The Alpha Called Death

The Alpha Called Death Episode 16

(His Innermost Desires…)


Episode 16

By: Faith Lucky
In front of the desk was Nir seated, scribbling down his dark ink on the plain scroll.

Breeze wafted through his window curtains, flickering the lantern in front of him that aided with a dim light in the dark room. Sure, he had options of lightning up the room as much as he could, but a man like Nir would prefer having a darker room to a brighter one.

He seemed so concentrated on what he was doing, and that was due to how important it was to him.

Done with it, he dropped the ink and took up the scroll, admiring the result he had gotten. Obviously, it was good enough.

“Ethan” He called effortlessly, not stressing his vocals as his voice was deep enough to be heard by anyone at close range.

“Yes, Alpha” The disciple answered as he pushed the door open and walked in, roaming his eyes around to see if there was something urgent he could do without being told by Nir.

Nir, being the kind of reticent person he was, allowed some seconds before taking up the scroll and handing it to his closest disciple.

“Starting tomorrow, I want you to carry out a search on that lady. I do not know her current name or where she’s staying at the moment, but I know she’s new here in Obeddon and I need you to carry out an intense search for her. Go out,ask who you can and do whatever you can to know where she is. And the moment you do, I must be the first person to know about it”, Nir instructed, the whole time, Ethan stared curiously at the drawn image on the scroll.

It was no surprise that Alpha was such a perfect artist, he was just a little surprise that he was sending him on a mission for a girl. A part of him wanted to ask who she was and what his reasons were for searching for her, but the sane part of him knew Alpha Nir hated being questioned.

“As you wish, Alpha” He lowered his head. “I’ll commence my search first thing in the morning and provide you with the fastest results”.

Nir said nothing but simply bobbed his head, and taking they were done, Ethan bowed and left the room. Of course, he didn’t need Nir to tell him the mission was meant to stay between both of them as that had been his principles the whole time.


The dark sky looked so beautiful, having so many dancing stars and a half crescent moon that shun in the middle of it all.

It looked so calm and peaceful and soothing to the cold weather that came along, the cold breeze touching the cheeks of Ximena who was smiling and staring at it all through. Oh! It looked so breath-taking, bringing back the sweet old memories to the doorstep of Ximena’s brain. It reminded her of the lift she had wanted, and the life she left behind.

She recalled the night she had sat under the crescent moon with her mum, eating some blueberries and asking why the moon was half and not full like the others. She recalled how her mother had laughed and explained what it was to her.

Hmm – she let out a deep breath, with a smile still on her face tho.

Somehow, she felt the sky there at Obeddon was different and more beautiful – perhaps, considering the calmness that came along with it. It’s a pity she’d actually be leaving the damn Obeddon in no time the moment she’s done eliminating their Alpha.

“Taking some air, huh?” She suddenly heard a familiar voice behind – one that ruined her perfect quiet time – and turning perfunctorily, she confirmed it was Richard.

“Hm-hm” she chuckled lightly and rolled her eyes when he sat next to her. She had been sitting on the floor of the verandah with her back leaned against the wall – having just the perfect time.

Minerva was already asleep, she had no idea about Ema. And well, Richard was now next to her.

“I wouldn’t blame you, tho. The weather is quite tempting” Richard shrugged with a smile, revealing a dimple Ximena never knew he had.

“That’s right. it’s lovely” she forced a smile, tucking some strands of her hair behind her ear and gazing up at the sky.

They were silent for close to a minute.

“By the way, Ximena; I want to apologize for my sister’s behavior earlier today. Ema can be a brat most of the times” Richard broke the silence.

“It’s fine! I actually think I should be the one thanking you for helping out with the water…”

“Water?” Richard cut in with a scoff. “Come on, you don’t need to thank me for that”.

And Ximena nodded with a smile.

“I love your hair” He added.

“I heard you tell it to your sister. But thanks, anyway” she beamed and tucked another hair behind her ear. And they went silent again.

It was no wonder her hair was being admired as she had noticed all the people there at Obeddon having shorter hair – those she had come across.

“I hope you don’t mind, Ximena,but could you tell me where you come from and why you’re here?” Richard asked, making her heart skip a beat. Goodness! She hated that topic.

But, on a second thought, ignoring it might render her suspicious.

She glanced at him and stared down at her nails afterall.

“I just felt like leaving home” she muttered, making her tone sound pathetic enough. “Was having some issues with my parents and needed some space to clear my head”.

“Oh… I think I get the picture now. But .. what issue was it?”

“Now, I think I mind” Ximena rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, sorry” Richard chuckled and gave room for a little break.

“So, how long do you plan on staying here?” He asked afterwards.

“Don’t know yet. But I plan to make it as soon as possible”.


Suddenly, it dawned on Ximena to seize the opportunity and began plotting her plans.

“I… I think I have my own questions to ask” she said with a beam.

“Oh. Okay,sure. What is it?”

She allowed a brief silence.

“Can you tell me about… your Alpha?” She shrugged. “Who exactly is he and how possible is it for someone to get close to him? Does he accept visitors? Or… what ways does he see people?”

“Wow. That’s an interesting question” Richard chuckled, but Ximena was more keen on his reply.

“Well, as for the ‘Who Exactly Is He’, I honestly can’t give an answer to that; because Alpha has always been mysterious. Not even his closest disciples knows a thing of his background.

“And as for the second question,well.. I would almost call it impossible because Alpha is seen as a god. He rarely accepts visitors – unless it’s extremely extremely important. Even we, the people of Obeddon rarely get to see him. When we have complaints, we pass it on to his disciples who in return, pass it on to Alpha for review.

“The only time we get to see him is when he’s riding out, and on the fourth market day of every month where we go to offer harvests to him in form of appreciation. It’s more like a worship day for us as we bow down to him while he stands there at the tall mountain. He is amazing.

“And as for the last question, the only people that have the privilege to see the Alpha frequently are his disciples”.

Ximena was about losing hope, not until she heard the last part, making her eyes instantly twinkle.

“Disciples?” She repeated with furrowed brows. “Who are… his disciples?”

“Disciples are more like his closest followers – his guards, servants. They are those who stays with him in his Palace, carries out his assignments and sworn to be loyal to him. In simple terms, the disciples are more like his servants and they are the only ones privileged to see the Alpha every single day”.

Now, Ximena was getting to the part she loved. Alas, there was actually a way to get close to this Alpha of a guy.

“Richard, how can one become his disciple?”

“Really?” Richard laughed. “Why asking, Ximena? Do you have plans of becoming one?”

But when Ximena maintained a straight face, he knew she wasn’t joking.

“Well… becoming his disciple is extremely difficult, Ximena, as Alpha is very selective of the people around him. First, you must be a fighter and I mean,a very good fighter. Second, you must be ready to lay your life for him. And thirdly, you must be ready to séxually satisfy him or whoever he chooses”.

Now,the last line sounded gross to Ximena. Séxually satisfy what??

“Coincidentally, they’d actually be training new applicants tomorrow. Those interested to become a disciple would be going to Alpha’s Palace tomorrow for the commencement of the training…”

“What??” Ximena’s eyes gleamed, she caught Richard abacked. “Are you… being serious?”

“Well…yes” He scoffed, surprised at her odd reaction. “All applicants will be going there tomorrow, and good thing is, this applicants would actually have the privilege of seeing the Alpha everyday as Alpha Nir always supervises the training session…”

Every other thing Richard said sounded more of music to Ximena’s ears as her heart was slowly beaming with rhythmetical beats.

The perfect opportunity she’d been looking for was finally there – staring right in front of her. How lucky could she be for being right in time to join the training? Definitely, Alpha Nir would be having one more applicant the next day.

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