The Alpha Called Death

The Alpha Called Death Episode 17

(His Innermost Desires…)


Episode 17

By: Faith Lucky

“Seriously dear, what’s your reason for this?? In my opinion, I think this is a terrible terrible idea” Minerva chuntered on with her eyes on Ximena who was already arranging her mini – bag.

“Same here. I think you’re making a big mistake” Richard chipped in, leaning on the wall with his hands crossed. Ema silently leaned on the door and watched.

“Being a disciple is not for the weak”.

“And what makes you think I’m weak?” Ximena looked at him and asked. “What have I even done to give you that impression?”

“Well… I haven’t even seen you use a sword” Richard shurgged. “Besides, why would you even want to do this? Just last night, we were talking about it and you suddenly picked interest?”

“And I thought you were a visitor here? Becoming a disciple would warrant you spending the rest of your life here and is that really what you want?” Minerva grumbled.

“To become a disciple, you’ll need to be a fighter, be ready to kill. And more dreadfully, be ready to become a séx toy”, Richard said. “Just like I said last night, the Alpha can make you do anything at anytime. He makes his disciples make out in front of him, with a visitor, one of his guards, or anyone at all that would suit his pleasure. Are you really ready for that, Ximena? To become a slave to someone? Yes, they’re the only ones privileged enough to be with the Alpha, but the things they do….”

“Look,” Ximena cut in with a sigh. “I sincerely appreciate your words of concern, but to be honest, it’s really not getting to me. R… Right from time, I’ve always wanted to be his disciple and since the training commences today, I need to take hold of it. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine and do whatever is required of me. I just want to be there”.

“Goodness; I can’t believe you’re this dumb as well” Ema scoffed, finally saying something. “You just arrived Obeddon yesterday and feel you can get to the top?? Being a disciple is as difficult as touching the moon. From the hundreds that always goes for training, less than three gets chosen in the end. As a matter of fact, just one person was chosen the last time. So, what makes you think you can be that lucky person this time around? Do you know the skilled fighters that would be there?”

“I don’t know, but I would want that to be my problem” Ximena rasped, throwing a glare at her, then turning to Minerva next.

“Please, if you feel my decision would be a burden to you, you should let me know so I can take my things….”

“Not at all, dear. You are no burden at all. We are just … trying to look out for you” Minerva cut in quickly. “It’s fine. If you really want to do this, then you have my support”.

Now, that was enough to make Ximena feel relived. She looked at Richard next who sighed and shook his head.

“I can escort you to the Palace” He shurgged and got a bright smile from Ximena.

“Seriously? So, you don’t have a job anymore?” Ema scoffed.

“I do, Ema. And I’d be going right there the moment I drop her off at the Palace”.

“Whatever. You can do what pleases the goddess” Ema rolled her eyes satirically and walked away.

Ximena returned to her mini – bag and zipped it up when she was done. In it was a bottled water, a face napkin, a cookie…and a pocket knife. If only they knew she didn’t have plans of becoming a disciple but only wanted to join the training so she could be closer to their so called Alpha – close enough to drive a knife through his chest.

Done with the bag,she hung it over her shoulder and turned to Richard who was still looking uncomfortable with the whole idea.

“Let’s go” he mumbled and walked out the door, and waving at Minerva, Ximena followed him.


Daphne stood facing the mirror, her hands busy with the rings on her ears while admiring her dazzling feature.

For the first time in two years, she was looking different than she normally looked. She wasn’t on her princess dresses this time around, but her strict training outfit – a knee length pants, long-sleeved tunic, knife belts and comfortable boots – with her short hair looking fitting enough.

Well, what to do? This was the time of the year when she had to look that way.

Daphne was a great fighter herself and has always been in charge of the disciples training. It was a responsibility she was proud to have – like, every single disciple under Nir was trained and approved by her, and that alone had earned her an irrefutable respect.

The door suddenly went open and looking from the mirror, she saw it was her mother.

“Hmm. I’ve missed seeing you like this” The red haired woman said as she sauntered into the room, her eyes on her daughter who only let out a small smile.

She went on to sit on the table where she took her needle and thread.

“Are you aware it was three times Alpha rode out alone yesterday?” She asked calmly as she drew a thread.

“Oh, really? Can’t believe you were keeping count” Daphne scoffed. Done with her ear rings, she took a brush and began smoothening her hair.

“This is no joke, Daphne. Aren’t you curious as regards to his whereabouts? It’s very unusual for Alpha to go out alone, not to mention thrice!”

“Well, I am pretty sure he has his reasons, mother. You know how mysterious he can be. Besides, what do you want me to do, mother? Pry into his privacy? I still value my head” She dropped the brush and began walking to the window side.

“I am not asking you to get your head cut off, Daphne. All I’m asking is for you to be smart…”

“I’m trying my best, mother” Daphne cut her off. “And right now, I have students to train” She added and walked out the door.



Ximena stared unbelievably at the structure in front of her, awed at it’s height and beauty. She had no idea an archaic world could have such dazzling castle. No wonder it was rumored to be the best amongst all others.

She stood beside Richard who gave her the privilege to stare as much as she wanted. The big gate was just in front of them with more people trooping in than out. So, this was the Palace of the so called Alpha – the place she was going to carry out her mission. Hm. Not too bad. Soon, the Palace would be without a ruler.

“This is it, Ximena” Richard finally said. “You should go in, follow the cue and I’m sure you’ll arrive at the training field”.

“Uh… I thought you were going in with me?” She looked at him and asked.

“Nope. First, I’m not a trainee. And secondly, I’m running late for work already. You should know the way home, right?”

“Y… Yes, I should”.

“Alright then. See you when I get home. And goodluck with your training. It’s possible this might be your last day here” He chuckled sarcastically and left, while Ximena rolled her eyes and proceeded to the gate.


“What is your purpose here?” One of the guards at the gate asked.

“Uhm… To train?” She shurgged, and the guard gave her an unsure look. Then, scoffing, he let her pass.


Walking in with the beautiful flower decorations, Ximena noticed she looked a bit different from the way others dressed. Oops! Looks like she’d be needing some boots instead of the sandals she had on. And she’d be needing tunic – not just a normal shirt.

Anyways, if she could get her mission done that very day, there would be no need for that.

Just like Richard said, she followed the crowd and arrived at a field – a large field with some scarecrows made of straws. A pile of sticks laid on one side, and at the end of the field were rows of shields. No doubt, that was the training field.

“Can’t wait to start practicing already” Ximena overheard a lady say and confirmed her thoughts. She was at the right place.

“You might want to stand properly, young lady” someone suddenly nudged her from behind, making her legs shake. And quickly turning for a look, she saw it was an unfamiliar face – a lady standing in between two ladies that seemed to be her friends.

She had this impregnable smirk on her face,one that irritated Ximena

“Seriously? You’re as skinny as a strand of my hair and you dare complain of space?” Ximena scoffed, making the lady’s companions wow in surprise.

“How dare you say that to me? You think you better than me?” Anger and embarrassment was evident in the lady’s voice as her eyes grew dimmer.

“Will you ladies just keep it down?” A guy suddenly snapped. “I really don’t get why females should be given a chance to train. For all I know, only males can handle the job properly”.

“You seem to be forgetting we’re all being trained by a female” Another lady chipped in, making those involved to look at her. She was standing next to Ximena.

“Well, I guess you males are all too daft to embrace that”.

“Oh, yeah. Let’s change position, girls” The first lady rolled her eyes and moved away with her friends.

Mm. Just few minutes and she was experiencing so much drama already?

“These ladies are just too desperate” Ximena heard the lady beside her scoff and turning to have a look, she found the pretty lady smiling at her.

“Hi. I’m Ciri” she gestured her head.

“Hi” Ximena answered simply and stared away, tho she had already taken note of how strict and beautiful the lady was. Yes – had an oval-shaped face,big round eyes and short red hair – all giving her a strict warrior look. Tho, her smile was beautiful.

“I liked your hair. Haven’t seen such long length in a long time” the lady said again, making Ximena look at her.

“Thank you” She smiled. Now, it was confirmed. The people of Obeddon were known for shorter hair.


Few minutes later and some hefty armed men showed up, muzzling the noise from the crowd. On them were swords, arrows and blades and they looked so feisty and were no doubts, Alpha’s guards.

Two stood behind the crowd, two on the right, two on the left, and three in front, having the entire trainees surrounded.

“It’s a good thing I already have your attention, dear applicants without asking for it” One of the three in front said, his voice loud and clear enough.

“First, we must thank you for making this strenuous decision to be here today. And of course, not everyone of you would pass today’s test to return tomorrow, but we still want to appreciate you for giving it a try.

“It’s joyous to know a large number of you are willing to work for the Alpha, lay your lives for him and do as he pleases. Now, all you have to do is stay put and await your trainer who will be here very soon. If you have any complaint, do ensure to let us know. Are we clear?”



“Sure …”

Different ecstatic replies came from the crowd.

“Good. Wish you luck” The guard added and turned to his partners beside him.

“Wooh! Can’t wait for the fun to begin” The lady beside Ximena chuckled.

Taking her eyes around, Ximena suddenly found another lady – seeming cold and reserved – standing and staring at her. She stood apart from the crowd, seeming like one who didn’t want to mingle. And the look in her eyes, it was filled with so much coldness and determination.


Stepping out of her room, Daphne bumped into Ethan who seemed like he had been on his way to her room.

“Oh” she chuckled and stopped walking, not expecting to run into him.

“Hope I didn’t give you a fright?” Ethan asked.

“Of course, not at all. Uhm… where are you going?” She ran her eyes from his head to toe, noticing how prepared he was. He wasn’t looking like a disciple, but like one who was on an errand.

“Your room. Was coming to check up on you and know why you keep your students waiting” Ethan replied with a shrug.

“Oh. Well, I’m on my way there already” Daphne rolled her eyes and together, they bagan walking down the hall.

“Feels good to see you this way again after so two years” Ethan chuckled.

“Hmph. What to do? I equally feel good being in these, you know? Wish I could find some enemies to slay already” Daphne answered, making them burst into laughter.

“Will you be joining me for the nothing session, Ethan? It would be nice having your kind around” she asked after a brief pause. At this tone, they were already outside.

“Uh… I’d love to, little pumpkin; but I have something really important to do”.

“Something that’s more important than helping your bestfriend whom you’ve known since childhood?” Daphne looked at him and asked with those deceptive eyes of hers.

“Yes – something that’s as important as getting the Alpha’s job done”. Ethan chortled.

“Oh… Alpha sent you on an errand? Thought as much”.

“Yes. And it might take some time”.

“Hm. Mind telling me what it is?”

“You know I can’t do that, angel. With Alpha, it’s always confidential”.

“Yeah… I understand”.

They went mute as Ethan escorted her to the field where the large number of students waited.

“Wow. Looks like you have a lot to do today” He stated teasingly.

“This year seems different; but I’ve always handled it. You should get going on your errand” Daphne smiled and walked away, going further to meet her new students.

She was thankful the guards around had coordinated them to stand horizontally in such a way she could spot each of their faces. And it was more like the girls were more in numbers this time around.

Ethan took a quick look at the students and was about turning around to leave when something muddling gripped his attention. He paused on his tracks, arched his brows and looked keenly to confirm what his eyes were telling him.

That face…

He scoffed and moved closer, his eyes focused on one of the students in front of him – one with a long hair. That face looker so familiar. So so familiar; like the face of the one he was in search of.

Swiftly, he opened the bag around his neck and withdrew the picture the Alpha had drawn and given to him for directions. He stared keenly at the image in his hands, and then at the lady in the midst of the students.

For goodness sake; there were the same persons! The lady Alpha had instructed him to look for was right there, in front of him.
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