The Brain Behind

The Brain Behind.

Let me share with the sea “the brain behind” the reason my hope still hang on love.

The rising and the dropt of dawn met our heart as red as rose, the smell of love like “Viola Odorata” , beautiful was our content it stirred many discontent amongst tongues, they bassoon!
the blossom spree of our love was a feat we both agreed, we made faint their noise as our bond cursed their tongue utter drought.

We were something,
something large enough for the witness of many eyes, as we float in the company of the sky clouds,
O Christ ! we soared the blue skies, even the dark skies in the company of the moon and the stars, all righteousness fulfilled,
even in wee-days, the old sky ill,
the tears we were wash still, this all was love sailed on still and turbulent waves, but to madness still.

Yes I was mad at will, leaving behind sadness, an act I didn’t do at will, but cloyed I wasn’t dropt in league with glum.
I was the very plum, wearing the happiness of fifty and five merry men, that the unlikeness of my former self.

But all this glowing reason like the bouquet of freesia had a brain behind, the alluring enchantment of this brain blind my mental sight to reality, I became an unbend unbeliever to end.
I was sure with all my wit not to bemock my brain, the charm of love everlasting fell on me like an hoary flake, that was me, a no chauffeur over the wheel of my own reflexes.
I was cowed to believe that there was a love where end can’t touch.

In a twinkle of an eye, dawn came and the beautiful moon passed away, our beautiful love fade away.

Just as we wait for the night,
with all hope full as the fullness of the midnight moon, again to witness the glory of the beautiful moonlight.

I will hang on still to love again for the reasons, are there not written above? , these reasons are above my will to end my will to love again.

Poet: Smile Austin

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