Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Episode 23

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?What Gives You The Right??

??: Worthy stories

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Weak. It was one word I refused to be associated with.

Growing up, I knew I had to be strong, not just physically but, mentally.

As an Alpha you had people depend on you for their safety.

They looked to you for console and decisions that were in their best interest.

I knew the moment, I was told there was a hunter on pack grounds they would have to be taken care of.

I couldn’t risk the safety of my people. It was my job to protect them.

1 life for the survival of hundreds. This wouldn’t be the first time I killed and surely not the last.

“Alpha, we’re ready. Leila has her strapped down ” Henry said.

“Okay, let’s get this done” I said standing up from my desk.Written by: Worthy stories

I lead the way out of my office and over to the dungeons.

When I entered the cell to see Rose hooked up and secured to the bed I knew it was something I’d never forget.

“Hello Alpha” Leila greeted.

“Hi. Are we ready?” I asked glancing to Rose. Her face was one of stone and it just showed her character.

She was a woman that wouldn’t beg for her life and I respected that.

“Yes” she replied.

“Alright. Do you have anything to say?” I questioned.

“Kelly will never forgive you for this” she whispered.

“Maybe not but, I can’t put the people I love at risk” I sighed then turned to Leila.

She nodded and pressed the button that started to send the toxins into her body.

All three of us stood there and listened as the heart machine flatlined and Leila called her time of death.

“Get the guards to dispose of the body. You already know how.

I want this done perfectly so, her family has no reason to start asking questions” I told Henry.

“Yes Alpha” he responded.

I didn’t look back as I exited the dungeons nor did I feel regret for my decision.

As a leader I’ve become familiar with making choices that were really difficult.

However, I did regret how badly Kelly was going to feel once I told him.

Heading back over to the pack house, I went to my chambers.

When I entered, I could hear some noise coming from the bedroom.

Kelly was in there pacing back and forth while biting his nails.

Leaning against the door frame I watched him and saw how worried and stressed out he was.

My wolf whined at the thought of how bad we were about to hurt our mate.

“Kelly” I called gaining his attention.
“Anita, did you-…um is she?” he asked nervously.

I could spot a little hope in his eyes at the thought that I may have spared Rose.

“She’s gone” I confessed and just like that, the little hope he had, shriveled up and blew away with the wind.

“You killed her?” he asked softly.

“She was a threat to everything we have here. I had no choice” I sighed.

“No choice? You just took someones life. There is always a choice when it comes killing somebody” he told me.

“Yeah and I had to make the hard one. It was the best decision for everybody” I spoke.

“Best for everyone. Your standing in front of me and saying that you killing someone I care about was the best thing for me.

Who gave you the right to make that decision?!?” Kelly snapped.

“I am the Alpha” I stated.

“How could I forget? One of the only people I have in my life is dead because of you.

She may have been a difficult person but, she was my friend.

The only one I have and now she is gone. Murdered at the hands of someone who supposedly loves me” he mumbled.

“I do love you” I argued.

“Then how could you do this to me! How could you hurt me and say that it was the right choice?!?

You don’t do that to someone you care about” he yelled.

The Alpha inside of me wanted to snap at him and put him in his place for disrespecting me but,

he was mate and he was hurt because of something I did.

“You just don’t understand so, I’ll leave you alone to calm down.

We need to talk rationally about this” I breathed.

“There’s nothing to talk about. . You surely didn’t want to talk before sending Rose to the underworld.

I just can’t be around you at the moment” Kelly murmured moving toward the door.

Kelly-” I called but, he cut me off.

“Oh and Anita….. you didn’t even apologize” he hummed before leaving.



This was in desperate need of an update so, here you go.

Anita killed Rose. I know some of you thought she wouldn’t but, she did.??

I made it this way just to prove how strong an Alpha she is and how seriously she takes the title. ?

But, Kelly was devastated. How do you feel about his reaction?

Keep in mind that he and Rose still were friends. ?


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