he said holding his daughter hands

” I believe you dad ,,I love you too” Nicole said smiling

” I live you more angel “” he replied

One hour later ,,,,,, Nicole left directly for home feeling sad


Mr Brandon sat in his company thinking so hard

He held his chest feeling so much pain there

” Sir you’re getting worse ,you need to see a doctor now ” his P.A informed him

” Am fine ,,I just need a little rest ,,,” Mr Brandon replied

Just then ,his phone rang ,,,he brought it out immediately checking the caller


instantly he picked up the call

” Change of plan ,,,,,she would not be getting married to your son anymore,,,,,but my grandson ,,,,,I’ll look into another lady for skyle ” he read it ,,,,, dropped his phone roughly and heaved deeply then closed his eyes for a while

To be continued



( academy for billionaires but she’s poor)

Episode 26**

By authoress Vivian

Skyle watched over Luna for a bit more time ,,, seeing she slept soundly he turned around to leave

While Mr Richard couldn’t stop looking at him ,more than anything he wanted to ask him about his identity

” Take care son ,,thanks for helping her ,,you did a great job ” Mr Richard said

Skyle looked over towards Luna again then nodded
” Take good care of her sir ”

More than anything he really wanted to ask her dad so much questions
” Why would he be keeping away her past from her ” skyle throught to himself

He heaved deeply then walked out not without looking at Luna one last time


Slowly, Daniel walked home alone ,,, his head was filled with so much to think about

Just then ,he remembered how me found her ,,,the woman in the hospital

That day he just felt connected to her somehow


” Take care of him divine,,,,,his father is becoming something else ,,,,,,I have to go ,I can’t leave here with that monster anymore” Mrs Stella cried as she held divine hands

” Don’t go ,,,whhat about skyle ,,,,,,take him along too ” she said

” No divine I can’t ,,,,he will be better here ,,,,,watch over him ,,when the time is right,I promise I’ll come back for him ,,,,if I take skyle along his father will come for both of us ,,,,I can’t divine” Mrs Stella pleaded with tears in her eyes

” He will send some people looking for me ,,,,I must go now divine,my life is at stake here ,,,,I’ll come back for skyle ,I promise,,,but take care of my son ”

Without looking back ,,,,,or saying any last goodbye to her son ,,she walked away out of her home crying

” He’s a monster ,he’s more than a monster,,,skyle am sorry ,,don’t forget no matter what mom loves you a lot ,,,,I just wanna protect you ,,,,,your father wants me dead ,,so for now I have to hide ,,,I’ll come back for you my son ,,,,I promise” Mrs Stella said as she ran

Deep into the night ,she kept on running without stopping

” Divine ,,where is my wife ” Mr Brandon said with his cigarette

” Emmmmm,,,,I really don’t know sir ,,she just left the house not too long “” divine replied with fear

” What ??? Mr Brandon screamed knowing fully well his wife knew way too much

” And you let her leave ?? I gave you an instruction not to let her go anywhere”” Mr Brandon screamed out loud raising his hand to slap divine

Divine knew fully well what was going on ,,,,,but she couldn’t talk ,,for the fear of her life at risk

Skyle and her promise to his mom ,were the only things that kept her staying in that house

Mr Brandon stood up rubbing his hair roughly

” Get the hell out of here right now ?? He screamed while divine ran immediately

In a hurry,he took his phone dialling a number

” Gather as many boys as possible,,,,she has escaped,,look for her immediately,,get her at all cost ” Mr Brandon shouted

He dropped the phone panicking while moving around the sitting room


After running for a little while ,,,Mrs Stella sat down to rest a bit ,,,,,not even aware where she was

” Skyle ,,,my baby ,,,am so sorry”” she kept on saying till she slept off all of a sudden

Hearing some movement dark at night ,,she stood up immediately

” Wanting to screamed,she quickly covered her mouth ,,,, gasping””

Suddenly,,, seeing that there were getting closer to her ,,she took to her heels

” There she is ,,get her know ,,,,,do not let her escape” one of the boys screamed out loud alerting other as they all ran after her

She ran so fast ,,,,her thoughts filled with her son
As she kept on apologizing

Suddenly she stopped panting so hard ,,, almost losing her breathe

A dead end ,,,,, nowhere else to run

” Don’t move an inch ,,,,,,you should have stayed at home,,it would have made your death easier “” one of the boys said laughing

She looked down

” It’s really a long way down ,,,,will I really survive it ?? She asked herself in tears

Her thoughts were still filled with skyle

Just then , without thinking,,,she jumped down landing straight into the river

One of the boys ran ,, watching as she fell

” What should we do boss “” another asked

” She’s dead by now ,,,,no one can survive such heavy and dealy fall ,,,keys go report back “” their leader said

They all left

5 years later
The night of his parents death anniversary, Daniel sadly walked home all by himself

Then he was just 14 years ,,but very smart *******
While walking home ,,,,,,,,he had tears in his eyes
He had left his grandfather walking away

Just then ,,,,,a woman holding a big teddy bear walked on the road
People looked at her ,,,,,,

” She’s crazy ,,,who let her out ” people whispered

She kept on walking and walking,,,, without slippers

” My son ,,,where is he “” her hair were rough

It’s obvious she isn’t mentally okay ,,,,,,,
” My son ,,,,,,give me back my son “” Mr Stella kept on saying as she walked

Daniel stopped,as he looked at her without moving
Just then ,,,,,,,she was about crossing,,,,,,

Without looking ,,,,,she tried walking as a bus was ahead

Daniel walked over to her immediately holding her hands

” Here I’ll help you ” Daniel said to her boldly holding her hands

Just then ,,she smiled looking at him ,,,,,she bent down to his size holding his cheek

” Son ,,,where have you been ,,,have been searching everywhere for you ” she said hugging him so tight

Daniel surprised couldn’t move ,,,,,,,,,he just stood still

” We found her “” some nurses and securities said as they stood beside Daniel and Mrs Stella

” Take her back to the hospital,,,,,,make sure she doesn’t escape again ” a nurse said looking at the security men

They tried touching her but she wouldn’t go with them

” No one is gonna separate me from my son anymore” she said struggling with them

Daniel was the same age as skyle then ,,, so she had mistaken him for skyle

” Hold on ,,I’ll come with her “” Daniel said holding her hands again while the nurses looked at him in shock ,,but the only nodded


The tears in his eyes became worse ,,,,,,
” Am I not meant to be Happy?? He asked himself silently walking away till he got home

Skyle got home ,,,,,the first thing that welcomed him was his father’s presence

” Come see me immediately when you freshen up ” his father said to him then walked away towards his room immediately

Skyle groaned as he headed towards his room

30 minutes later ,,,skyle slowly walked towards his father’s room feeling a bit scared

” Am here father”” he said without looking at his father

” Sit ” that was the next thing he heard
In a hurry ,,he took a seat beside his father ,,,, waiting to hear what he wanted to say

” Your engagement has been cancelled ,,,,,,” Mr Brandon said while skyle’s eyes widened iin joy

” What ?? Skyle said excited hoping his father would repeat what he just said

More than anything he wanted to jump in him and hug him so tight

” Thank you father”” sjyke said,,,bowed lightly then turned around to leave
She he heard his father’s voice again

” I hope you’re getting ready ,,,,in less than a month you’ll be meeting with respectable people ,,,, directors and other multi millionaire,,,,,don’t mess it up ,,,,,,,most importantly I want you to impress a special guest ” Mr Brandon said while skyle looked at him thinking who that special guest would be

” I understand father “” skyle finally said then walked away


To be continued

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