Seeing Sight

Seeing Sight

I met a seer,
Practicing her sight seeing like needle walking
through fine fibers pattern by pattern,
Like a voyager she sailed her liquids-flowing syllabi
in the manner of an hue, humming immortal tunes……
and chanting with the energy of myriad but noiseless.

Kindled and keen to see beyond the telescope of my eyesight,
even beyond densities, growths, facades, giant trees,
mountains, human errors, far beyond dying and living.

I struggled forward to learn in excitement the fate of existence, an exaltation above chemists, surgeons, politicians,
Judges and the entire entities of human knowing.

And now I have hardly gone and hardly wish to go any farther,
Paradox of a tale “ҡռօաʟɛɖɢɛ ɨs քօաɛʀ ” I am without strength upon the knowledge of my knowing,

there’s a price to be paid for all the inexorable and inexcusable
purchase of evil by people of all ages, people of colors, cities, nations and customs.

Upon the beginning the introduction of vile was adorn
with the similitude of an apple, once apprise,
Now fully enslaved, joyous entrance but grievous exit.
Here now before our very eyes, evil is dispense in liberty
at life expense.

I cannot say men and women come hear or aplomb thyself
for the seer spoke to my ear in the manner of truth,
There’s a price for notoriety, foible, crimes and the utensils
of evil however the manner it may ply it’s trade.

This tirade is feeble fitted if aptly compared to the
things I heard.

© Smile Austin

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