Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 23-24

{ academy for billionaires but she’s poor}

Episode 23**

By authoress Vivian ?

Next morning***

” Where am I?? Daniel asked himself as he held his head wincing in pain
” Arrrggh,,,it’s hurt “”

He stood up slowly,,,,,,
” Where the hell am I ?? He asked again
Soon his sight became clear

Nicole slept beside him holding his hands

” Oh my God “” Daniel screamed out loud moving away from her

Nicole woke up in shock looking at Daniel
He was shirtless
Her eyes roamed his body without wanting to stop

Daniel traced her eyes
” What the hell are you looking at ?? He asked immediately covering his chest with his cloth

” Ohh ,,,am sorry ,,,I didn’t really ,,,,,” she couldn’t complete her statement when Daniel hurriedly stood up

” Where am I ?? Where is this place ?? Daniel asked

“” Emmmm,,,you kinda were drunk last night ,,,,I couldn’t let you leave alone,,,so I brought you here “” Nicole said stammering a bit

” I spent the night here ?? Daniel shouted shocked
” Why didn’t you take me home ??

” I don’t even know you ,,, or where you live ,,,you phone too was locked ,,,I couldn’t unlock it ,,so I had no oth—– ” Nicole still couldn’t complete her statement when he spoke

” Why couldn’t you just drop me there ?? Daniel asked angrily

” I,,,I just ,,,”

He paced around looking at her room
” You live here ?? Daniel asked looking around
He scoffed immediately

” Yes I do “”

” Alone ?? Daniel asked again

Nicole swallowed a huge lump of saliva
” Alone?? Emmmmmm,,,,ye–sss i-i do” she stammered slowly

Daniel walked towards her slowly,,,,,
” You live alone ,,,yet you brought a guy into your house,,,,,,?? Are you that naive ?? He said still walking closer to her

All of a sudden,she felt hot ,,,them cold as he came closer

” Stay back ,,,,whhhatt are you tryna do “” Nicole asked scared

” Why should I stay back ,,,you brought me here after all ,,,,, without even thinking” Daniel said and winked at her

“” Oh now ,,ya so scared ?? He asked smirking

” Stay back I say ,,,am gonna hurt you ,,,,stay back pls ,,I don’t wanna hurt you “” Nicole kept on saying

But instead he kept walking towards her
Finally,,,she had no where else to go ,,,, resting her back on the wall , Nicole stood still ,as Daniel stood at her front his two hands placed on the wall

” She closed her eyes so tight ,as he brought his lips closer to her ,,,she could feel his hot breathe ,,,,,they were so hot as he came more closer

Again ,she swallowed hard with her eyes shut

” So stupid,,,,,,,,”” Daniel said breaking the akward moment

He walked away from her ,,,,,,

Nicole opened her eyes immediately,,her cheeks were red but not noticable

“” You can leave now “” Nicole said without looking at him

” Yeah whatever,,,,,” Daniel said putting on his shirt

” Can’t even say a simple thank you “””” Nicole whispered to herself

” Heard it ,,,,,,”” Daniel said still putting on his shirt

” What ,,,,”” Nicole asked

Immediately,he walked out of the house ,,,,,, without replying her

” So weird ,,,,” Daniel said as he walked heading towards school


” Good morning,,,” skyle greeted Luna as both walked into class together

” You alright?? Skyle asked looking at Luna

” Are you ?? Luna also asked

” I should get a reply first ,,,I asked first”” skyle replied

” Yeah am fine ,,,,,am really getting over him ” Luna lied not wanting to look stupid

” Really?? Just like that ?? You serious?? Skyle said looking at her
He had this feeling she’s lying

” Yeah ,,,am way over him already”” Luna said

” Okay——if you say so “” skyle said finally accepting with her

They both walked till they got to class

Just then , Daniel walked in,,,,,one hand tucked into his pants

Luna stared at him ,,,while he ignored her heading towards his seat

She cleared her throat,,,, sitting properly,,,,,

Just then ,,,, Daniel’s eyes went towards the shoes on her leg

He stared at it continuously,,,,,,,,then finally looked away

” You okay “” skyle asked touching Luna’s shoulder

She nodded smiling immediately,,

While Daniel looked at both of them ,,,,his tightened his fist really hard before taking his eyes off them



with her hands tucked in her pocket Luna walked sadly towards the cafeteria to get lunch

Just then ,she brought out the necklace in her pocket

” Guess I should really give this back “” Luna said

She opened the necklace immediately which revealed the little picture of a woman

” Wow ,,,,she’s so pretty”” Luna said as she touched it

” She really looks like skyle “” she said

Just then from a far distance,,,,she stood as she watched as Cindy followed Luna all around trying to get his attention

” Plsssss ,,just spared me a little time plsss” Cindy begged

He was about saying no again when his eyes caught Luna

Immediately,,,he held Cindy’s hands as he pinned her to the wall immediately

He brought his face closer to hers ,,,,then towards her ears

“” I said no ,,,stop messing around”” Daniel whispered into her ears

While Luna walked away immediately,,,,she ran out heading towards another direction

Immediately,, Daniel followed behind her ,,,

Luna tired stopped ,,,,,,,not wanting to let the tears out ,,,she stood still

Daniel came towards her looking at her while she stared at him
Her eyes became red immediately

“” This feelings,,,,am gonna forget it ,,,,am gonna let it go for good ,,,am gonna destroy it “” Luna shouted hitting her chest so hard

Just then Daniel eyes caught hold of the necklace in her hands

He held her hands tightly immediately,,, looking at it

” Where did you get this from “” Daniel shouted

” It’s none of your business,,,stay away from me “” Luna said trying to walk away but instead he held her back

” Where the hell did you get that necklace from “” Daniel raised his voice with his eyes red almost teary

Luna looked in shock feeling shocked
” What the ******” Luna said as Daniel tightened his grip on her hands

” Not again,,,,,,am not ready to let her go ,,,,,”” Daniel thought within himself referring to the woman he calls mom in the hospital

To be continued*****





( academy for billionaires but she’s poor)

Episode 24

By authoress Vivian ?

” Where the hell did you get it from ?? Daniel asked as his eyes became red

” What is wrong with you ?? Luna asked

Just then ,skyle in a hurry walked towards them ,, pushing Daniel away from Luna with force
Trying hard not to fall ,he stood still ,,,,,with an angry face
” What the hell is your problem,,butt of my business will you ?? Daniel asked pushing skyle away which made him fall
Again,he walked towards Luna who was becoming scared of him
” Stay back “” Luna said with fear
” Tell me ,,where did you get it from ?? He tried dragging if from her but she wouldn’t let go
” Stop it ,,,,give it back ,,it’s isn’t yours “” Luna said trying hard not to let go of it

Skyle stood up in a hurry again,,just then he touched his neck
He looked towards Luna and Daniel,,,,he walked forward giving Daniel a hard punch on the face
” Back off “” skyle said with anger ,he stood beside Luna as she hid her face away from Daniel trying not to look at him

Daniel felt like he was becoming insane,,,,,he definitely didn’t want anyone to get connected to her ,,,,,he wasn’t ready to give her back ,,,
” She’s my family now “” Daniel said within himself,,,deep down he had so much love for her

” It’s mine ,,,,”” skyle cut off the silence,,,
” What ,,,?? Yours ?? Daniel asked breathing hard ,,
“” How ,,what the hell ?? He said again

” It’s mine,,,, so stop messing around ,,,,” he said as he took the necklace from Luna who handed it over to him

Without saying a word ,, Daniel sped off running so fast ,,his heart beat increased so much ,, though he was feeling hurt and sick ,but he didn’t care ,he ran so fast towards the hospital,,,,,so so fast ,,he didn’t stop running

” Who’s that guys ?? That’s what you get for helping a total stranger” Nicole said to herself
Just then ,she remembered how he came closer to her ,,his hit breathe made her shiver
” Do cute guys like him really exists ?? Ohhhh am so lucky to meet one ?? Nicole said to herself using her palms to cover her face
Just then , something popped into her head

” Oh dad !! Nicole said
In a hurry ,she handed over to another waitress ,,as she left to see her dad
She walked with happiness as she couldn’t wait to see him again

” Are you okay ?? Did he hurt you ?? Skyle asked Luna who stood still frozen still not uttering any word

She was still in shock ,,,
” Hey ,,, answer me ,,are you hurt ?? Skyle asked worriedly tapping her

Slowly, she nodded
” I think I need to leave ,,,I need some rest am tired “” Luna replied

” I’ll take you home okay ,,,,,” he held her close and tight not wanting her to fall

Luna only nodded her head following him

” There’s something so suspicious about this girl,,,,,” Kira said

” I know right ?? She’s so weird “” Betty replied

Cindy looked at Luna again as skyle held her
” Something isn’t just right somewhere””
” How did she get into our School,,,??Cindy said
” Besides we don’t even know which class she belongs to “” Kira continued
” Nor have ever heard anything about her parents or her wealthy status in the country” Betty joined

Something is up “” Kira said again
” I think we need a spy ,,or what do you think girls “” Cindy said
” If what am thinking is right ,,,then I have a perfect way to kick her outta School for good “” Kira completed
She brought the girls closer , whispering her plan into their ears


Finally , Daniel got to the hospital,after running a long distance
His head was occupied with so much thoughts

He didn’t stop to catch his breath, instead in a hurry he ran into the hospital heading towards her ward
He opened it with a bit of force

” Son “” she called him a little shocked
” What’s the matter son?? The woman asked

Daniel went towards her almost in tears ,,he looked at her for a little while ,then suddenly pulled her into a tight hug

” I can’t loose you ?? I don’t wanna loose you to anyone,,ever ,,pls don’t leave me “” Daniel said ,this time ,in tears

” What’s wrong baby ?? Am here ,,am not gonna leave you,,,you’re my son ,,i won’t leave you ” she said patting his back

Soon they broke from the hug ,,as he stared into her eyes
” I love you Mom” Daniel finally said with his hands on her face

” I love you too son ” she replied

Just then ,he eyes spotted the necklace on her neck
He looked at it ,,, becoming sad again

Slowly he brought his hands closer to it while she looked at him

” Where’s yours son ?? She asked
Just then,his heart beat increased

” It’s at home mom ,,,I left it home” Daniel replied her

Always put it son ,,,” she said touching his face

” I will mom ” Daniel replied

He placed his hands on her ,, taking her
Feeling scared to unlock it ,,he finally did ,, praying it wouldn’t be what he was expecting or scared of

Opening it,,the picture of a little boy appeared inside,,he brought it closer viewing it

” Dats you son ,,you were so cute “”

The face looked so familiar to him ,,like he had seen the face

Just then he looked closer again and immediately he held his breath in shock

” Skyle “” Daniel whispered to himself finally recognizing the face

To be continued**********


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