Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 30

Crippled CEO ( he’s my husband)🔞😳

Chapter thirty.

Writer pov.

“Mum!!, look what I found!” A Lil girl screamed as she watched the lifeless body flowing on the water.

“Holy mary!!” The woman exclaimed with shock, “quickly get your brothers now!” She ordered as she towards the sea and dragged the body with grunts.

She couldn’t get the body to the shore, and when her sons came, they helped her out and they all fell to the shore with deep exhales.

“Is she still alive?” The young girl asked concerned, as the first son knelt and placed his ear on the body’s chest.

“She’s still alive!” he announced as they all gasped

“Quickly revive her” his mother ordered as the guy hurriedly pressed the body’s chest as water gushed out from the ear and mouth.

“You need your mouth too,” the Lil girl says

“What?!” The guy exclaimed.

“Yes brother now!” The girl says as the guy didn’t know what happened next but found his lips on the boy’s mouth while they all stared.

A few minutes, he stopped and after a few trials. The body coughed as he quickly carried her in a bridal style and they all walked back to their hut.


Damon pov

“I have waited patiently all these years, sitting on this wheelchair but it seemed I done nothing!” I growled.

“You dont have to be so hard on yourself, I know why you feel this way, Wendy right?” Jayden says as he walked over to the bed and sat down.

“If I hadn’t pretended maybe I could have saved her wherever she is!” I picked a flower vase and smashed it to the wall.

” Where we could find her now is the main thing here, I already reported to the police,” Jayden says as they both heard a knock.

“Come in” Jayden answered as the person turned the doorknob.

It was Bella.

“Sorry for intruding but Lucas is downstairs”

“I dont wanna see him” I quickly cut in coldly.

“You’ve got to see him, looks he knew where to find your sweetheart”

Before Bella could finish her statement, I already dashed out of the room, downstairs and found Lucas sitting on the cushion.

Writer pov

“Damon!” Lucas exclaimed.

“You not crippled?!!” He added shockingly.

“Get to business, why are you here,” Damon says coldly as he sat down facing him. If looks could kill, Lucas could be long dead by now.

Lucas cleared his throat frightfully.

“I know how you can wendy” he blurted.


David pov

“I think it’s time I end all this,” I said cocking my gun while I smirked.

” I will no longer sit and watch, I have get things done my own way. Wendy’s gone and now damon is next!” I licked the tip of the gun.

“Your ending is coming damon, wendy’s gun and now your next!” I crackled.

I picked up my phone and put it through to tigress, she picked at the third ring.

“Hi, DAV-”

“Meet me at my warehouse, my driver would pick you up by 10 pm, said that, I hanged up.

Throw the phone across the room and inhale quickly.

“It’s game time” I grinned evilly.


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