Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 21-22

{academy for billionaires but she’s poor}

Episode 21**

By mhiz Vivian


Luna looked at skyle with a hurtful eyes
” Skyle “” sh called again

” Stop you’re bleeding”” Luna said while skyle still didn’t bother to look at her

He walk past her ,,, opened the door leaving,,,,blood gushed out of his hands

He was badly hurt ,,,,,,
Luna couldn’t take it ,,,,she just had this strange feeling

” Wait up pls skyle “” Luna shouted running towards him

Getting to him ,,,she held his hands almost with tears in her eyes

” Stop pls ,,,,you’re really bleeding,,,you’re hurting yourself skyle ” Luna said looking straight into his eyes

Skyle looked at her
That moment,,he felt like claiming her lips ,,,,,they were so tempted

” Do not disgrace this family’s dignity”” his father’s word again refreshed in his head

He forcefully released his hands from hers

” Skyle ,,,,,,plsss skyle “” Luna shouted running towards him again

She didn’t know why but she felt so strange seeing him that way ,,,,his eyes were really swollen

She held his hands again
“” Skyle pls ,,,tell me what’s going on ?? You’re really hurting yourself

” You really need to get treated,,,you’re really bleeding”” Luna said looking at his hands ,,,as blood gushed down from it

” You’re in pain ,,,,,” Luna said looking straight into his eyes

Deep inside he nodded
” So much pain “” skyle said within himself

” I’ll help you get it treated “” Luna said holding his hands

He wanted to release his hand from hers again but this time around he couldn’t

He really felt so weak

” Come with me “” Luna said

Skyle stood still looking at her ,,,,, different thoughts ran through his head

” Skyle “” Luna called seeing he wasn’t moving,,,,,,,,,

” I don’t need anyone”” skyle said

” I’ll leave pls ,,,,,just get treated first ,,,,,you can’t treat yourself in this condition pls ,,,,, you’ll collapse if you don’t get yourself treated” Luna said

“” I promise,,,I won’t bother you okay “”” “” just get treated first “” Luna said

Feeling a bit relieved,,he followed her while she held his hand and walked

Skyle looked at her ,,,,,,

” I really like you a lot Luna ,,,I wish you would be able to see it !!! Skyle said to himself,,,,

He heaved deeply,,,,,,, walking behind her


” Hold on a bit okay ,,,,it’s gonna stink a little okay ?? Luna said to skyle

Just then skyle smiled a little

” Those were his words “”

” Using my words against me ?? Skyle asked

Luna looked at him smiling widely,,,,,,

” Guess so !! But it’s actually gonna stink !! She said

“” Ohhhh,,, you’re smiling”” Luna said pointing towards skyle while he looked at her

Immediately he frowned his face ,,,,,

“” No am not !! Skyle said Changing his mood

” You really just smiled ,,, seriously you smiled ,,,, OMG ,,,you really smiled”” Luna said trying to make a fuss

” Stop being so childish,,,, it wasn’t even that long “” skyle said unknowingly admitting it

” See,!! You really just admitted it ,,,,,right ?? Luna said laughing

Skyle looked at her ,,,this time again he smiled,,,,,,,,,,and Luna looked so beautiful laughing

” It’s not really a big deal “”” skyle said

” Ohhh,,stop being so grumpy,,,it doesn’t suit you one bit,,,”” Luna said trying to mimick him

“” Focus ,,,,”” skyle said pointing towards his wounds

” Luna bent holding his hands ,,,,,,, applying some treatment””

“” Are you really okay ???
“” Care to talk about it?? Luna asked skyle without looking at him ,,,,,,,still focusing on the treatment

” Skyle cleared his throat a little””

How on Earth would he tell her,,,,he would be getting engaged soon

Even if she doesn’t like him ,,,he still couldn’t

” Am fine ,,,,,,,,”” he said

Daniel stood outside listening,,,,,,,,

The worst part was hearing Luna laugh

He still couldn’t understand his feelings at all ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

” That’s enough,,,,,am fine ,,,I’ll get going now”” he heard skyle say

” Wait am not done “” Luna replied skyle

” I’ll continue the treatment at home ,,,,thanks “” skyle said to Luna trying to avoid further questions

” Thanks”” skyle said as he released his hands from hers

” Alright” Luna replied sadly letting go of his hand

He really didn’t wanna let go ,,,,not one bit ,,,,

Hearing,,skyle footsteps closer to the door ,,,,, Daniel ran forward a bit hiding himself

Skyle turned around looking at Luna who just bent down arranging the first aid

He smiled again,,,,,,,and finally,he left

Luna stood up feeling a bit disappointed
” Guess I shouldn’t have asked too may questions””
” You’re always too nosy” Luna said scolding herself

She stood outside the door

” Daniel”” Cindy called running towards him

” Hey ,,,, I really need a favor Daniel,,,it’s important”” Cindy said

Hearing Daniel’s name Luna looked towards the direction

” What’s he doing here ?? Luna asked herself

She stood looking at him ,,,,,,,while he took his eyes off her

Sighting Luna ,,Cindy smirked a bit

” Plsssss “” said acting so childish

Finally she was able to entangle her hand with his

” Plsssss,,,I really need your help “” she said holding unto him hands more tight

Luna looked ,with mixed feelings,, without even understanding

” Let’s go “” Daniel said which made Cindy so shocked

” Really??? thanks “” Cindy said with happiness

She looked at Luna who stood also looking at both of them

Cindy held Daniel as they both walked away ,,,,,

Luna signed deeply,,,, feeling sad
” That’s what you get ,for liking him “” Luna said to herself

Just then ,she remembered,,,,,skyle had dropped something instead the waste bin just when she opened the door

Curious,,,she headed towards the classroom she had seen him before

Searching the trash can ,,,she couldn’t find anything

” Maybe I didn’t see right”” Luna said to herself

Just when she about giving up ,,,,,she saw something really small but shiny

” What’s this “”” Luna asked picking it up

” Why would he throw this away ?? Luna asked herself
She was about opening it ,when the bell rang again,,,,which means it’s time for class

In a hurry ,she tucked it into her pocket ,,,,,,and headed towards class

To be continued,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,






{academy for billionaires but she’s poor}

Episode 22**

By authoress Vivian 🎀


Daniel walked slowly getting towards the school gate ,,,,

” Hey ,,,thanks for today ,,,,you were really great “” Cindy said sharply following him around

Daniel nodded his head ,,,,, without uttering any word he walked quietly

” Skyle ,,wait up “” that was Kira

Getting to him ,skyle stop

” You weren’t in class today?? Are you okay ?? Kira asked feeling worried

” Yeah ,,,am fine thanks ,,,see you later “” skyle replied leaving

” It really is so beautiful,,,,,,,,it must be so special to him “” Luna said sadly

“” She stood outside the school gate ,,,,, looking at the necklace

” Should I give this back ?? Luna asked herself
Just then ,,, Daniel walked towards her

” Hey” Luna called tucking the necklace back into her pocket

” Hey”” Daniel replied back looking at her
As much as he wanted to ignore her ,he couldn’t,,,
He really felt like walking away ,,,,,but stopped

” Aren’t you going home “” Daniel said without looking at her

” I’ll just take a cab home ” Luna replied

Daniel took one step and again he stopped,,,
” Follow me ,,,I’ll give you a ride home ” Daniel said ,he turned back to look at Luna

She stood still shocked
” What ?? Luna said looking at him in suprise

Just then ,,skyle came out also

He walked towards Luna

” Skyle ,,,”” Luna called which made him stop immediately

” Are you okay ?? Luna asked

She really wanted so badly to give him back his necklace
And most importantly,,,,to know if he’s okay

Skyle turned back looking at both Luna and Daniel

He walked towards Luna ,,,,,,then he held her hands

” If you wait here longer ,,,you might not get a taxi ,,,,it’s getting late “” skyle said looking at her

Trying to utter a word ,,,skyle spoke again

” I’ll give you a ride home “” he said while Daniel looked in shock

Luna looked at Daniel whose fist were so tight

Just then ,, feeling angry , Daniel walked away

Luna looked at Daniel as he walked away

” Can’t he for once be on my side ,,,,he’s always so hard heartened”” she said almost feeling like she could cry

” Jerk “” Luna shouted on top of her voice walking away even without skyle

” Wait up Luna “” skyle called but instead she ran away from him

Luna ran so fast ,,,,, holding her breath,,,

Suddenly she stopped,,,,only to catch her breath back
She kept on hitting her chest so hard ,,,her tears wouldn’t stop ,,not one bit
She was actually ready to go with him

” Luna !!! Luna !!! Skyle shouted as he walked ,,,he couldn’t find her

But still he didn’t stop searching,,,,he kept on running towards different directions looking for her

He stopped looking around,,,, trying to catch his breath

” Where the hell are you ?? Skyle asked himself rubbing his hair roughly

He stumped his feet so hard hitting a can ***

Luna sat down looking at the sky,,,,,,
She had really forgotten about her work

” Beep !! Beep !! Her phone kept on ringing
She looked at the caller

” Nicole “” she said as she carried her phone rejecting the call

Sitting for so many hours,,, different thoughts ran through her mind ,,,,,,but still she couldn’t help the tears

While skyle kept on searching so badly ,,,, he wasn’t ready to give up

Another bottle plsss”” Daniel said waving at the waitress

She came towards him
” What the hell is wrong with him “” Nicole asked herself as she looked at Daniel who wouldn’t stop drinking

She walked away ,,,,,

“” Luna pick up plsss,,where the hell are you?? Nicole asked herself feeling worried

****One moreee*** Daniel shouted again,,,,

” What the ***** “” Nicole couldn’t finish her statement when Daniel eyes became watery

” I think I might really like her so much,,,,I jus don’t know , I really don’t know ” Daniel kept on saying

” What is he even talking about”” Nicole asked herself
She dropped the bottle of alcohol on his table

” But seriously,,,he’s way too cute to do all this “” Nicole said to herself looking at Daniel

She was about Turing away ,when he held her hand
” I lost them both ,,,,it crashed me ,,,,it made me nuts “”
” And now am scared ,,,,,I found someone I can call mother,,,but am scared she’ll be taken away from me soon ,,,,,I don’t think I wanna loose anyone again,,,,I’ll die ,,,”” Daniel said as he tightened his grip on Nicole unaware of what he was doing

” Hey what are you doing,,,,” Nicole asked looking at him

” Am in pain ,,,,so much pain ,,,and now grandpa is the only family I got “”

Nicole looked at him ,,,,her heart beat increasing the more

Just then she remembered something
” He’s just like me ,,,,,,only that I got no one ,,,,am all alone “” Nicole said to herself

Her dad was in jail ,,,,he had been in jail for more than 8 years now

*** Those painful memories came back to her
She remembered how her dad was being dragged by the police

He was a truck driver,,,,,he had been accused of killing a family years ago””

Her mom died after a year as she kept on crying constantly

Growing up in an orphanage,,,,she soon met with Luna and they became friends

Her dad had promised her and mom that they would leave the country
She felt so happy ,, telling all her friends

” Dad when will you be coming home “” Nicole asked her dad hugging him
She was only nine years old

” Wait for me sweetie,,,Daddy has only one last job to do ,,,after that ,,,dad will become rich ,,daddy will be able to take care of you and mommy ,,,,, we’ll all leave the country together and start up a better life again”” her dad said

“” Yeeeeaaa ,, thanks Daddy ,,,you’re the best ,,,I love you “” Nicole said hugging her dad so tight

Without sleeping,she waited desperately for her dad ,,,,,only for him to be confirmed a killer that day

“” Daddy !!!!!! Daddy !!! Daddy !!! ” Little Nicole kept on screaming so loud while her mom held her crying

” My angel ,,, daddy is so sorry ,,,am so sorry “” he kept on shouting till the van drove off


a tear fell from her eyes ,,,,,, Nicole looked at skyle

He was asleep already,,,,,,,,she sat down beside him looking at him

She touched his hair slowly,,,,,,,then smiled
” How have life been so unfair to you “” Nicole asked

She smiled again ,,, though the tears wouldn’t stop pouring


Luna sat still ,,,,,,,
Just then skyle came towards her ,,,,,,,

” Are you okay ?? He asked standing beside her

She raised her head only to see him

” Why are you always everywhere?? Luna asked cleaning her tears

Skyle sat down beside her smiling

” I guess now you’re the cry baby right ?? Skyle asked

She smiled bringing out his handkerchief
” Here I actually forgot to give it back “” Luna said

” Don’t you think you still need it ?? Your face is a mess “” skyle said

” Thanks”” Luna smiled

” You okay ?? Luna asked as they both walked together without any destination

” Maybe I guess so “” skyle replied

” Care to talk about it ,,,,I’ll listen “” Luna said without looking at him ,,,

” Thanks,,,,, maybe some other time “” skyle replied

After walking a while ,,,,,Luna boarded a taxi heading towards home

Standing still skyle watched as the taxi disappeared out of sight

” How can I really stop liking you ,,,,,,am trying to avoid you,,,but it’s only getting me entangled with you more “” skyle whispered to himself leaving towards home

To be continued********


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