Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 26

CRIPPlED CEO ( she’s my husband )


By chioma miracle


Arriving from the office, I dismissed the securities while I glanced around the sitting room if Wendy is around. But couldn’t find her, where could she be??

I told Jerry who was beside me to check if she’s around while I wheeled the wheel chair towards the center table, I picked the TV remote and clicked on a button and it power on.

I signed, dropping the remote back on the table, I turned my head towards the door after I heard it opened.

β€œ sweetheart! ” he called sweetly, while I ignored him staring at the two ladies who followed behind him. One was tho pretty and the other one use a scarf to cover her face.

They sitted down while I glared confusedly at jayden, while he signed.

β€œ um Damon, this is roseline and this is…..”

The face scarfed lady stood up swiftly.

β€œ BOO!, HELLO BIG BROTHER! ” she said removing her scarf

β€œ BELLA?? sister??!! ” I called with widen eyes as she gave a small smile.

She ran towards me and englufed me into a big bear hug, while tears dropped freely from her eyes. I was dumbfounded.

How possible?? I thought….thought she died in the plane crash!.

β€œ I know your wondering how I survived??, I know you guys thought I was dead. But I wasn’t” she said standing up and walking closer to cushion facing me, while I was still speechless.

I tired saying something, but it felt like something was blocking my throat and I was breathless. I never for once believed I will ever see her again. I stared at her as she spoke head bent.

β€œ I never boarded the plane after I left for Paris on the day of my birthday, remember brother? ” she said as she looked up at me.

She sensed I was still in shock so I continued.

β€œ sir! can’t find ma’am ” I heard Jerry say but I ignored him, seemed jayden dismissed him cause I was still staring at Bella.

β€œ I was kidnapped and on that day, ” she continued. So she didn’t board the plane.

I could remember vividly well, on her 15th birthday, that was a year later my parent were killed, dad got a visa for her to Paris as a birthday gift, and next, we heard fews hours later the plane got crashed.

We were devastated, and we didn’t bother looking for her body when we heard the plane felled into the sea, and no body were found.

And here she is, alive!

β€œ roseline here saved my life ” I heard her say as my eyes drifted off to the pretty lady as she gave me a warm smile, I gave a small smile as I turned back to Bella.

β€œ the kidnapper stabbed me severally and dumped my body in the forest, they thought I was dead and roseline here found me on her adventures with her friends in the forest, she’s the reason I’m alive and we both are indebted to her, thank you roseline ” Bella said smiling at roseline

β€œ your welcome bella, it’s nothing anyway ”

I’m still confused, I mean all this years, then why is she appearing now???




β€œ who is this man your talking about? ” Elena asked me while I snipped my wine. We are currently in my sitting room.

β€œ his name is David, I don’t know what business he had with Damon in the past, but I could tell he hates Damon so much, I could see it in his eyes when he spoke about Damon ”

β€œ hmmm, and you said he wants to help you get damon and in return you help him in buying the shares of the company?? ”

β€œ yeah ” I replied with a smile.

β€œ hmm sounds good so now what about wendy?? What do you do to her?? ”

β€œ he said he would help get rid of the bitch but Nah, I wanna do it my way, I wanna torture her till she dies” I said with anger boiling in me while I clutched my fists.

β€œ how about we push her down the stairs?? ” Elena suggested while I gave out a sinister laughter as I stood up, and picked the wine up from the table

β€œ elena, get ready tomorrow we are getting rid of her and then! I’ve got the perfect plan to get her out the way ” I smiled while elena chuckled

β€œ trust you bitch! ”




I got down from the cab and paid the driver while I walked towards a red car and the door got opened, while I slide in and closed it back

β€œ Hi lucas! ” I smiled which he returned

β€œ baby girl, how are you doing? It’s been a while, don’t you miss me?? ” he asked pouting while I chuckled

β€œ of course I do, and sorry if im not calling or checking up on you, I’ve been busy a lot this days ” I said while he mouthed β€œ oh ”

I nodded, as we stay silence for few minutes.

β€œ wendy ” he called as I looked at him and hummed.

β€œ wendy please im sorry but i love you wendy, please be mine, I can’t stop thinking about you wendy ” he said pained and I felt sad

I knew he loves me but I don’t feel like being in any relationship for now.

β€œ im sorry lucas, im just not interested, you can’t be a father to Nicholas and speaking of Nicholas, I have to be on my way now to see him at the hospital ”

β€œ he’s still at the hospital?? ”

β€œ how do you know he is at the hospital? ” I asked, my eyebrows raised surprised

β€œ oh that, my best friend, victor. He told me, you know his father is actually the one attending to Nicholas ”

β€œ ohhh, I see ” I said as I played with my fingers.

β€œ I will take you there ” he said as he immediately ignited the car before I could no.

He already kicked the engine and drove off towards the hospital.


So bella is Damon sister???

Hmmm, this roseline might not sound good oo well make wendy come back first

Tigress and Elena ehnnn😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

Click on the link for episode 27πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡



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