Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Episode 25

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?The Darkest Part Of You??

??: Worthy stories

???????: 25?

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“Alpha we need to get Kelly and bring him back here” Henry said staring at me intently.

“No. He doesn’t want me in his life and how can I blame him” I sighed sitting up.

Its been a month since Kelly left, since he called me and said that he hated me.

A month of hell. The moment the words left his mouth I could feel my wolf start to wither.

He may not have formally rejected us but, it was enough.

“Yeah well he thought that leaving would keep you safe.

That he could walk away and not put you at risk.

He needs to know how wrong he was. You don’t have much time” Henry argued.

“Enough! Kelly stays where he is. We have no right,….I have no right to drag him back here.

Not after everything. It wouldn’t be real” I stated.Written by: Worthy stories

“I’m sorry Alpha. I didn’t mean to overstep” he muttered bowing his head in obedience.

“It’s fine. I know your worried but, there isn’t anything we can do.

I brought this on myself” I exhaled laying back against the pillows.

The day Kelly left was the first among the days of hell.

I could feel as the rejection from my mate seeped into my body, spreading like a cancer.

It was slowly etching away at my wolf and with each breath I took, I could feel her disappear.

Soon she would be gone completely and I’d fall into a coma, one that will have me on deaths doorstep.

My only hope was Kelly, to get him to take it back but, it was futile.

I refused to allow him to save me. I didn’t deserve it, not after everything I did.

Plus a part of me was scared. Frightened that even if I was to ask for his help he would refuse.

That it would make him happy to see me die. The woman that killed his friend.

“I guess I’ll leave you to get some rest” Henry murmured.

“Thanks and remember the pack can’t find out” I spoke.

“Of course Alpha” he mumbled leaving.

?????’? ????

“Mom, I’m fine. You can’t keep calling everyday to check up on me” I groaned.

“I’m just worried about you. You’ve been silent since we buried Rose.

It isn’t healthy to keep your emotions buried inside.

I think you should schedule an appointment with Dr.Essa” she suggested.

“No. I’m fine, seriously” I sighed.

“Okay. I love you” she told me.

“I love you too. Talk to you later mom” I said before hanging up.

Laying my phone on my desk, I took a deep breath.

Closing my eyes, I saw her face flash in my head.

Her smile and laugh, memories playing on a loop until the pain in my heart changed the film.

Replacing that smile with one of another. The one I didn’t want to remember.

The one that caused so much hurt when I did.

I was lying to my mother. I was so far from fine but, I couldn’t tell her that.

I couldn’t tell her that the woman I loved killed my bestfriend. Written by: Worthy stories

That she murdered the first person that truly saw and accepted me.

That the reason I couldn’t move one was because I didn’t want to.

I was afraid to. So instead I buried myself in my work during the day,

and suffered through nights as I was attacked by memories and feelings I desperately wanted to forget but, couldn’t.

It was like I was trapped in limbo, forced to feel like my heart was ripped out of my chest everyday.

The worst part though, wasn’t the memories or even the guilt.

No, it was the longing. The longing to be with her, to just forgive her for everything.

Its what caused the guilt, what caused me to hate myself.

The fact that I could still love her and want to be with her after everything that’s happened.

It made me feel like I was the enemy. Like this was all my fault and that only succeeded in removing the bricks.

The ones that made up the wall in my head. One I had put together piece by piece to keep them at bay.

To keep them from creeping out and spreading their poison.

Though as I sat there and stared at a picture of Rose, my bestfriend,

I could feel the it being chipped away and it was on a matter of time.

I was lost and falling apart. I wasn’t fine and I was beginning to think I never would be again.


Well its safe to say things have taken a dark turn.?

?????’? going through.rejection and refuses to get help. ?

Meanwhile, ????? is falling apart at the seems.

What do you think they both should do? ?


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