Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 29

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband )

Chapter twenty – nine

Chioma miracle

Authoress pov

There was silent across the room, as they all stared with shock. Only the whimpers of bella could be heard as dam on kept strangling her.

“Damon stop!” Jayden yelled as he pulled damon whom pushed him back in return.

“Everyone listen and listen good! No one must know I’m capable of walking, any one who dares me will feel my wrath!!, understood!!!”

“Yes sir!!” The guys chorused.

“Get out of my sight now!!”

The securities all scurried away, Jerry left towards the kitchen, while damon walked away towards him growling.

Jayden followed behind him, while roseline who was surprised and shaky rushed to bella to help her up.


” you fucking didn’t tell me you were not disabled, how can you keep this away from someone you call a friend, best friend!”

Jayden yelled while damon ignored him as he sat on the bed, head bent in his hands.

Jayden felt more angrier at demons silence, he need answers, how could his friend kept such thing away from him for year’s!!!

” you know what im leaving!” Said that he turned to leave.

“I’m sorry” he heard Damon say as he halted. He turner swiftly towards him as tried to be calm.

He knew damon’s is not in a good term to talk, so he decided to give him privacy.

“You need rest, id be back” jayden replied as he turned and left the room immediately.

Lucas pov

” fa-ther wha..what did I just hear..hear you day?? Wendy is my cousin??” Lucas shutter as tears drops from him eyes.

“Yes son!” David answered firmly staring at his son.

“Now sit down lets talk” he added point at the sofa in his home office as he towards it as well.

Lucas wiped his eyes as he walked sluggishly and sat down.

“Wendy is your cousin Lucas. That’s why I tired stopping you from having feelings for her” David said as be stared at his son who was moody and looked away.

“Wendy’s mother is my sister, my younger sister. she got married to wendy’s father, but he hated me for no reason, I wanted to join wendy’s father in his company, but he knew I was more smarter than him, and he refused to join hands with me, he wanted riches and riches to himself”

“Davis, Damon’s father, was a very good friend to wendy’s father, the two men signed a contract by engaging wendy and damon together so as to seal the contract. their businesses which grew larger and that made FORSE ENTERPRISE a big company in the whole world”

“One day, my wife, your mother got into an accident, and you were just 2, I was bankrupted and I needed to save her life with just some dollars but wendy’s father refused to assist me, my sister tried helping but he threatened her and your mother died, the woman I loved died!” David sniffed as he chuckled.

” and I vow to make them pay for everything, yes! I murdered wendy’s parent”

“What dad! How could you?!” Lucas exclaimed

” I did it for your mother!, I avenged your mother’s death!!”

“I murdered damon’s parent, I also abducted
And killed his sister, bella!” David growled.

” fuck dad! What are you?” Lucas said horrifying

“I don’t feel any remorse for what I did, they deserved it! And you must help me in. Taking down his son as well so as to take the FORSE ENTERPRISE!, got it!!”

Lucas kept mute as he buried his head in his hands and wept.


Hmmmmmmmmm who believed David story? Do you feel he told the truth or not 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Click on the link for episode 30👇👇👇



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