Marry Me Mr Popular

Marry Me Mr Popular Episode 2

Marry me Mr. Popular

(She wants him)

Subtitle: A blackmail marriage between two billionaires

Written by: Authoress #princess

Rated 🔞


Episode 2

Melissa stopped at the front of tyler drake’s company,she walked into the company and was about to enter the elevator which would take her to tyler drake’s office but the receptionist stopped her making her arch an eyebrow.

“Miss, you can’t go in without an appointment,” He said
“Oh really?”Melissa said and leaned closer in a way that their chest were almost touching, she tapped his lips twice with her index finger.
“I don’t need an appointment to visit my fiancee, alright?”Melissa added and straighten herself before walking away leaving him in a flushed daze.

“Wait did i just let a mysterious beauty…no, a mysterious stranger in?”He pulled his hair frustratedly continuously asking himself what just happened?


Melissa walked into a place in which she could tell it was the passage to Tyler’s office because it was painted and designed boyishly.
Melissa spotted the door and opened it

“Who the f**k walk in without knocking!!!”Tyler Drake yelled tearing his gaze from the laptop he was operating..
“I don’t need to tell you who am I”Melissa said and Tyler looked down from her boots and began to synchronize her clothes.

“Not only did you walk in without knocking but you dressed up like a complete gangster….get out of my office before i call the security”Tyler yelled but melissa never flinched nor jump in shock.

“Okay tyler drake, you’ve yelled and talked all you want, now is time for you to listen and i do the talking, “Melissa said and sat on the chair crossing her legs over the table.
Tyler didn’t complete his last word as his phone beeped, it was a message, he checked it and his eyes widened.

Who sent him this message?
“Did you get my message”Melissa smirked, of course, she forwarded his dirty secret to him.
Tyler stood up and pulled her up by her arm, she didn’t flinch but she had something in her eyes.

Anticipation, she wanted to see what he would do.
Tyler caged her to the wall and glared at her.
“How the f**k did you get that!”Tyler yelled and Melissa smirked.
“You don’t need to know, very soon this will be out in the air and people would be so sad that their favourite Hot tyler is….”Melissa trailed off and laughed.

“You…i don’t know who you are but how much did you need?, 100,000,000$” Tyler said and Melissa’s eyes twinkled.

He didn’t say 100,000,000…he added dollars but she doesn’t need it, she needs something else or should she say someone and the person is standing right in front of her.

“I don’t need that though the money is quite tempting but someone is more tempting than the money…Let me go straight to what I want, I want you to marry me” Melissa said and Tyler frowned.

“What?, Are you crazy?!, How can you request such thing”Tyler yelled, unknown to Melissa his eyes were locked at her phone the whole time.

Tyler snatched it from melissa’s hand and smirked at her.
“Tyler Drake, I knew you were going to play stupid games, that’s why I came well prepared,” Melissa said
“That thing there, I have a lot of copies of them at home, this is just one of them so don’t think you can fool me,” Melissa said and Tyler glared at her

“What the f**k are you going to gain from all theses, huh, I can’t marry you,” Tyler said and walked back to his seat.

He didn’t want to lose it and give her a punch on her face or something.
“Okay, am uploading this information, “Melissa said and Tyler balled his fist under the table.

He didn’t want his secret to be out because if it is out then everything is over, he might loose everything and that’s not what he wants.

“Okay, I will marry you,” Tyler said, he just need to marry her and search for the other device where she wrote the secret in then teach her a lesson.

Melissa smirked and walked back to the seat and sat down, though she could tell Tyler was burning from anger. She was lucky he don’t hit females if not he could have knocked her off.

“I want a grand wedding not a court or anything close to that”Melissa said and Tyler nodded still thinking about his plan to get want he wants and teach her a lesson.

“So, what are you doing?”Melissa said and Tyler stared at her surprised..
How come the girl that walked in here and be blackmailing him, just talked to him softly, did she forget the argument they just argued now?

Melissa ignored the look on his face and stood up
“What date are we going to set the wedding”Melissa asked and Tyler frowned still not getting it.

“The date that the wedding will be held”She said.
“Not yet decided?, bye bye” Melissa said and turned to leave.
“And by the ways my name is melissa,”Melissa said and opened the door.

“Melissa”Tyler said and she smiled, she just love the way her name rolled out of his tongue like it was only made to say her name alone.

She closed the door and walked away.


“Hey Melissa”Joyce and Vanessa, her friends more like her sisters said simultaneously.
“Hey guys”Melissa waved at them.

“What happened to you?, Don’t tell me…”Joyce paused..
“Your blushing, don’t tell me you saw a hot guy and didn’t tell us”Vanessa said and Melissa touched her face,

“We are so damn happy for you, next time take me to meet him okay?”Joyce said and Vanessa nodded.

“Am not blushing you idiots”Melissa yelled and walked away.

“Am happy for her but isn’t it a bit dangerous”Joyce asked.
“We have a lot of enemies and falling in love now isn’t the best option because she now have a weakness”Vanessa said and Joyce nodded.
“Well, your not so sure wether the guy is strong or not…so let’s chilax”Vanessa added with a chuckle as they walked away…

“Let’s go and tease her”Joyce smirked evilly and dragged Vanessa along.


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