Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Episode 24

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?Consequences of Your Choices??

??: Worthy stories

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I couldn’t focus as I jogged downstairs. Every thought that seemed to pass through my head at the moment was incoherent.

I didn’t understand it.

The only thing I really knew at that moment was I wanted to get as far away from here as I could.

Grabbing my keys from my pocket I walked out the pack house and proceeded across the grounds.

I needed to get to my car and drive. Where? I had no damn clue.

“Kelly!” I heard someone yell but, I just ignored them and kept going.

That was until they ran in front of me and pressed there hands on my shoulders causing me to stop.

“I need to leave” I sighed not looking at Henry. I knew what he was to Anita the Alpha.

“You shouldn’t, not like this. You can at least try and talk things out” he suggested.

“No” I muttered shaking off his hands.

“Kelly-” he started but, I quickly cut him off.

“I said no! She killed Rose! Anita murder my friend and that’s something I will never forget!

So no, I don’t want to fucking talk!” I snapped before storming off.Written by: Worthy stories

Reaching my car, I started it and drove off. I wanted to be as far away from here as I could.

The moment I crossed the border leaving the pack territory, I felt a slight pain in my chest.

Of course I knew it was the mate bond but, I didn’t care.

When I stopped outside her apartment, I dragged myself from the car and into the building.

Stopping in front of the door, I brought out the key she had given me about a year ago as a present for us being 1 year into our friendship.

She was cheesy like that sometimes.

“Oh god” I whispered leaning my head against the wooden frame.

Taking a deep breath and wiping the few stray tears, I tried to prepare myself.

When I was finally calm enough to open it and step in, it was like a slap to the face.

From the smell of her favorite dandelion candles, to the heels she would always leave by the door. It was her. It was Rose.

This apartment was all her and heart breaking. A reminder of someone who was forever loss to this world and to me.

I stayed in her apartment for hours looking around at some of the pictures she had.

I was drawn out of my grief by the ringing of my phone.Written by: Worthy stories

“Hello” I breathed.

“Kelly, I’m so sorry” my mom said and I could hear the sadness in her voice.

“Mom what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Rose’s parents just called. She was brought to the hospital today.

The doctors say it was a brain aneurysm, they couldn’t do anything.

It was a horrible, unexpected accident. I’m sorry” she spoke.

I looked to the side because I knew. I knew that wasn’t the truth, just a story they made up to cover the fact she was killed.

“Mom, I have to go” I mumbled.

“Okay. I’m so sorry this happened. I know how much she meant to you but,

you’ll get through this. It will just take a little time” she breathed.

“I need to go” I repeated.

“I love you son” she whispered.

“Love you too. Bye” I muttered hanging up. I stared at the floor for a minute before dialing another number. I listened as it ringed.

“Kelly, where are you?” Anita asked.

“Away from you, that’s all that matters” I murmured sniffling as the tears fell.

“Please just-….your not safe out there” she stated.

“I feel safer here than back there with you. You had them say she died of a brain aneurysm.

I guess its easier than saying she was murdered right” I scoffed.

“I had no choice” she told me.

“We both know that isn’t true. There was a choice and you made it.

Now, I can’t even look at you without seeing the person that murdered my best friend.

I never knew you could love and hate someone at the same time but, I do now” I responded.

“Are you rejecting me Kelly?” she asked.

“No, because I know what that will do to you. I won’t kill you.

I just can’t be around or see you. I don’t want to” I whispered.

“Okay” she breathed.

“Goodbye Anita” I muttered before hanging up.

Gripping the phone in my hand I chucked it across the room.

I watched as it hot the wall and shattered into pieces, kind of like my heart.


Okay, well Kelly is a wreck. Try and understand that he’s going through a grief process.

I know y’all want them to be together but, at the moment they can’t.


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