Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 27

THE CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband )😳🔞

Chapter twenty – seven

By chioma miracle


I got down from Lucas car after waving good bye to him. I signed as I turned towards the hospital and walked in. Halfway towards Nicholas ward, I saw someone familiar

Huh?! Isn’t that Lucas friend?!

“Hey! Hey!” Oh no! He’s gone! I signed looking away, Or was I wrong???

I shrug as I ambled towards Nicholas ward, my hands become suddenly shaken as I opened the door, I peeped in and saw him lying on the bed.

I signed as I walked in and closed the door behind me, moving slowly as tears dropped from my eyes, he doesn’t look like he’s getting any better.

“God please”, I shook my head, “please save my son! I can’t bear to loose him” I sob as I held his tiny hands, his eyes closed and he looked lifeless!


” what do you mean doc??” She widen her eyes

“I have tried everything possible ana, but he doesn’t seem to be improving, and it’s strange!”

“What do you mean strange doc??” She raised her eyebrows in confusion

” weeks ago he seemed to be improving and few days ago, he kind of loosing it, his chance of living degrees as it seemed he was having difficult to breath, I had to fix oxygen but later on find out it was removed few minutes after coming back to check on him”

“Huh??, I don’t understand doc??”

“Hmm ana, like I said it’s strange, It seemed as if it he was also given something he was allergic too, cause I ran a test for him, and i also had to questioned the nurses in charge of taking care of him and they said no one has come to visit him either did they give him any injection apart from the one I prescribed”

“This weird,” she said as she looked around confused

“But doc, how’s his health now, is there a chance he might survive this??”

I signed as I looked at her worried face, I knew she was scared, same as I am. The stage which he is in, It’s only God that can do wonders and miracles.

“I don’t know ana, but all I can say is this, his chance of living is very slim, and we need to pray to God, there’s nothing he can not do”

“My son is gonna die?!”


They heard a scream as they turned towards the door, shocked to see wendy as she stood with a horrifying face.

“Do..doc….ar..are you saying he’s not gonna live??”

She asked and doctor Anthony bent his head low.

“No oooo!!!” She cried out as she ran out of the office while ana and doctor Anthony ran after her.

Wendy ran out of the hospital, she didn’t stop as she ran away in tears, her head aching and her heart pounding, “no no no, my son can not die, no God please no” she cried as she ran.

Suddenly got to a lonely part, she still ran, as she seemed not to be in a right state, a black car stopped behind her but wendy seem not to notice.

three guys stepped out as they ran towards her, one used a napkin to close her nose as wendy struggled to release from him grip.

She fainted as they carried her towards the car and dropped her in her, before entering and drove off.


David pov

I laughed as I tucked my hand in my pocket while the other holding my phone on my right ear as I stood beside the window in my home office

“the guys got her already” the familiar voice said in the other side of the phone.

“I told you my dear, my boys are really good and skilled, so what do you do with her??” I smirked

“I’d love to shoot her straight and end the bitch but well, I got a better plan” a sinister laughter followed in the other side of the phone.

” ok then, do what you like with her, I will call you later” I hanged up as I heaved a sign, a one step taken already, the next would be damon’s, I chuckled evilly.


Damon pov

Where could wendy be, it’s late already

10:43am, I signed rubbing my forehead slowly

“what’s wrong sir?” I heard a voice as I turned to see roseline behind me. She moved closer and sat beside me on the sofa.

“Um uh, well its wendy, my girlfriend”

Oh no! I haven’t really asked wendy out, and she haven’t really also accepted me, why did I lie?!

I turned to see roseline face in anger as she quickly brushed it off with a fake smile.

Huh! What’s wrong with her?!!

“Well im sure she’s safe wherever she is, Damon” she called seductively as she brought her face closer to mine while I stared expressionlessly at her

Why i’m I suddenly finding roseline beautiful, yeah I know she’s pretty but like too beautiful tonight.

She seemed to see I didn’t push her off which gave her the go on to get on my laps and twisted her curvy waist on my dick which seem to be nodding at attention.

Low groans escaped my lips as she held my neck and placed her lips on mine.

I spank her ass as low moans escaped her mouth while kissed me like her life depends on it.

Roseline pov

Oh yeah, I knew he wouldn’t resist me, but then im angry, angry he has a girlfriend already which won’t take me a minute to blow her head off. Damon is mine and mine alone.

I romance his broad chest as I unbutton his shirt while a low moan escape his mouth while I smirked in my head.

Thought he’d want to prove loyalty to his girl. But here he is moaning to my wonderful skills.

I laughed in my head.

Damon pov.

I tucked my hand into her bra, giving it a little squeeze to her nipple as she throw her head back and moaned

“Oh yeah baby, fuck!”

I unhooked her bra as I brought my face closer to the potable oranges, placing my lips on it and sucked on em.

Juicy!, she moaned while I traced my hand into her pant, she wet already! I dipped two finger into em. Not doubt, she’s still damn tight!.

Suddenly, it seemed as if something flashed in my head as it was filled with wendy’s images

What’s going on, I stopped as I held my head?

“What’s wrong??!” I heard roseline say as she stood up while I ignored her.

“Damon talk to me, your starting me!” she said in a worried tone.

“Leave!” I yelled in loudly as she flinched, she walked away dressing her self properly while looked away and signed.

I was only pretending!, don’t know how I got carried away by trying to go intimate with her

Damn you damon! What were you thinking???!!!!!!.


Hmm, will. Nico survive 😪 he might die oo

Who do you think kidnapped wendy like this 🤧🤧🤧🤧

Roseline be careful🥴

Is damon *i was only pretending!* for me 🤣🤣 but he enjoyed it small naw🤥

I’m sorry if im not posting like before 🥺 test ongoing 😢

Click on the link for episode 28👇👇👇



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