Over hill, over dell, over there within here, everywhere,
Where art thou peace, surge inbetwixt these many troubles,
Pitch your tent over this vex a ground, build your guard round,
conceited characters and undistinguish woes this many
have turn foes,
I have battle rage threadbare still it turns bondage

peace where art thou?, come now before I loss my noble savour,
carriage ride down before I become debrine, wherefore shall I be brine.
gallop in haste and bind me to abide in your grace.
peace if your favours are found within my grounds
thy bounty shall be in heaps and mounds,
thy power shall I myself apply , shall I not be proud in subjection to thee? , bewitch me with your habitude ,
I want to be possess with you this good, subdue my tongue,enchant my mood .
my emotions in rage has been questionable and gently mad,
my hands has wield dishonour, the harm is the prove of this troubles
peace build yourself a bulwark in the entirety of my careworn soul,
I am keen in thee, assuage even now as my reasons weep.

Peace choose not for thyself seasons and time,
have on my trouble soul some feeling pity,
remain within me and contain bringing back gaiety,
peace impress on my character,and let my jolly amplify.


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