Marry Me Mr Popular

Marry Me Mr Popular Episode 1

Marry me Mr Popular

(She wants him)

Subtitle: A blackmail marriage between two billionaires

Written by:Authoress #princess

Rated 18+


Episode 1


Melissa smiled immediately she saw a call come up on her phone, she’ve been expecting this call for some hours now.

“Hello, Mr daniel”Melissa’s red lips curled into a smirk.
“Please miss, don’t leak out my secret, please…. how much did you want?”Mr daniel asked.
“20,000,000?”Mr daniel added quickly.
“20,000,000 is too small Mr daniel, i collect 80,000,000 upwards and my mouth will be shut”Melissa said with a frown.
“But that amount can make me go short on money”Mr daniel muttered.
“Do you prefer life inprisonment or giving me the amount of money i requested”Melissa said nochantantly.
“Okay, i will transfer the money right away”Mr daniel said and ended the call.

Melissa rolled her eyes staring impatiently at her phone and a beep was heard, The 80 million has been transferred into her account. Melissa smirked and removed her phone back then she removed the sim and broke it into equal half. She actually did that to cover her trails.
“Who should i pick as my next money machine”Melissa thought as she switched on her laptop.

Then a knock was heard and melissa ordered the person to come in.
Then zara, her personal maid came in and greeted her before placing a strawberry icecream on the table beside her.
“Zara, get me a new sim”Melissa said and zara nodded before leaving.

Melissa laughed triumphantly immediately she succesfully hacked into tyler drake’s private info.

Melissa clicked on his messages and scrolled up before she started reading.
Lan, i did something bad

what did you do this time?

Melissa’s eyes widened as she read all the messages sent to lan, tyler’s bestfriend.
The flwaless tyler drake.

The guy that rules korea.

The guy that always raise his head up in pride because of how wealthy he is.

Is a….
Melissa blinked her eyes trying to digest the truth, he really has a very dark dirty secret but is such a pity that his money is going to run dry by her hands.
Though she doesn’t know tyler’s number but she know’s his secetary betty.
Betty was her classmate in highschool, she still has betty number.


?Melissa dear, how have you been?

?Great, can you send tyler drake’s number to me.

?sure, i will send it to you via message right now.

Melissa’s red lips tilted into a smirk as she dropped her phone and entered the bathroom taking a short shower, when she was done, she wore her normal black trouser and a black singlet with black jacket.
“I almost forgot my baby”Melissa said as she opened her wardrobe and brought out a gun, she deeped it into her right pocket.


Melissa walked out of the room and her bodyguards bowed greeting her and also commenting her.
Ofcourse, she was very hot and sexy, melissa had red lips, dark-brown hair, long lashes and eyeballs…infact she was a lady that would make a guy fall for her with just a glance.

“Am going out alone today”Melissa said and walked away.
She didn’t bother checking her phone because she already knew betty has already sent the number.

She walked straight to her black super bike and didn’t waste time before sitting on it and driving away.


Melissa brought out her phone and dailed Mr kingsley’s number.
After 2 rings, he answered the call.


?Mr kingsley, you tried to trick me and run away with my money but now am giving you a chance, am at the front of your mansion….run away while you still have the chance.

?please am sorry….i

?Run away before 5 seconds elapse, 5…4…

Inside the house Mr kingsley didn’t waste time, he ran out from the backyard and into the woods because he knew that if he stayed there, his life will be in danger.

He looked back when he heard the sound of a bike’s engine being ignited but when he didn’t see her, he looked at his front to see that she has obstructed his way with her super bike.
“Mr kingsley, i warned you to escape but you refused”Melissa smirked.
“Am sorry please, Am with the money, please spare my life”Mr kingsley begged and gave his ATM card with shaky hands to melissa who took it.

“Bye bye”Melissa smiled and Mr kingsley flushed.
She rolled her eyes at him and drove to RM company….Tyler drake’s company ofcourse.
“Am liking the sound of this, soon almighty tyler drake will be wrapped around my fingers like the others”Melissa thought inwardly.


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