Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 18

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By: worthy stories

Chapter 18

Hailey’s pov 🔥

I walked out of my law office along with Mr. Russo after signing a contract with him.

We shook hands and laughed at a joke he cracked before he left. Now I was officially his attorney.

Michael Russo was a great company. He’s good sense of humour combined with his charm and amiable personality made him an amazing person to be around,

but his sharp mind, quick wit and shrewd business skills made him an excellent businessman.

I already knew I was going to enjoy working with him.

As I saw Michael off, I caught Nathan glaring at me from the corner of my eye before he entered the conference room across from my office.

He was here to sign the final contract of the merger with Mr Davis, which would take place in another five minutes.

The glass doors and walls of the firm gave little privacy and I was sure he had witnessed Michael and my exchange.

Not that I was in any sense worried. Yes, Michael was flirting with me and I enjoyed it, but I would never let it go beyond that.

But that was none of Nathan’s business.

I entered the conference room where Nathan, Harry and Jack Davis were already present.

As I turned and closed the door, I felt eyes burning holes at the back of my head. Go figure who it belonged to.

As I walked towards the men, I felt his eyes studying me from head to toe.

We hadn’t spoken ever since we returned from London, not that I had anything left to say to him.

I walked with my head held high and slid in the chair next to Mr Davis.

His eyes on me did little to intimidate me. He was pissed with me, I don’t know what for -though I had my own assumptions, I wasn’t sure- not did I care about him and his anger issues.

“Gentlemen,” I greeted, and we were down to buisness.

Over the next half an hour, we conducted our business with utmost professionalism, not bringing our differences into the mix.

Even then, I could feel the cold shoulder he was giving me. After the meeting, we all parted ways and I went back to my office.

I put my files down and sat down on my chair, turning towards the French windows of my office to take in the beautiful view of the city from the height of the office building.

I let myself relax a bit from my back to back meetings and mentally prepare myself for the deposition I had in another half an hour.

Suddenly, I heard the door to my office open and the voice of my secretary scolding someone.

I turned in my chair and saw a fuming Nathan forcefully enter my office with a really angry looking Kate, hot at his heels.

“I tried to stop him mam as he doesn’t have an appointment, but he still forced his way in,” my secretary Kate complained.

“We need to talk,” Nathan announced, completely ignoring Kate.

“Sure, Mr Rodriguez,” I said calmly, “take an appointment.”

“I’m not going to take a damn appointment!” He yelled. “We’re going to have a talk and we’re going to do it now!”

“And alone,” he added while glaring at Kate.

“Do you need me to call security Ms Anderson?” Kate asked ignoring him, while Nathan and I played our glaring game.

“That won’t be necessary, Ms Beckett,” I tell her while standing up from my chair. “Give me a moment with Mr Rodriguez.”

I go and stand in front of my desk slightly leaning on it backwards and crossing my legs. My eyes were fixed on Nathan. Kate left the office but not before shooting Nathan a dirty look. Seems like she wasn’t falling for his pretty face.

“You have exactly five minutes, so make it quick,” I told him, showing my dominance.

“Michael Russo.” He said simply.

“What of him,” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“What were you doing with him?” He asked, anger and hate evident in his voice.

“He’s my client,” I answered. “He was here for buisness.”

“Oh yeah? What sort of buisness do you two have? Do you entertain all clients the way you do him?”

I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean, Mr Rodriguez,” came my answer.

I was getting bugged but my demeanor was calm as if I were relaxing on the beach.

My face gave no hint of the anger that was brewing inside me.

“Oh don’t play dumb with me!” He yelled again. “Everyone knows he is a player, but you? Did you dress up to impress him too?”

It was true I was dressed better today than I would on most days.

I wore an elegant white dress that hugged my body at all the right places and showed off my body well. It even had a deep back.

I had also applied a bit more makeup than usual and anyone who knew how I dressed usually, could tell.

But this had nothing to do with Michael. The dress up was for the deposition. The other team attorney had a thing for me and I was looking to exploit that in my favour.

(Picture of her dress above)

“I don’t dress up for anyone but myself,” I replied. “Not that it is any of your business.”

Nathan got further frustrated and took a step towards me.

“What are you planing, Hailey?” he growled. “To seduce him like you did me? Are you planning on sleeping with him?”

“How does who I sleep with concern you Mr Rodriguez?” I asked not bothering to conceal my anger.

“According to your own rules, I am free to have a relationship with anyone I fancied. And for the record, I never seduced you.”

“Oh I beg to differ,” he responded, coming close.

“All those filmsy nightgowns you wore every night, and the way you dressed, you were begging to get laid. Which men could resist?”

Like I said, I never dress for anyone but myself.”

I was beyond pissed now. “Mr Rodriguez, just because you fell for my beauty and charm, doesn’t mean I was seducing you.

So stop flattering yourself. What happened was a drunken mistake, you said.

Are you now trying to imply that you wanted that to happen, because you wanted me?” I smirk at him.

“Never!” He screamed, getting angry. His face was red. “You’re a bitch, you hear me!”

“Mr Rodriguez, I insist you leave before I call security. You’re trying my patience,” I said using my last bit of restrain not to slap him.

“Stay away from Michael,” he growled. “He’s a potential business client and I don’t want you to ruin that. The last thing I want is to work with your lover.”

“Leave Nathan,” I said firmly.

“How many lovers do you have by the way?” He was still provoking me.

“I know you’re sleeping with Mr Lawrence, what about your PA, whatever’s his name, and now Mr Russo? Is that how you get your clients? By whoring yourself?”

“You-” I was about to burst out and hit him but I was interrupted by a knock on the door. Claire my associate poked her head in my office and said,

“The opposing counsel has arrived, ms Anderson. They’re waiting for you in conference room C.”

Without another word I stormed off from the office. I was too angry to speak. How dare he! What happened back there was wrong in so many ways.

Conference room C was three floors down. I used my time in the elevator to compose myself and get my act together, before going in the room and blowing off my steam during the deposition.


I was in my office after a long, rough day. I was still reeling from my conversation with Nathan earlier. More like a fight than a conversation. I was preparing to leave having finished my work, when I heard a knock on the door. I bade the person enter without even looking up.+

“Hailey,” Mr Brown, my boss said cheerfully.

“Mr Brown,”
I stood up to greet him. He was not alone, but my new boss Mr Kane was with him.

“I believe you know Mr Kane,” he said introducing me to the other man.

“That I do,” I agreed.

“A pleasure to meet you, ms Anderson,” he said while stretching his hand towards me.

“Likewise sir,” I shook his hand.

I led them towards the couch in my office. The men took a seat on the sofa while I sat opposite them.

“I have heard a great deal about you, Ms Anderson,” Mr Kane continued.

“All good things I hope,” I said.

“Was there any thing bad to say?” Mr Brown joked.

“Well my opponents sure will have a lot bad to say,” I chuckled along with them.

“But we are not your opponents, Ms Anderson,” Mr Kane said. “No, we’re far from it. We are partners working under the same banner. We’re on the same team.”

“That we are,” I agreed.
“Hailey, you’re one of my best lawyers,” Mr Brown started. “Over the past few years, you’ve accomplished much more than attorneys do in their entire careers.

“You have the best success rate and have brought in so many clients into the firm”

“Mr Russo? That deal will bring us millions over the next few years,” Mr Kane continued.

“I- we think that.. no we believe you should be the next senior partner of the firm,” Mr Brown finally said what I have been dying to hear.

A huge smile broke out on my face. My foul mood was forgotten. I was elated. I nearly jumped out of my chair.

Mr Brown, who was also my mentor, was as happy as me and even Mr Kane had a smile on his face. Brown handed me the letter.

“You’ve earned this,” he told me. “No one deserves this more than you.”

“Thank you,” I told them


I reached home, aka Nathan’s mansion and parked my car in the drive.

It was about 8 in the evening and the lights on the first floor were out which meant the maids were done for the day and left the mansion.

I was skipping in excitement as I reached my room, I was stopped at the door by voices coming from Nathan’s room which was next to mine. Not just voices, but moans even.

“Ah, that’s it Nathan baby,” “Harder, yeah harder”

The ooss and ahhss along with the creaking of the headboard gave away what was happening inside the room between my husband and his mistress.

Here he was fucking another woman after lecturing me.

All the happiness drained off my face. My joy at being named senior partner was replaced by sadness and anger.


“Tony honey,” mom called out to dad.

“In here in the living room sweety,” dad replied.

5 year old Hailey was sitting on her father’s lap, watching soccer on television.

Her mom enters the living room, with a huge smile on her face and dancing with joy.

“You’re late…wow you look really excited,” dad noticed.

“You won’t believe what happened honey,” mom skipped.

“Did your dad finally decide to sell that wretched car of his?” Dad joked earning a glare from mom.

“Sorry, what happened,” dad asked.

“They agreed,” mom said softly. “The publishers agreed to publish my book,” she screamed suddenly.

Dad leaped up from the couch, put little Hailey down and engulfed mom in a hug, picking her off the ground and turning her in a circle.

“Wow!! congratulations, my love,” he cheered happily as they both laughed in excitement.

“Mommy,” little Hailey called.

“Oh my lovely baby,” her mother cooed as she picked her up and kissed her. “Your mommy’s gonna be a real author with her own book!”

Her dad pulled the both of them in a hug and kissed their hair. Then he took little Hailey in his arms.

“You see that face baby?” He asked Hailey. “That’s the face of a future New York Times best-selling author, who also happens to be your mom.”

They all cheered and laughed.

“Go get Aaron from his room, we’ll go out for dinner,” dad said.

End of flashback**

Tears were running down Hailey’s face as she realised that she would never have that family life ever again.

Her husband didn’t care about her accomplishments. He would never cherish and celebrate her the way her dad did her mom.3

She was robbed of her family when she was little and she was robbed of it yet again, after marriage.

She would never come home to a loving husband, would never have her kids running around the house, she would never have her love filled home, she would never have her own family.

Wiping her tears she took her car keys and rushed to the garage to her car and drove off to the place she felt the most loved -her parents grave.


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