Young Master's Weakness

Young Master’s Weakness Prologue

?Young Master’s
Weakness ?
( Heart of ice ) ?


Pls if you see this story being reposted anywhere kindly inform me about it

Love before reading and expect chapter one tonight

Lisa (18years ) beautiful, prudent and hearty ,,after everything she been through,she still kept a good heart ,,lost her parents at the age of 8 and then finally her elder brother who took care of her at the age of 12

She feels life is so unfair to her ,but still all these never makes her change

He’s cold ,,brutal ,,mean ,he’s like the devil himself, merciless,and kills without thinking twice

But he need a wife and especially an heir for him to become a great master among other masters

Master Xavier and Lisa soon get to meet each other

But unfortunately there are so much enemies wanting so bad to kill him

What Happened after both met ??
What would become master Xavier’s weakness?
How would the cold master with a horrible heart and past change ??

But most importantly,what would change him ??

Grab your popcorn,,and join ???


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