Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 28

CRIPPLED CEO ( she’s my husband ) ??


By Chioma Miracle


I smiled at Elena as she winked at me and chuckled.

” Let’s wait for the bitch to come, I can’t wait to see her beg for her dear life, I will make sure I give her a slow and painful death!” I said laughing loudly as I stared at the sea.

We currently in a lonely savvana port sea.

“I bet she would not double cross you again in her next life…… Well what a shame also, such a pity a beauty is about to gone to waste, argh!” Elena smirked

” Yeah such a pity but I don’t care” tigress rolled her eyes as she heard beeping of cars.

They both turned and smiled at each other as they watched the guys brought out Wendy, her eyes tied as they lead her towards them.

“Ma’am” the guys bowed

“Untie her” Elena said as they untied the blindfold.

Wendy shot her eyes closed tightly before opening it and shock was written all over her face.

“Tigress!!” She exclaimed shockly

“Hey bitch! It’s nice seeing ya you know” tigress smirked

“Let me go tigress!!” Wendy screamed

Tigress chuckled.

“Oh my…little chicken, oh yes…..!” Tigress paused and stared mocking at Wendy.

“Who’s the chicken now dumb-ass?!!” Tigress smirked as Wendy looked away.

“Tigress get on with this, I have a better place to be ” Elena said as she brought her phone typing on it.

” Oh yeah, sure, guys bring her closer here to the edge” tigress said smirking as she watched the guys dragged wendy towards the edge, just a small push is enough to fall into the sea.

Wendy cried and screamed for help, struggling and wailing but the guys were too strong. They left her as she shook with fright.

“Please tigress don’t do this please!!….please Wendy I’ve got a son to look after, I’m the only he have… He’s just a kid…. please Wendy don’t do this!!!” Wendy wept as she shivered trying hard not to fall in.

“Oh my Wendy, I’m sorry I can’t let you go… I pity your son you know…. Too bad his mother is gonna die soon…. But don’t worry….. I will try and find him… You know locate him and take good care of him… Maybe adopt him as my son what do you huh??” Tigress winked and smirked while wendy shook her head sideways slowly

“Please ti….tigress…….”

“Awwwn tigress how sweet, I thought you’d take of the boy and make him a hard man and make him worship you and serve you……I’m sure he’s gonna have a demon’s made dick that’s what I mean!” Elena said chuckling.

“What a brilliant ideal Elena , your always smart my good friend, sure thing to do, grew him up like a man and feed on his dick everyday …. Geez nah!” Tigress frowned immediately

“That’s lame!…. I’d make him suffer every seconds he breaths!….” Tigress said with rage as she stared with anger at Wendy who was weeping and shaking her head sideways.

Tigress walked slowly towards Wendy, and brought her face towards hers.

“I’m sorry, but Damon is mine! and mine alone, and I’m gonna be his forever and you’d be lost and dead to us!” Said that tigress pushed Wendy into the sea.

While they all stared at Wendy who was struggling and jerking for breath.

“Sa.. save me please…ple…I …don’t want…want to die” wendy cried, flapping her hands as she was going more lower beneath the sea.

“Ple…plea…. My…my son….ni… nicholas… son…my son….” Wendy said as her eyes shut closed and her body lower into the sea and there was no sight!.

“Work done! Let’s get of here now!” Elena said authorityly as they all turned and walked away towards the cars, got in and drove off.

David pov

” Nice one my darling, now I’m at rest, my beautiful niece would be out of the way finally” David chuckled.

“Huh Mr David ??!! Wendy was your niece?!! you never told me how bad, you should have come over for a proper introduction before I sent her to hell.

David scoffed and laughed.

“Wendy is not regarded as my own, even if we were family , her parents think they were smart but I was smarter than them and now……’” he paused and smirked

“My dreams are finally coming through, it’s time to take Damon down and claim what’s ours” he smirked

“Sure baby, im sure when he has nothing at all, I’m sure Damon would have no right than to come to me, yeah he maybe crippled but!…. He d*ck is made by the devil himself and of course he’s handsome and…..I got lots of plans for him which are still unrevealed” tigress laughed sinisterly

David chuckled.

” Bye miss tigress, it’s my honour doing business with you, see me at my house by 7pm tommorow evening . Take care.” he hanged up as he signed deeply

“Just a small while and everything will be done and cleared out!……and finally I’d be……”


David turned swifty to see Lucas staring at him with tears, mouth wide open.


“What do you mean you can’t find her?!” I yelled at the idiots in front of me.

” We…we….so… sorry…we….”

“Shut the fuck up!” I yelled again as I crashed my phone on the floor.

Rage and anger written all over my body, seemed like I could explode within minutes, just wendy not found makes me go crazy right now, I can’t seem to control my self.

Jayden, Roseline and Bella all flinched at once as they all withdraw back.

“Ca…calm down Damon, they are all trying their best, I’m sure she’d want to be some where and spend time alone” Jayden said as Damon shut him a stare, Jayden looked away not able to face him.

“Really?!!! Don’t tell me that bullshit! Her phone rings none stop since yesterday and her friend… What her name again … Ana? Right?!” He raised a eyebrow with a frown as they bent their head lowly.

“she called and told you she couldn’t find Wendy, she’s couldn’t be found and….w ait…. Wait….I’m I deaf or what?! I heard your phone calls, thats why I sent this idiots to go and look for her and they came back with nothing!!”

“Wendy must be found today!!”

” Yes she will be found brother, I know I don’t know the girl but I know she must be important to you, cause right your going crazy but that shouldn’t make you behave abnormally..!!”

“Will you shut the fuck up?!!!” Damon yelled as he stood up and moved swiftly towards Bella grabbing her neck.

Gasps filled the whole room as they all stared at Damon who was strangling Bella.



E shock Damon ???!!!!

I tell una say Wendy go die ?? Kai Nicholas is. Motherless untop sick bed wey im dey ☹️?

David and.tigress e no go better for you????

Lucas don find say girl wey he won marry na him consin oo??☹️

This life no balance ????

Click on the link for episode 29???



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