Big Small

Big small

Sun hammer me like sey I be roof,
Ebe like summer come on top my body,
Suffer don tire me, but if I tire I no go
Stop to dey suffer, I no go see food sef chop,

Na so I turn see mama
Zainab dey coax small Zainab, she dey nap,
N@ked no napkin for bum bum,
Na dey Joy of childhood, I bin get am,
But na truth sey I no fit kip am till thy
Kingdom come,
I dey envy d small pikin,
She sleep for de mama arms throway brain,
I wan be like am when I big small,
Abi I fit still big small?
That one na question wey I no fit answer,

My situation carry face like similitude of ugly man
hin no hand-sum at all,
As I carry am waka, If you see me,
You go know sey na my papa dash me, e too big,
my papa sef na hin papa bin dash am,
Something wey person get no be hin
get full right to cut am according to hin size ? ,
I come inherit dis one like that,

I turn head, see Ahlaji Musa pikin as
hin waka denke dey go wey hin park hin moto,
I fit swear sey nothing worry am,
abi make I liken am to Zainab? ,
wetin hin inherit small for size but e big for worth,
na why Musa the swagger waka,

I dey vex give my situation,
Wetin be solution for dis kind country
Wey solution sef na situation,
Vex no be drug wey go cure dis one,
I born come carry ear learn dem sey
“Poverty na disease”
Plenty people wey talk am dey deceased,
Cure still de hide inside big men pocket,
Since wey I born small, when I go follow
Big small?

Me wey born come see my papa small,
Abi na gene sey we go remain small?
Udoka papa, my childhood friend wey me and am
Play for sand sand, hin family big small,
Hin tell me sey if hin papa sitdown for wey hin fit
Do things big big, hin go do better pass dem
Men wey big, Na why we carry our voice give am
If na dis big dey make people forget sey
Dem promise people wey small big big things?
I no sabi,
I don tire, I don confuse , my brain don turn tyre
See am roll the go insanity.

Make I stay for dis insanity,
Make I borrow my mind eyes make e dream
Boroboro big things,
Every kind things wey
Ahlaji Musa and Udoka papa be,
Make I for follow feel big small.

©Smile Austin

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