Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 15



       🌼 Venessa🌼

I sat down close to an ice cream truck

scooping and licking the ice cream like my life depends on it

Don’t blame me

Being pregnant is a whole lot more than I ever imagined

After walking and searching for a job and to no avail I needed something to cool off

I hailed a cab back to the apartment and collapsed on the couch

  “how did it go”Cate asked

  “same as yesterday” I replied sadly

   “So do you give up”she asked again

   “I don’t really know”I replied

  I stood up and walked to my room before collapsing on the soft bed

I was so exhausted ,it was really obvious that the job hunt is an epic fail so far

And I can’t help but think of Isabella’s offer

I mean the pay will increase

I will be able to get an apartment for myself and I could take care of my baby

at least a few months won’t have hurt right?

I walked half naked towards him seductively

even though I was nervous ,I still played cool

He dragged my hands and pushed me on the bed

I lay on my back as he climbed on me , removing my bra and using his other hand to tore off my panties

I felt him push his huge d** Inside me and I winked in pain


I jumped up from the bed breathing heavily

Beads of sweat gathered around my forehead and I use my palm to clean them

I don’t know what to call this ,, nightmare or wet dream?

it was a replay from that night .why can’t I see his face

I felt nausea hit me and I ran to the bathroom to puke

I washed my face and checked the time , it was still 4 am in the morning so I just went back to sleep


I woke up due to the morning sun hitting my face

my stomach grumble and I couldn’t help but yawn

After doing my morning rituals,I went to get my self breakfast

Right now I feel like I could eat almost the whole universe

After eating I picked up my phone and starred at Isabella phone number,I didn’t know what to say so I texted her instead

  💬 Hi,it’s Venessa

I texted and waited nervously for her reply.My phone buzzed and it was a text from her

💬 I’m so happy you finally reached me….. Isabella

💬 Can we meet. I text back

💬yeah,we can do lunch at Eat Right…… Isabella

💬 okay ,see ya

I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing but going back to Harry’s apartment pregnant is a huge step for me

I’m scared .

Few Hours Later
{Eat Right}

“Hey vee” Isabella called smiling happily and hugged me

“Thanks for coming”I said to her

we ordered food and eat

“so I was thinking if the offer still stands”I said

  “of course it does, trust me am tired of searching for new maid almost everyday”Isabella replied

“what makes you think he won’t chase me out also” I asked

  “Trust me he won’t , your actually different from other girls,most of them are there to seduce him”she replied

  “ohh”was the only thing I could muttered

  “But you still have to talk to him”I said and she nodded

“I will send you the money like I promise , don’t worry about anything okay
And as usual call me if anything comes up”she explained and I nodded

  “I will come pick you up later today”she added

I wanted to decline but I just nodded in agreement

I still can’t believe I’m going back to Harry apartment.


I looked starred out the window as the car drove through the quiet street

the more we get close the more nervous o become

I called Cate and told her my decision ,same goes to Ace ,I couldn’t believe they were happy for me


His like the devil and i am only doing this because im out of options

we arrived and I dragged my things in with Isabella walking in front of me

we opened the door and saw Harry focused on his phone in the sitting room

At this point,my heart was beating fast and loud ,my palm were sweaty and my legs felt like jelly

I was beyond nervous

His gaze landed on us , from Isabella to me and then it landed on me

He starred directly at me with no expression on his face

To be continued.


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